Indoctrination Propagandist Suspended With Pay

North Rowan High School teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely, has been suspended…WITH PAY…for her misinformed tirade against one of her students.

Misinformed? No…not misinformed.

Flat out wrong.

Tirade? No again.


Here, in North Caroline, in a high school, we have a classic example of liberal indoctrination caught live on tape. It’s pathetic.

In a class room which this teacher, Neely, obviously has no control over, she starts a topic by bringing up Romney’s alleged “bullying” prank in high school. A student, Gunner Rogers, asks a simple question. “Didn’t Obama bully a girl in high school?”

The correct answer would have been that yes, Obama, by his own admission, while in high school, bullied a girl. That is NOT the response garnered from Neely. It’s not even close.

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