OORAH Katy Perry!! Libs Urge Boycott Over Video

There was a time, Korea…WWII…When celebrities loved this country. During those wars and in times of peace, Hollywood and the music industry stood with our troops and were seen waving our flag. It’s not that way now.

Oh sure, some still do but they are few and far between. Country music is pretty darn good at it and a small handful of Hollywood types but, that’s about it.

The ones who make the most noise these days are the Michael Moore and Sean Penn types. They embrace the entitlement society and promote socialism. They run about palling it up with dictators who regard our nation as their enemy and they run to foreign shores to spew their anti-American venom.

They tell us they will leave our country forever if conservatives get elected but, lacking the courage of their convictions, the cowards never follow through.

That’s why people, stars, like Gary Sinise and movies like “Act of Valor” are such a breath of fresh air. Today, Sinise is the exception, not the rule.

It’s also why, when someone you wouldn’t expect to do so, steps up, it’s noteworthy.

Katy Perry has stepped up.

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