Friday Fume

Am I the only one who noticed that Colorado lawmakers didn’t come up with the idea of making GUN MANUFACTURES responsible for GUN VIOLENCE until AFTER smoking pot became legal there???

That’s the sort of week it’s been.

Who would have thought the Brits would have found King Richard III BEFORE WE COULD FIND THE 35 SURVIVORS FROM BENGHAZI????

Yep…It’s been a wild week so how about we all let off a little steam and have a few laughs?

Today is FRIDAY and…

I’m fuming.

   “Facing budget uncertainty — including a continuing resolution and the looming potential for across-the-board sequestration cuts —  The secretary of defense has delayed the deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) and the USS Gettysburg (CG-64), which were scheduled to depart Norfolk, Va., later this week for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility.”

Well now…Isn’t THAT special?

That leaves us with only 1 carrier and minus 1 guided missile cruiser in the GULF.

Our enemies most certainly are pleased to know that, thanks to their friend, our DICTATOR… We can no longer afford to send our navy to fight against them.


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