UPDATE: Congressman Calls for Special Council in Holder Probe!!

A good deal has happened with this whole Eric Holder possible perjury situation since The National Patriot published our original article, “Holder, at the Bottom of a Deep Hole, Keeps Digging” and as such, the saga deserves a breaking update.

Just hours after publication this morning, Republican Congressman Lamar Smith sent a letter to Obama instructing the DOJ to appoint a special council in the case to get to the bottom of Holder’s possible perjury stemming from his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on May 3rd, 2011.

You can read that letter by clicking here.

For a case in which a special council is called for, that council does not report back to the Attorney General but, under the current law, it is the Attorney General, in this case, Eric Holder, who appoints that council. This is why Rep. Smith has asked Obama to do so since Holder is the subject of the investigation.

Here’s one question which needs to be asked:

Just who DOES the special council report to?

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