When it Comes to Syria, Obama is Pounding Sand

Every day, for months and months, we have watched, horrified, as Assad in Syria murders his own people. Women, children, men…Innocents slaughtered in the streets, in their homes, day and night.

Many have been outright executed.

Now, over the past 2 days, we have heard that the Russians are sending helicopter gunships to Assad in Syria.

Helicopter gunships is a gross understatement. These are killing machines designed not to pinpoint targets but to literally wipe out everything and anything in front of them. These helicopters are built to fight tank battalions in the field. In an urban area, they can and will rain death and destruction from the sky.

Assad, of course, claims he won’t be using them for that purpose – but then again, he claims it’s not HIS government killing his people.

Through it all, through the death, the murders, the destruction…We wonder why? Why is Obama doing…nothing?

Let me try to explain what Obama doesn’t want you to know.

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