More Than a Hate Crime – Part 2

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

By now, everybody has seen, or at the very least heard of the video, discussch-1ed in detail in “More Than a Hate Crime Part 1,” (a must read op-ed) in which a band of Black Lives Matter goons kidnapped and tortured a disabled man while live-streaming the entire event on Facebook.

During that sickening, disgusting act…the BLM goons put tape over the man’s mouth, beat him, cut him, cut his clothes, kicked him…all as the man was on the floor…they screamed at him…telling the man to say, “F*** Trump” and “F*** white people.”

They have been arrested. They have, after some deep thought by Chicago police, been charged with a hate crime.

But left wing, liberal/socialist mainstream media…is taking the side of the BLM haters.

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When Core Values are Replaced by Street Cred

As we continue to deal with the stupidity of those who believe that, somehow, Treyvon Martin, a punk wannabe, a drug user and a thief, was an innocent, angelic little child, we find another case of woefully misguided wailing going on.

In NY last weekend, cops responded to an incident.

It was 3am on Sunday morning.

Nothing good happens on the streets of ANY city at 3am and the one that never sleeps is no exception.

The 2 rookie cops, on the force since January, 2013, heard shots ring out and, as they were on foot patrol, ran to the scene.

That’s where they discovered 14 year old Shaaliver Douse, with a 9 mm handgun, firing at a man who was running away from the front of a bodega.

The cops IDENTIFIED themselves AS cops, ORDERED the kid to DROP THE WEAPON and then, as the fleeing man ran past them, Shaaliver Douse fired a 4th time.

It would be the last thing he ever did.

One of the rookie cops fired a single shot, hitting Douse in the face and the 14 year old was dead.

That’s where Douse’s Aunt, Quwana Barcene, comes in.

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