Obama…Islam’s Dancing Puppet

is 1Let’s connect the dots and reveal the truth that no liberal wants YOU to know.

Just a few months ago, on June 23rd, 2014 as I outlined in a National Patriot article, Bush Was Right – Saddam Had WMD ISIS had overrun and captured Al Muthanna…the Saddam Hussein chemical stockpile in Iraq…the very chemical weapons liberals far and wide have claimed never existed.

In that article, I stated two VERY important things.

First: “Muthanna is, in fact, where Saddam Hussein manufactured and stored…WMD and is now believed to be where the gas he used against the Kurds came from.”

And Second: “ …if they can find a way to transport the sarin, the VX and the mustard gas stored there, if they can find a way to disperse it in populated areas…the horrors we’ve seen over the past two weeks perpetrated by ISIS will pale by comparison.”

ISIS…the marauding 7th century barbarians have now used 21st century weapons of mass destruction against the Kurds in the Syrian city of Kobani and if you think they will stop at that…

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Weekend Edition: The Hagel Debacle – Unfit For Command

Former Senator, Chuck Hagel, underwent his confirmation hearing last week and it was, quite clearly, the worst performance of a nominee to any post I have ever seen.

It was abysmal.

Many, trying to be nice, say he was unprepared.

Those being honest say he is simply either not qualified or is, in fact, incompetent.

And then there is the socialist brain-trust.

NPR ran an article, “Hagel’s Hearing: 7 Things We Learned” and in it, they whine about the hearing being nothing but political and weep tears of disgust over how those mean, nasty and oh-so-partisan Republicans were bullying poor Chuck Hagel.

Perhaps NPR has, inadvertently, made a sound point.

It was political.

After watching and listening to Hagel during last week’s confirmation hearing, one thing jumped out at me and I’m sure, many of you as well.

What ARE his qualifications to become the Secretary of Defense???

According to Hagel himself…

“I volunteered for the draft and then volunteered to go to Vietnam after I received orders to go to Germany.”

Hagel Continued..

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