A Crisis to Cover the Cover-up of a Crisis

Enough already.


As the mega-storm approached, Obama released images of himself sitting in the white house situation room trying to look…”presidential.”

He’s trying to replace the idea that he sat there on 9-11-12 and ordered those who wanted to save lives in Benghazi to stand down.

It’s pathetic and pathetically transparent.

Since September 11th, 2012, Obama has been avoiding the press corps like the plague.

Sure, he’s done interviews. 60 Minutes, Letterman, Leno, The View, Pimp With a Limp, Univision, some wad of nothing with a dead whatever it was on his head from MTV. You get the idea.

Friendly interviews…nothing tough please. Fluff. Meaningless pap.


He’s been in the final weeks of a failing campaign trying to get another 4 years for his failed policies.

If he really stood in front of the press corps, they’ll ask him something tough. Well, at least Ed Henry would but, can’t take THAT chance…Can he?


However, in the last 2 days, Obama HAS stood in front of the press.

I call BULLCRAP!!!

Obama is using hurricane Sandy to magically appear in front of the press knowing full well he won’t have to field a question on Benghazi.

It’s pathetic and pathetically transparent.

The Emperor is using the hurricane as cover to look “presidential” in front of the press while hiding from Benghazi in plain sight.

On Monday, as the storm approached, Obama hopped on the white house briefing room stage and told us THE most ASTOUNDING THING!!!

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Friday Fume

Well, we did it. We made it through another week and what a week it was.

While all eyes were focused on the Convention, mine included, the crazy train rolled on, packed with liberal fools, headed straight over the cliff.

Shining examples of liberal loose marbles were everywhere.

Let the games begin!!!

It’s Friday my friends and…

I’m fuming.

Well…ONE thing is crystal clear. MSNBC stands for Main Stream National Bigot Conspiracy!!!!

After accusing anything, everything and everybody conservative of being racists…MSNBC, during the Republican Convention refused to air minority conservative speakers!!!

Leading the way down the rabbit hole was Chris Matthews.

Here is how I believe a breakfast meeting between Matthews and I would go:

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Obama’s Port in a Storm?

For days now, the news has been full of predictions…Hurricane predictions. Irene has been bearing down on our east coast as it crossed the Bahamas. You never really know with a hurricane…category 3, category 4, category 2…as they move they gain and lose power but, all the computer models showed this one WAS going to hit the coast at SOME strength.

This storm was so immense that when it hit and as it rolled up the coast, it would affect nearly 20% of all Americans. There would be flooding, wind damage, coastal erosion and mass power outages from North Carolina to Boston.

We have known of this storm and its potential for damage for nearly a week. Emergency officials in those areas expected to be hit and hit hard, ordered mandatory evacuations, ordered extra body bags, issued stern warnings that if you stayed, and then needed help, it would not be coming to you because you were told to leave and you didn’t.

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