Government Waste – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

We all remember the shrimp on the treadmill…right?

That tiny, tasty crustacean, running his ass off on that little treadmill under water became a You Tube sensation once it was revealed that the U.S. government spent…HOW MUCH…on that particular study?


That’s like a gym membership, a personal trainer, a house full of gym equipment so that you could ignore the gym altogether even though you had the membership, a new car, a boat, and a really nice new house in many parts of this great country…

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Liberals Have the MAD COW Over Ebola

COW 1It was bound to happen.

Sooner or later, the proof that liberals suffer from mad cow disease would surface and, now we have it.


On Friday, the Dictator did what any left thinking ass hat would do to ease people’s undue panic over Ebola.

He named an EBOLA CZAR because, as everybody is aware, Czars have a long history of fixing things.

So…who IS our czar savior from the rampaging wild Ebolas?

Why…it’s none other than the FIRST person anybody would THINK of for such an important position. It’s the name that virtually LEAPS to mind when our health is at risk.

Ron Klain of course.

Ron Klain…oh come on…KLAIN…RON KLAIN!!!

I know what you’re wondering. Just who in THE hell is RON…FRIGGIN’ KLAIN??? He’s an…ummmmm…attorney. Naturally…but not just ANY garden variety ambulance chaser…oh NO…THIS Ron Klain used to be the chief of staff for…

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Morally Bankrupt Budget Screws Our Veterans

In what may well be THE most hideous, shameful action taken by the 113th congress…

A budget bill PASSED in the senate yesterday that KEEPS INTACT, an IRS credit of $4.2 BILLION DOLLARS for ILLEGAL ALIENS while it CUTS pension benefits to RETIRED, WOUNDED MEMBERS OF OUR MILITARY!!!

Livid doesn’t begin to cut it.

For the next 20 years, the retirement cost of living benefits of those who have voluntarily worn the uniform of our nation and were forced into retirement due to the grievous injuries they received while defending OUR freedoms…OUR liberties and those of others in places half a world away are being CUT and, in some cases, those cuts could amount to a total of up to $124 THOUSAND dollars over the 20 years in question.

How in the world those who voted FOR this budget can look themselves in the mirror…Sleep at night or, better yet…FACE A WOUNDED WARRIOR…Is beyond comprehension.

These courageous heroes, men and women, were promised these benefits.

They knew the dangers going in. They faced their duty with the sort of steadfast courage most of us will never know or understand and far, far too many came home with the scars, seen and unseen to now discover that the very government that vowed their duty would be rewarded…LIED to them.

This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

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Friday Fume

The inescapable fact that liberals and socialists are BAT CRAP INSANE has been on FULL DISPLAY once again this week.

You just can’t make this stuff UP.

Before we get into the thick of what hit the fan over the last 7 days…

Let me give you a few quick hitters.


Another clear-cut case of ZERO TOLERANCE for COMMON SENSE!!!!!

AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in LIBYA have “STOLEN” hundreds of REAL guns, an undisclosed number of high tech night vision goggles,  and dozens of Special Operations transports armed with machine guns, fragmentation grenade launchers, and STATE-OF-THE-ART…HIGH TECH CLASSIFIED GPS ON-BOARD UNITS!!!


Like kids STEAL candy on HALLOWEEN???




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Friday Fume

Week in and week out, socialists just keep adding clowns to the parade.

Hanoi Jane tells veterans and military supporters to “GET A LIFE…”

The Dictator stands in front of a CHINESE MADE CRANE to trumpet about OUR infrastructure…

This absurd administration will be giving Egypt’s MUSLIM BOTHERHOOD (that’s NOT a typo) 8 MORE F-16’s and NOW we learn that NORTH DIARRHEA actually DOES have nukes small enough to FIT ON THEIR MISGUIDED MISSILES!!!!!

But my friends, we press on. We FIND ways to deal with this insanity and LAUGHTER really DOES seem the best medicine.

To that end, we have reached FRIDAY and believe it or not…

I’m fuming.

Never has one claiming to be the president known so little about so much.

He never knew ANYTHING about the REV. WRONG being a RACIST BIG MOUTH.

He didn’t really know BILL AYERS did he?


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Friday Fume

Let there be no doubt that the asylum is being run by the inmates.

While we HAVE made it to the end of another week, we are by NO MEANS nearing the end of socialist idiotic buffoonery.

Now, we COULD just hunker down in a corner and cry into a blanket but, as always, I take a different approach. I say we find a way, every week, to LAUGH at the insane behavior of those out to destroy us through their moronic behavior.

Yes, today IS Friday and I hope that YOU will take a few minutes to join me in keeping sanity alive.

I’m Fuming!!

Oh yeah…THIS is gonna work.

In an effort to get tough with North Diarrhea, John, “I Hate America” Kerry is trying to pressure CHINA into doing something about it.

Can’t ya just hear him begging?

“Come ON!!! I took YOUR side of things in Nam now…SUCK IT UP AND GET ME OFF THE HOOK HERE!! We’ll borrow more money from ya! We’ll forget about the hacking stuff. PLEEEEEEEEASE???”

The problem over there is Dennis Rodman’s best friend. That waste of a sperm cell is THREATENING EVERYBODY INCLUDING THE U.S. AND SOUTH KOREA!!!

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Friday Fume

Well, socialists are clearly stepping up their moronic antics aren’t they?

This week has been no exception to the rule.

The Dictator and his family are taking more than a vacation a month while the rest of the nation struggles to make ends meet. Obama is now trying to shame those who have no shame into shooting holes in the 2nd Amendment…

Jim Carrey made a video mocking Charlton Heston because picking on CLINT EASTWOOD WOULD HAVE RESULTED IN AN ASS KICKING…

And we’re finding out that the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act could well RAISE insurance premiums by…200%!!!!!

Well, it’s Friday my fellow Patriots and it’s time for a laugh because…

I’m fuming.

Oh for crying out loud.

Can government do ANYTHING without going broke???


Now we learn that they have grossly mismanaged, of all things…

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Is THIS Why Obama Wants Tax Hikes?

Okay. Who is to blame THIS time? Bush? A tsunami? European markets?

Who is going to get the blame? Republicans in Congress? Unelected judges? Global warming?

Somebody or something has to be held responsible for the Secret Service’s not so secret service, but I can tell you nobody is more elated to hear that those who guard the president are caught in a hooker scandal than the GSA.

Today, the GSA begins to appear before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. So extensive is the investigation into the GSA’s rampant spending sprees, absurd videos bragging about their rampant spending sprees and their Vegas convention to award and reward themselves for their rampant spending sprees that, in all, there will be 4 separate committees looking into the matter.

Of course, last week, as more videos were coming out, blame was assessed to George W. Bush and his administration.


Jeffery Neely, who put together the whole GSA Vegas Experience, is going to plead the 5th. Oh, the committee can ask whatever they want but…Neely will plead the 5th over and over again. In fact, he didn’t even think it necessary for him to appear in DC this morning.

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