Weekend Edition: Voter Fraud – Liberal Lies Can’t Hide the Truth

tnp eagleWell, a little over a week ago, in an article here in The National Patriot, I brought up voter fraud as one of two ways we Conservatives could lose this midterm election.
One liberal friend of mine was frothing over the article.

Joe Fortenberry claims that “in person” voter fraud, the type that could well be stemmed with voter ID laws simply doesn’t exist and he went ballistic over it…typing his comments on social media in ALL CAPS…and being vile in the process.

His reasoning, the typical liberal response when confronted with voter fraud and voter ID laws was that it doesn’t exist because virtually nobody is being prosecuted for it.

If nobody gets prosecuted…it doesn’t exist.

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Friday Fume

As the polls start to shift, the liberal LOONS are getting twitchier by the minute!!!

They’re seeing their grip on power slip faster t than their GRIP ON SANITY!!!

In desperation, they are grasping the thinnest of threads as they dangle over the abyss and knowing they are about to take the plunge…they seem more and more bent on trying to take us all with them!!!

But guess what?

We’ve GOT all our marbles and we believe in our values…AMERICAN VALUES and unlike the liberal lemmings…WE WILL NOT GO WILLINGLY OVER THE CLIFF!!!

My friends and fellow Patriots…Today is Friday and…

I’m fuming.

For GOD’s sake…

The Freedom From Religion Foundation dipsticks are at it again.

This time, all the way from Wisconsin, they are trying to force an investigation into a GEORGIA high school because the football coach ALLOWED LOCAL CHURCHES TO PREPARE PRE-GAME MEALS FOR THE TEAM!!!

HEAVEN forbid…

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Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny

With the ruling by Judge Malihi in Georgia that Obama will remain on the ballot, tyranny has been established.

How else does one describe it when the President is above the law?

A court issues a subpoena to the President which is ignored.

The court rules against a motion to dismiss.

The attorney for the defendant, Obama, states he will not participate or provide subpoenaed material.

The Georgia Secretary of State says such action will be at the attorney’s and his client’s peril.

The hearing proceeds with the only evidence and testimony presented being against the defendant.

One week later, the Judge finds in favor of the defendant.

Clearly, speculation will be forthcoming. How did this happen? Was the Judge bought? Was he threatened? Was it all fixed before the hearing ever happened?

People will want to know the background of the Judge.

I’m SURE there are some coincidences involved.

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On Thursday, Feb. 2nd 2012, exactly 1 week after the court hearing in Georgia regarding Obama’s eligibility to appear on that state’s ballot for the 2012 elections, and after neither Obama nor his attorney participated in that hearing, a motion was filed by the Liberty Legal Foundation.

“…that the Superior Court find the Defendant in willful contempt of Court, and that the Superior Court impose sanctions commensurate with an act that threatens the foundations of our Constitutional Republic.”

There have over the course of our nation’s history, been several times when a President has been subpoenaed and until last week, each of those Presidents has complied with the court’s orders.

Last week, Obama and his attorney sent a clear message that Obama was above the law and need not answer to the judicial branch.

Indeed, Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, sent a letter to the Georgia Secretary of State a day ahead of the hearing stating neither he nor his client would take part in the hearing. Sec. of State Kemp then warned Jablonski that the choice was his but such a course of inaction would be at Jablonski’s, and his client’s, Obama’s peril.




As evidence and testimony was presented last Thursday, January 26th, in a Georgia courtroom regarding Obama’s past, his birth certificate, his Social Security number, his citizenship, his having lived in two different countries at the same time and more, the centerpiece of the hearing was his status as a Natural Born Citizen.

The Constitution clearly states one must BE a Natural Born Citizen to serve as President.

The plaintiffs and their legal teams, presented a strong case against Obama’s status as such. That part of the hearing revolved around the known fact that Obama’s father was NEVER a U.S. Citizen and an 1875 Supreme Court opining stating that a Natural Born Citizen would need parents…PLURAL…to qualify.

That case opinion from Minor vs Happersett, has been the lynchpin of this argument.

With NO evidence or testimony whatsoever was presented in Obama’s defense, Judge Mahili HAS found Obama ELIGIBLE for the Georgia ballot!!

While we expect this ruling to be appealed…for now…Obama IS on the ballot!!

As 6 other states are now considering such action in their courts, it is unknown how this ruling will effect those cases.





Yesterday, we told you a storm was coming to Georgia regarding Obama’s eligibility and the questions surrounding whether or not his name will appear on that state’s 2012 ballot.

There was no calm before the storm.

We expected activity leading up to this morning’s proceedings but the flurry and scope of that activity was indeed heated.

Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, who has tried everything he could think of in the last couple of weeks to get his client out of this, got desperate yesterday. Jablonski fired off a letter to Georgia’s Secretary of State making it clear that as far as HE was concerned, there was nothing to the case and neither he nor his client, Obama would participate.

Here is the final paragraph from that letter.

We await your taking the requested action, and as we do so, we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26.”

In essence, Jablonski was ordering the Sec. of State in Georgia to call it off and as you can well imagine, that didn’t sit well with Secretary of State Kemp.

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Hours ago, we became aware of a letter sent from Obama attorney Michael Jablonski to the Georgia Secretary of State. In that letter, Jablonski made it clear than neither he, nor his client, Obama, would appear in a Georgia court tomorrow morning.

The case regarding Obama’s eligibility and his inclusion on the Georgia 2012 presidential ballot is ON.

This evening, the Georgia Secretary of State, the Hon. Brian P Kemp issues the following letter in response to Jablonski!!!

This means it’s game ON for tomorrow morning at 9am EST in Georgia.

Eligibility, Obama and the Coming Crisis

Tomorrow, a storm will strike in Georgia. It could well be a storm of epic proportions. It will be a political storm from which a Constitutional crisis could well arise.

It will take place in a Georgia courtroom.

Obama’s eligibility to serve as President is on the line.

It’s been a long and hard road for Dr. Orly Taitz and the Liberty Legal Foundation, which will represent the plaintiffs in court tomorrow, what they have been working toward may well create the perfect storm.

Make no mistake, while the outcome of this case is at the state level, and while it will not, if successful by the plaintiffs, remove Obama from office, it could set the stage for that ultimate showdown.

This case, brought forth in Georgia, will decide, before appeals, whether or not Obama is qualified, by virtue of the constitution, to appear on Georgia’s ballot in 2012.

This IS huge.

There are other such cases being formulated and one, in the state of California, which is pending.

The case against Obama’s eligibility hinges on the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” and the constitution clearly states one must BE a Natural Born Citizen in order to serve as president.

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