Wright Wrong About Our Constitutional Foundation

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

Over the past several months, I have been told, many times, that ours is a CHRISTIAN nation…and that our Constikw 1tution most definitely reflects that as fact.

Nothing could be further from the truth but, many have told me, in no uncertain terms, that they can PROVE it and Wednesday was no exception.

Kevin Wright, who has resorted to telling lies regarding my stand on certain topics…such as that I approve of “the jailing of Christians, and the closing of Christian schools and Churches,” none of which even approaches the truth, and that I…”agree, that Christians should be dismissed from political office…” again, a lie in the bald-faced realm…made it quite clear that…”The US Constitution, is established by Jesus Christ. If you have a problem with that, leave. We do not need any more pretend patriots.”

Oh, really?

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Dear Michael Moore – A Letter to an Idiot

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.com

BAG 1Michael Moore,

A couple of weeks ago, on January 20th, I published an article, American Sniper, Chris Kyle and Liberal Loathing in which I had the following to say about you:

“Then…there is the slob, Michael Moore who, over the weekend crawled out from under some rock and tweeted…”

“Moore just can’t wrap his head around Chris Kyle’s morality. Moore just can’t accept that there are people in our military like Kyle who are not driven by a thirst for blood but compelled to do a job they find horrific to protect his fellow soldiers.”

“Michael Moore’s loathing of America and our military is only equaled by his self-loathing as the ever so courageous Moore pats himself on the back for calling out a deceased hero who will never be able to challenge the accusation as a coward while he makes heroes of 7th century barbarians.”

YOU, in return, have now had THIS to say about ME…and although you didn’t mention me by name, I accept the mantel:

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Friday Fume

fume 1In a week that just defies common sense and DEFINES liberal nonsense…We find THIS little gem.


According to Yale University…an asylum of higher indoctrination… ‘Robots Helping Kids,’ will ultimately “deploy” robots into homes and schools to teach English as a second language, and encourage kids to exercise.

Says nerd Brian Scassellati of the asylum, “What we want to do is move these robots out of the laboratory and into schools and homes and clinics, places where we can directly help children on a day-to-day basis. Just like a good personal trainer, we want the robots to be able to guide the child toward a behavior that we desire.”

So…it takes a village to raise a child huh? Now it’s gonna take ROBOTS to raise a VILLAGE of IDIOTS but that’s exactly what liberals want, and as if dumbing down kids wasn’t bad enough…NOW they’re going to start turning out MIND-NUMBED CHILDREN by letting MIND-NUMBED ROBOTS TEACH THEM HOW TO BEHAVE!!!

Patriots and friends…It’s FRIDAY and…

I’m fuming.

When it comes to border security…do you think that maybe…JUST MAYBE…the Obama regime has their priorities a little SCREWED UP???

Just MAYBE???

While tens of THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL ALIEN minors…INCLUDING GANG MEMBERS…pour across our southern border and get everything from FREE TRANSPORTATION to states and cities from sea to shining sea to A FREE EDUCATION without so much as a second glance…

A troop of two dozen BOY SCOUTS from IOWA had a somewhat DIFFERENT experience last week as they traveled from Canada into ALASKA!!!

That’s when one of the Scouts took a photo of the border station upon which…

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Friday Fume

Thank GOD we only have to go through a week like this one just once every 4 years.

This was Liberal/Socialist National Convention and Entitlement Fest week.

In a way, it’s a somewhat easier week for those of us who watch the idiocy from a safe distance because, rather than being scattered to the winds, all the major bad actors are gathered in one place.

The downside is that it tends to magnify their ill behavior.

Their true colors come shining through, their abhorrent ideology is on full display and their complete inability to tell the truth become an open book. It almost seems as though, one after another, they’re trying to out-do each other in a race to claw through the bottom of the barrel.

Look…If you can get through the endless barrage of lies, absurd claims, false accusations and abject stupidity…One CAN pick up a few nuggets of knowledge.

My friends and Patriots…Today is Friday and…

I’m fuming.

Things I confirmed by watching the Democratic National Convention.

I confirmed that the only core value of the liberal/socialist party is…Hypocrisy.

It’s not really much of a value, core or otherwise but, when it’s all ya got…May as well bitterly cling to it huh?

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It started yesterday.

After the liberal/socialist platform was announced, Fox News anchor, Bret Baer had a contentious interview with Senator Dick Durbin.

When Bret asked why God and Israel have been removed from the democrat’s platform…Durbin went ballistic.

He instantly became defensive, made wild accusations against Baer, shouted at him and was belligerent.

That was just the beginning.

In my article this morning, I went off.

I outlined the foolishness of the omissions and the outright danger of those omissions in the world of foreign policy.

If you missed that article, please click here.

The National Patriot was not alone.

Those who write for conservative sights were in agreement in the issue and substantially hammered the DNC for their stupidity.

This afternoon…in a STUNNING reversal…The DNC added God and Israel back into their platform.

Still omitted is language concerning Israels borders and restricting Hezbollah and liberals will STILL have to deal with THAT issue!

What is yet to been seen, are their explanations for first removing the wordings and then, returning them to the platform.

Simple oversight doesn’t cut it.

God, Israel and Hezbollah were removed from the platform on purpose. They do not fit the liberal/socialist agenda. It’s just that simple.

In fact, in the floor vote this afternoon…the NO’s outweighed the AYE’s to put the language back in and a woman could be heard off mic saying, “You’ll have to let em do what they want to do.”


What is the MOST stunning, is that conservatives, via broadcast media and social media, from websites to blogs, FORCED the DNC to alter their platform.

At least in modern times, this is the first time in my memory that such an event has occurred.

Think of the scope of what has just happened.

