Clint Tarver’s Business Destroyed by Union Goons

Have you heard what happened to Clint Tarver at the hands of labor union goons in Michigan?

Have you heard about how WE can help Mr. Tarver???

I’ll get to that.

As the mainstream media ignores the violence which took place in Lansing regarding the Right to Work legislation, we will not.

The true nature of unions came shining through…again…just as it did a year ago in Madison Wisconsin.

Union Membership has been dwindling for decades and now, in the private sector, less than 8% are union employed. As Michigan passed legislation to become the nation’s 24th Right to Work state, a move aimed at keeping more businesses IN Michigan, attracting NEW businesses to the state and bringing more population to the state, unions lashed out violently and a good deal of it was caught on video.

One suspects that a couple of those union goons responsible for the violence outside the Michigan State Capital on Tuesday spent their day yesterday, in hiding.

One, tentatively identified as Chris Opalewski, a name stitched on his jacket and the back of his helmet, was caught on video helping to destroy a tent owned by Americans for Prosperity.

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