The Palin Effect Felt in Nebraska

Reports of the death of the Tea Party have been greatly exaggerated.

One can easily suspect 3 things.

1)      Nobody who ascribes to the Tea Party values ever thought they were dead.

2)      Liberals knew the Tea Party wasn’t dead but they were hoping beyond hope against another shellacking in November.

3)      The Republican establishment is failing to relegate the Tea Party to the sidelines.

Proof of these things comes first in the results from Indiana where long time establishment mainstay, Sen. Lugar, lost his bid for another term and now, from Nebraska.

On the Husker Nation’s home turf, 2 establishment choices had been considered the odds on favorites for Ben Nelson’s soon to be abandoned Senate seat. Nelson’s Cornhusker Kickback doomed his career as Obamacare relied on bribes to secure votes.

Nebraska, a red state, was all but set to nominate either Don Stenberg of Jon Bruning to run against former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerry.

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