The challenger has forced the party of the incumbent, in a presidential election year, while at  the incumbent’s own party convention, to make a substantial change in that party’s platform after it had been made public and adopted!!!

This is no doubt being seen by liberal insiders as a black eye. THIS is exactly what they COULD HAVE NEVER WANTED to have happen.

It appears that Obama himself, feeling the pressure from Conservatives, Jewish Americans abd Black Religious organizations insisted on the platform change but, he did NOT go far enough by leaving mention of NOT returning to Pre-1967 borders and the staunch language restricting Hezbollah and Hamas OUT of the platform!!!

The DNC, via this very public move today, has shown themselves to be in disarray.

Liberals screwed up by taking that language out of their platform.

CONSERVATIVES called them on the carpet for it.


After 24 full hours of telling conservatives that it was a non issue, after 24 full hours of liberals ripping into conservatives for bringing it up…AFTER 24 FULL HOURS OF LIBERALS BEING ON THE  DEFENSIVE AND ACCUSITORY TOWARD CONSERVATIVES…


It took conservative Patriots, standing up and being heard, to force liberal/socialists to do what was right.



With God Off the Platform, Michelle Anoints Saint Barack

It was fate.

Maybe Karma.

That it happened was not at all surprising but, WHEN it happened…THAT was astounding.

With near pinpoint accuracy, just as Debbie What’s-Her-Name-Schultz brought down the gavel to open the Liberal/Socialist Convention and Entitlement Fest…

The Debt Clock, the one featured SO prominently at the Republican Convention but, oddly nowhere to be seen at THIS week’s convention…

Clicked over $16 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Without question, both parties have had a hand in that debt.

Without question, Obama ripped George W. Bush for adding just over $4 trillion to it during his 8 years in office.

Without question, in less than HALF that amount of time, Obama had added $5,3 TRILLION to it.

Without question, Obama said he would cut it in half by the end of his first term.

Yesterday, when asked how he would grade himself on the economy, Obama answered, “Incomplete.”


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Weekend Edition: Eastwood’s Sudden Impact

In life, there are many ways to know when you’ve “made it.”

Mostly it comes with success. Be it success in business or success in politics success is a measure of “making it.”

With success often comes the trappings of success. A nice home, a nice car or maybe the ability to travel at will without caring the cost.

Those are tangible examples of having “made it” but, there are other ways of knowing.

In the world of pop culture, one can also “make it” and not all examples are good.

For some unknown reason, many pop culture icons strive to “make it” through adverse behavior and there are a slew of really bad celebrity mug shots out there proving the point.

Still others “make it” by proving Darwin was right. Case in point:

Timothy Treadwell believe he was one with grizzly bears. A bear enthusiast for years, he went to live with the beasts in Katmai National Park, Alaska in 1990. After 13 years, the Grizzly Manand his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, who shared his belief that they, and the grizzlies, were on the same page, discovered they were, in fact…Not.

They were killed and mostly eaten by their neighbors gaining them both a Darwin Award.

Treadwell and Huguenard “made it” as urban legends.

Last week, a very unusual occurrence of “making it” occurred. It was not so unusual that this man “made it” but that he, “made it”…AGAIN.

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Weekend Edition: Politics and Social or, Anti Social Media

Over The last few years, one thing has had a most definite impact on politics.

The Tea Party?

Well, yes but…

Obama’s ideology of division?

Well…yes, but…

There is something else. Something bigger than ideologies and bigger than a candidate or a political movement.

It’s social media.

Social media has changed the way we view, discuss and relate to politics.

I’m not just talking about Breitbart although, he did do more to bring social media to the forefront of politics than any other thousand people I know and while his personal impact was too short lived, his residual impact will continue to reverberate and shape the future forever.

I’m talking about garden variety social media and the people who utilize it in the most basic way.

Facebook and Twitter have provided a way to broadcast individual views like never before and just like politics…Social media can bring out the best, and worst in people.

We, as individuals, are able to share our thoughts, ideas, comments, images and yes, our blogs and websites with THOUSANDS of people and it’s real time, live and at times, overpowering.

Think about it. We have watched social media organize uprisings in Egypt, Iran, Syria and in Libya, we watched images and videos of the demise of Gaddafi just moments after he was killed.

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Friday Fume

Well, we did it. We made it through another week and what a week it was.

While all eyes were focused on the Convention, mine included, the crazy train rolled on, packed with liberal fools, headed straight over the cliff.

Shining examples of liberal loose marbles were everywhere.

Let the games begin!!!

It’s Friday my friends and…

I’m fuming.

Well…ONE thing is crystal clear. MSNBC stands for Main Stream National Bigot Conspiracy!!!!

After accusing anything, everything and everybody conservative of being racists…MSNBC, during the Republican Convention refused to air minority conservative speakers!!!

Leading the way down the rabbit hole was Chris Matthews.

Here is how I believe a breakfast meeting between Matthews and I would go:

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The Tea Party Effect at the Convention

With one night to go…It’s already been quite a Convention.

So far, Republicans have been showcasing the differences between  the Romney/Ryan ticket and the Obama administration’s ideology.

As it turns out, liberal/socialist loons have been all too happy to help.

It started even before the Convention with Chris Matthews yelling at Priebus about how Romney is a racist because he mentioned his OWN birth certificate and place of birth.

Then, there were the Code Pinko whackos dressed up like women’s reproductive organs.

Now, as the Convention has progressed, the bats are most certainly out of the belfry.

On the first night of speeches, the race baiting MSNBC decided NOT to show speeches made by conservatives who, just happened to be, minorities. This of course means that in the goo filled minds of liberals in control of MSNBC…If we don’t SHOW minorities speaking…They don’t exist.

This of course follows the 3 year old trick of closing one’s eyes and hence, being invisible.

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