A Fox, a Weasel and 2 Badgers Now on Guard

This is perhaps the most obvious case of the fox guarding the hen house ever.

In this case, it’s worse than that.

Here, we have a weasel, guarding the hen house and reporting his findings to a fox.

Eric Holder, perhaps the most corrupt Attorney General in our nation’s history, has appointed 2 investigators to look into leaks coming from the White House. Those two investigators report only to Holder; and he, in turn, reports to perhaps the most corrupt president in our nation’s history.

Seal Team 6.

The doctor who helped identify bin Laden.

The CIA double agent who helped nab the 2nd underwear bomber.

The cyber virus that hit the Iranian nuclear program.

Obama’s drone kill list.

Somebody high up…VERY high up…Can’t keep their mouth shut.

Last week, Obama in a press conference, stated that to insinuate that the leaks were coming from his administration was both wrong and offensive.

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