Liberals Taking the Bullet Train to Pandersville

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

With now some 21 official 2020 liberal presidential candidates having thrown their wadded up panties into the ring, and with liberals having neither core values nor any legitimate planks in their socialist collective platform…there is something they all both share, and are trying desperately to one up each other on…

Pandering for votes.

What we have here are a whole gaggle-o-idiots who know that they don’t stand a chance on the real issues, and given where they do stand on real issues, it’s no wonder.

Take taxes for instance…

Liberals want to hike your taxes into the stratosphere. They would have to in order to pay for all the free crap they’re trying to bribe voters with. Free college tuition, paying off student loans, free healthcare for all, free this, free that and one of them is even offering free cash.


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