Obama’s Catch and Release of Taliban Fighters

THIS is not going to end well.

It has been uncovered that certain prisoners at Parwan Detention Facility in Afghanistan…Taliban fighters, have and are being released.

It’s not the Afghans releasing them. It’s US.

Of course, all the enemy needs to do to secure their release is…


Oh boy. Well…If you can’t trust the Taliban who have been caught trying to kill us…Who CAN you trust?

Nobody in this administration will say how many have been released thus far but the program has been in operation for a few years. The administration says releases are rare and there haven’t been that many.

It seems to me, if even one has been released, it’s one too many.

The administration also says they have no idea how many, if any, who have been released, have returned to the Taliban fold, taken up arms and reengaged to kill Americans. We are, it seems, NOT tracking them.

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