Liberal Women Behaving VERY Badly

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

puss 12I didn’t want to do this…but because of the abject stupidity of it, I now feel compelled to issue this article and address it to specifically those…whatever they were…at last weekend’s parade of pussies in Washington DC.

What in THE hell, were you bunch of drooling, slobbering liberals thinking?

Seriously…you wanted to have a voice…you had the biggest stage imaginable…you wanted yourselves and whatever cause it was you claimed to represent to be taken seriously, and you dressed up like clowns from a circus of hookers, drew up vulgar signs and pranced about like a 500,000 member gaggle of shrieking, malcontented, pissed-off sufferers of PMS pansies.

In just 24 hours, you mangy morons managed to show more disrespect, more abject hatred of your own gender and did more to demean your cause that President Trump could possibly do in a lifetime.

And speaking of gender…

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Liberal Intolerance on Full Display

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It’s time to call them exactly what they are. 1








And yes…

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Friday Fume

From the Dictator’s manifesto to Hillary’s campaign testimony…It’s been quite a week.

Socialists are just giddy over the onset of another 4 years of Imperial orders, Constitution trashing and big government control aren’t they?

The garden variety socialist is now firmly convinced that Obama is gonna buy them all lottery tickets and when they win, they can finally move to the Caymans to get away from the tax hikes they all voted for.

Naturally, they’ll want international calling on their Obamaphones…

Anyway…It’s FRIDAY my Patriot friends so hang on TIGHT BECAUSE…


Well, well…

Yesterday, Neville Chamberlain began his confirmation hearings to become our next Secretary of Appeasement.

How nice.

In his opening statements, Kerry made it clear that he would use all his office’s power to find a diplomatic solution to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes.

It makes one wonder…


Really…Does he honestly believe that the oh-so-rational IRANIANS have ANY interest in taking SUGGESTIONS???

I’ve got some breaking news for the great appeaser…

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Doin’ the Dictator Limbo

We have been told that elections have consequences.

Indeed they do.

Therefore, they also carry unintended consequences.

Yesterday such an unintended consequence reared it’s conservative head in the state of Virginia.

There, where the state senate was all tied up…20 conservatives – 20 liberals…One senator ducked out for a political moment.

Senator Harry Marsh, giddy at the prospect of another 4 years of the Dictator’s rule, dashed off to DC to sing, dance, spike the football and presumably, imbibe in beverages of an adult nature at the Dictator’s coronation.

Party on Senator.

In his gleeful absence, Virginia conservatives quickly put forth and passed, redistricting.

Based on the consequences of the 2012 election, the new districts will give the Virginia Senate a 26 – 14 majority of CONSERVATIVES.

There will be a great deal of socialists with their collectivism panties in a wad over this but, like the guy who jumps from the stands to streak across the field of play before getting blasted from his feet by an athlete who packs the punch of a freight train, they should have seen this coming.

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Desperation in the Words of the Dictator

If you are a minority, gay, illegal immigrant from a communist country, yesterday’s coronation of the Dictator was your dog and pony show.

Politically direct enough for ya?

The orification from the Orifice in Chief was a deep courtesy to the ilk of Lenin, Mao, Castro and Gay Guevara.

Look…I realize that I have mentioned “gay” in 2 out of the first 3 sentences but, before anyone comes unhinged, yesterday’s unhinged ceremony included the divisiveness of gays and straights in the body of the Dictator’s speech AND  in its closing prayer not to mention the divisiveness of race and class standing to boot.

The Dictator used his coronation to draw a clear line that he only sees ONE side of what divides this nation…THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST side.

Don’t think so?

How about THIS quote?

“Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

If you thought the last 4 years made you sick…You have not yet begun to vomit.

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The Inaugural Address That Must be Delivered

As it appears Romney IS now the inevitable GOP nominee, I believe THIS is the address we MUST hear on day 1.

Thank you and good afternoon.

My name is Mitt Romney and I am the President of the United States of America.

There are some things we need to get straight and the sooner the better.

Let me start…Now.

This great nation is a mess. Our economy, our government, employment, our debt. It’s all a mess.

This is something which needs to be made crystal clear. I did not inherit this mess. I have chosen to correct it. The time for blame is over and the mess is what it is regardless of how or who created it. I ran for President and was elected to this office to correct the problems not to blame others for them.

It’s a tremendous undertaking. It will not be fast. It will not be easy.

But rest assured, we will begin today to take the appropriate steps to make things right again.

The first and most important step we can take in this regard is to start getting government out of the way. Our future will be built exactly the way our great past was built: On the ingenuity of, on the creativity of and with the hard work of the private sector. If government stands in the way of what made our nation great, we can never reclaim our greatness.

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