Wind Energy…Nothing But a Hot Air Scam

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week, soon after recovering from the spectacle of Kathy Griffin’s televised pity party, in which she, a woman who is so white she is nearly transparent played the race card in an absurd attempt to garner sympathy because she claims she is being bullied by President Trump…

I was treated to the obtuse rantings and ravings of a nearly frothing at the mouth John Kerry regarding President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate debacle.

Before I get into what’s really behind the liberal meltdown over the President’s rightful move on the climate thing…allow me to address Kerry’s absolute nonsense.

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The Border Wall and Birdbrained Liberals

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Fact number one…most of the folks who inhabit the mainstream media are liberals. Fact number two…most of the people who appear on cable alphabet new channels are liberals.

Fact number three…most liberals are…morons.

Which leads us to the inevitable conclusion that most of the people appearing on MSNBC are, in fact, liberal morons.

This would be a theory were it not for inescapable proof and there can be no better proof than the case made between an MSNBC anchor and his absurd guest a few nights ago, as the two tried, insanely, to promote a reason not to build a border wall between our country, and the one just to the south of us…Mexico.

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Muskets Would Have Never Been Issued

Yesterday, the town of Depoe Bay, Oregon, cancelled their annual Independence Day fireworks celebration. This had been a well attended tradition since 1993.

By well attended, I don’t just mean that people turned out to watch the display but, they made a day of it and it had become a great boost to the local economy. Shop owners and restaurants, lodging establishments and gas stations had come to rely on the annual celebration.

Now, it’s gone and for what?

The birds.

That right, because of a bunch of Brandt’s Cormorants that apparently nest a mile from the bay where the fireworks USED to be shot off.

It seems there’s a bunch of bird brains who are scared that the Cormorants are scared of the fireworks and, well, they just can’t have THAT now, can they?

Sorry but, I’m not buying it.

It makes one wonder though, doesn’t it? Where we would be today had liberal/socialist, tree hugging namby pambies been ruling the roost 236 years ago?

Let’s take today’s liberal mentality and head back to the birth of this nation, shall we?

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