Trump – Unfit to Serve…Part 2 of 2

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Yesterday, in “Trump – Unfit to Serve…Part 1 of 2” I outlined several recent events and dic 1Donald Trump’s reactions to them while also touching upon Trump’s more generally known characteristics of being narcissistic, arrogant and demeaning.

But to really, truly grasp the inner workings of Donald Trump’s mindset, which is more psychosis than mindset, we most look at other character traits he possesses.

While Trump’s followers applaud these traits, and excuse them as being not politically correct, others don’t care for his behavioral traits, are annoyed by them, or are repulsed by them. It has been well-known for some time that Trump’s unfavorable ratings were quite high but just a couple of days ago, new polling suggests that his unfavorable ratings have now reached 70% which is historically, a record high since this data has been compiled dating back to 1992.

Before I provide some of Trump’s more basic characteristics, it should also be noted that although Trump is currently the front runner in the 2016 Republican race, his numbers are the lowest since 1980 which, as you will soon see, plays a vital role in his behavior.

Everybody, it seems, has an opinion of Donald Trump, and like him or dislike him…his basic traits are the linchpin which guides all of our feelings toward him.

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No matter how you spell it Kaddafi…Qaddafi…Gaddafi…is reportedly D-E-A-D this morning.

According to reports from Reuters, the former Libyan thug, the Madman of the Middle East, who have vowed to go down fighting has fulfilled that promise.

The reports claim Gaddafi was trapped near his hometown of Sirte, shot in the legs, both of them, captured and died of his wounds at the hands of Libyan rebels.

The former dictator, the longest ruling ever in Africa, has been on the run for months and now, though unconfirmed by U.S. officials, has met his end. A State Department official has confirmed to Fox News that Gadaffi had indeed been captured but gave no more details than that.

Apparently, according to some reports, he was found hiding in a bunker near Sirte when rebels discovered him.

Who exactly the rebels are and what will happen next, if indeed these reports are true, remains a question.

Hillary Clinton had just paid a visit to Libya and their transitional government committee but the door is now wide open. We know many, thousands if not tens of thousands of weapons have gone missing in Libya over the last few months and those weapons include shoulder fired surface to air missiles and the Muslim Brotherhood IS in the area.

Liberal pundits are already, just minutes after this announcement, giving credit to the Obama policy of leading from behind in this…”Kinetic Action” as they try to make the case, now based on the actions of unknown rebels, that Obama’s policy has been vindicated.

Now, both Reuters and Libyan TV are reporting Gaddafi has been killed.

From DEBKAFile:

As long as Qaddafi was at liberty, the interim government was prevented from establishing its legitimacy and a stable administration. His capture completes the rebel victory. The interim regime must decide whether to try the deposed ruler before a local court or hand him over to the international court.

For the rebel forces, Qaddafi’s capture or death would be a major psychological and political triumph. However, Libya remains bitterly polarized between pro- and anti-Qaddafi factions with scores of rival militias and hundreds of tribes at each other’s throats. Qaddafi’s demise rather than promoting unity and ending the conflict could trigger wider civil bloodshed. 

To read the full report from Reuters, please click here.

More reports, though unconfirmed, are now stating Gaddafi had either been shot in the head or possibly killed in a NATO strike but more sources are now stating that Gaddafi, one way or another, is indeed dead!