Weekend Edition: The Politics Behind the 1st Easter

It’s tough, you know?

Not mixing politics and religion.

They, whoever “they” are, say you shouldn’t. At least not in polite company but, we’ve always been polite to one another haven’t we?

What makes the old adage so hard to adhere to, at least for me, as that we may never have had Easter Sunday were it not for politics.

Allow me to explain.

Jesus was a complex man who led a simple life.

He didn’t ask for fame or notice but he did reluctantly accept both. Well, at least to some extent. He knew that wherever he went, he would draw a crowd but he always managed to make the Father the focus of the message.

Shepard. Carpenter. Teacher. Traveler.

He didn’t have nor did he want the riches of man. He had faith and that was more than enough.

One thing Jesus was NOT was ostentatious.


He wasn’t until the very end anyway.

On what we now refer to as Palm Sunday…Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and THAT is where the politics started.

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Weekend Edition: It’s Christmas – Don’t Keep the Faith


You think YOU have troubles???


What’s the matter? The cat playing with the ornaments again?

It’s snowing and your flight may be delayed?


Both YOUR parents AND his are coming?

You ran out of Scotch tape again didn’t you?

Last minute shopping? Some weasel stole the parking place before you could get around the corner from the other aisle?

Oh…You’ve got problems. One thing’s for sure…YOU have PROBLEMS.

You were the FIRST in line and you STILL got a rain check???

Oh the humanity.

Have a little faith.

THAT’S all I’m sayin’…Have a little faith.

You think YOU have problems???

I’LL tell ya who had REAL problems at Christmas.


JOSEPH had REAL problems. His wife, Mary…PREGNANT and HE NEVER TOUCHED HER!!!


Oh…SHE said GOD did it. GOD!!! Ya know how hard THAT is to sell to your husband???

EXTREMELY…Which is why NOBODY has ever tried  it again!!!!!

Now…Get THIS…Mary is something like 8 months along and guess what???

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