Hollywood and Politics…Gropers Galore

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Over the past three weeks, one thing and only one thing has been the headline story in the news…


Lurid, unmitigated, uncalled for, unappreciated, unwanted and unprovable…Sex. Men, alleged to have had unwanted, unlawful sex with women and girls.Men alleged to have had unwanted and unlawful sex with boys.

Women, who used to be girls, and men who used to be boys have waited 10…20…30 and up to 40 years to level their unprovable allegations against people in positions of power…scampering to the nearest microphone…sometimes with their attorneys in tow…to spew forth tales of their victimhood for all to hear, and empathize with.

Let’s be clear about something here…

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Allegations vs Burden of Proof

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The GOP establishment is playing directly into the hands, and into the agenda of liberals where Judge Roy Moore is concerned, and I for one have had quite enough of it.

Rand Paul has joined the RINO chorus calling for Moore to step aside.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions who, with an apparent lack of things to do regarding the evidence against Hillary Clinton and her crime syndicate, which includes Obama has also made it known that he sees no reason NOT to believe the five women who…after decades of abject silence, have accused Moore of sexual misconduct.

Mitch McConnell, RINO extraordinaire, says that “I believe the women.”

And then…there is Senator Ted Cruz who summed up the RINO position in his disturbing statement…

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Cain Accuser CLEARLY Not Acting Like an ASSAULT Victim

Yesterday, I said I smelled a skunk. If you missed that article, you can read it by clicking here. I was referring to the “case” of Sharon Bialek, the woman who stepped forward yesterday with her celebrity-chasing, self-promoting attorney, Gloria Allred, to level accusations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain.

According to Bialek, what happened was not at all sexual harassment, it was sexual assault.

Bialek claimed that Cain reached under her skirt, tried to touch her genitals and pulled her head towards his crotch.

I said I smelled a skunk because she had to READ a first person account of the alleged event, she stammered her way through it, awkwardly pause to flip pages, stumbled through words and sentences and even had to read the portion of why, some 14 years later, she decided to come forward.

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Newest Cain Accuser is NOT Passing the Smell Test

I smell a skunk. I will admit I’m not always right – but, I smell a skunk. There is something wrong with the woman who was trotted out to face TV cameras this morning by Gloria Allred, as the 4th woman to level accusations against Herman Cain.

Yep, I smell a skunk.

Forget for a moment that Allred is a shameless self promoter and an attorney who has chased more celebrity cases than the paparazzi. Just forget that for a moment.

Forget also, just for a moment that Allred did this in the 2010 California election but with an illegal alien.

I smell a skunk.

Focus on THIS woman, Sharon Bialek, and on her press conference.

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