Trump Endorses Romney…Who Benefits?


Today, in Las Vegas, Donald Trump WILL endorse Mitt Romney. Even through early morning, it was thought the endorsement would go to Gingrich but, it has now been confirmed…it’s Romney.

How much weight does a Trump endorsement carry?

Maybe not as much as one would think.

While Trump draws a crowd wherever he goes and hitting the campaign trail for Mitt would be a draw, outside that, little if any effect is likely to be seen.

Yes, Trump adds bankroll but there is another effect that may work against Romney regarding the Trump endorsement.

Adding Donald Trump to the list of Romney endorsements is simply adding yet another moderate.

Bob Dole, John McCain, Jon Huntsman, Chris Christie…all endorsing Mitt Romney, none looked at by core conservatives and solid conservatives.

Trump in fact, recently changed his voter registration from Republican to undeclared and has for months, even after bailing out of the race, hinted at a possible independent run for the White House.

Doesn’t sound much like a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, does it?

One thing made clear by the upcoming endorsement today is that Trump will not be making that independent run after all.

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