Election 2012 – Don’t Tap Dance in the Mine Field

When it comes to this election, the most important election since 1860, far too many conservatives are asking the wrong questions or, I believe, taking the wrong stance.

It’s a problem born of far too many years and decades of complacency.

It’s exactly what liberals have been laying the groundwork for throughout those years and decades.

To avoid the trap, one must first realize there IS a trap, see the trap and then take the proper steps to avoid that trap.

As we are but 3 ½ months away from this election, the time is NOW to identify the trap and steer conservatives away from falling prey to it.

Conservatives…Put your bias aside and open your eyes. Open them WIDE and you too, will see through the darkness.

Here we go.

I hear and read far too many conservatives asking, regarding certain issues, “So…Who will do anything about it?” There are, of course, variations of this question. “Why won’t congress DO something?” “Congress KNOWS about this but they won’t DO anything about it.” “What good is it to point out what we all already know since nothing will be done about it?”

You get the idea.

Here’s the Deal…

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