Nobody Left to Blame Part 2 of 2

plod 1Yesterday, at the end of my article, “Nobody Left to Blame – Part 1 of 2” I said…”With but 2 weeks to go before November 4th, there are only two ways we can lose.”

“Voter fraud perpetrated by liberals or…our own self- implosion.”

Let’s take those one at a time.

First…voter fraud.

Ask a liberal, elected or on the street and they’ll tell you that voter fraud doesn’t exist and when confronted with the proof of it, they STILL claim it doesn’t exist.

There is a reason liberals don’t want voter ID laws as such overbearing laws would force voters to provide a photo ID in order to cast their votes. Oh, the humanity.

ID is required for just about everything from doing business at your bank to buying things like beer and tobacco. Try boarding a plane without a photo ID or buying nail polish at the CVS. You can do neither yet, according to everyone from Obama to the contemptuous Eric Holder, minorities are at a disadvantage where photo ID’s are concerned. They just can’t seem, for unknown and unexplained reasons, obtain a photo ID.


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Nobody Left to Blame Part 1 of 2

exit 1Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at 1600 Pennsylvania yesterday.

It had to be somewhere between pissed and panic mode after what transpired Sunday in Maryland and I’m willing to bet there were people hiding under their collective desks trying to dodge the verbal hand grenades, tirades and mayhem.

On Sunday, Obama forewent the golf course to do something he has, by and large, been begged NOT to do.

He campaigned for a liberal.

Most liberals in this midterm election year have kept the Dictator far, FAR away from their campaigns because, like rats off a sinking ship, they knew him to be a pariah.

Sunday…the ship deserted the rat.

The Lt. Governor of Maryland, one Anthony G. Brown, is running for the lead chair in his state and, in a move he’ll most likely wind up regretting, he asked Obama to speak at a rally.

Obama delivered a 25 minute speech but…just 10 or 11 minutes into his sad and sorry rhetoric…the crowd…started leaving.

They got up…they turned on their heels and…

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20 Questions With Ava Aston

Ava Aston may or may not be a name you are familiar with but, if it’s not, you should GET familiar with it. That name belongs to someone whose face you may have seen in commercials or seen on You Tube but there is quite a bit more to Ava you probably don’t know.

Ava, welcome to The National Patriot’s 20 questions!

When most people hear the term, “independent artist” they probably think of a typical liberal grunge musician or left wing Hollywood type. You don’t fit into that stereotype as a conservative.

1)      Is being an independent artist and a conservative a little like swimming upstream in a career sense?

“Independent” in music industry terms simply means  “not on a record label” and that everything I do is self-paid. Unlike most music artists in the public eye who are on a record label. The record labels are like Liberals in the sense since they pay for recording, promotion via radio, TV, Internet, etc. The record executives, like big government, think they know what’s the best thing is and have a need to tell the American people who should get radio air time, how old recording artists should be, and what they look like, etc.

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