The Dawn of a New Religion

Okay…so I’ve been giving this some quality thought.

If L. Ron Hubbard…a science fiction author can start up a religion that sticks pins in a Leah Remini doll, having at its core, several well-known and questionably talented members of the Hollywood asylum for the terminally nuts…and if some dude in prison serving time on assault charges, who helped to co-found a fascist organization…the Black Nationalist organization, could invent from thin air…Kwanza…and con folks into believing it was some authentic African holiday…

Why couldn’t I come up with a religion of my very own?

So…having put my full effort into it…I am now looking for converts to…

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Government Waste – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

We all remember the shrimp on the treadmill…right?

That tiny, tasty crustacean, running his ass off on that little treadmill under water became a You Tube sensation once it was revealed that the U.S. government spent…HOW MUCH…on that particular study?


That’s like a gym membership, a personal trainer, a house full of gym equipment so that you could ignore the gym altogether even though you had the membership, a new car, a boat, and a really nice new house in many parts of this great country…

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Camouflage and Christmas Lights

Every year, it seems, somebody asks me what I want for Christmas.

Over the years, the list has changed.

As a boy, my list included toys, maybe a new bike or a sled and maybe, just maybe, a puppy.

Such a list, I believe, is still the norm for kids today.

As I grew older, the list included more, substantial items.

A calculator, a new stereo, hiking boots and maybe, just maybe, a puppy.

By the time I was in college, my Christmas list had evolved to include a new camera lens, something for my first car…a 1977 Chevy Chevette,  money for spring break and maybe, just maybe…

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Friday Fume

My head is SPINNING from yet ANOTHER full week of LIBERAL NONSENSE!!!

You would think I’m making this stuff up but…NOOOOOOOO…

Let’s see…

Some woman in DC managed to get herself LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM at her workplace AFTER HOURS and it took her 2 hours to BREAK THROUGH THE WALL TO UNLOCK THE DOOR!!!

She says she was in TEARS and was SO TRAUMATIZED by it that SHE HAD TO TAKE 2 DAYS OFF!!!

Which raises the question…


On January 1st, some dispensaries in the SOCIALIST REPUBLIK of COLORADO will start selling RECREATIONAL POT but…They’re afraid that a GANJA SHORTAGE WILL KILL THEIR BUSINESS ABOUT A WEEK LATER!!!

That should come as a relief to all Colorado 7-11’s as they’ll need the down time to RESTOCK THE DORITOS AND LITTLE MINI DOUGHNUT RACKS!!!


Joe Biden says he and Obama are NOT exchanging gifts this year.

Probably a good thing really…I mean…

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Friday Fume

Oh man…Just when ya think you’ve seen and heard it all…

Along comes yet ANOTHER week of despicable socialist behavior.

Can you even BELIEVE some of the stuff this week?

Some socialists daughter gets the brainiac idea to JUMP OFF THE ROOF and INTO THE POOL but…She MISSED and NOW…The MOM posted the video of the event and is BEGGING for people to send more than $4,000.00 FOR THE MEDICAL BILLS!!!

Just because your daughter is an IDIOT doesn’t mean she’s entitled to OUR MONEY…GOT THAT???

Reporters asked Beltway Jay Carney, the paid liar, about the DOJ’s targeting and spyng on James Rosen a few days ago and Carney told them, “I would refer you to the Justice Dept”.

Well…Since Holder refuses to answer any questions…Maybe the reporters should just wait for details to leak out of the white house and Obama can learn all about it when HE READS IT IN THE DAMN PAPER!!!!!

And…In an effort to prove, once and for all, that Tea Partiers are just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists for getting upset over the DHS buying nearly 2 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo…Last week…The DHS sent…ARMED AGENTS TO MONOTOR A TEA PARTY RALLY IN MISSOURI!!!

That should put the conspiracy to rest huh?

My friends and fellow Patriots…Sit down and hold on…Today is FRIDAY and…

I’m fuming.

Well, I WILL admit its few and VERY far between when I will CONGRATULATE a Member of the SOCIALIST party much less…SOMEBODY FROM THE LICE INFECTED EPA BUT…

Richard Windsor has EARNED a hearty ATTA BOY!!!

Windsor has been named a “Scholar of Ethical Behavior” at the EPA for what?

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