A Brief History Regarding Wars Against Islam

By Emmanuel Etchells-Ayre – United Kingdom on March 21, 2011

Islam and England have fought many times in the past, mainly on the Indian Sub-Continent, firstly under the auspices of the British East India Company, and eventually under the British Raj.

Afghanistan, as it is currently known, was formed in 1747 under the rule of Ahmad Shah Abdali of the Durrani Empire. In the 19th century, the expanding British and Russian empires clashed over Afghanistan, which resulted in three Anglo-Afghan wars in 70years,the first Anglo-Afghan War Began in 1838, and lasted for around four years , May 1879 The British installed Shir All’s son Yaqub Khan to the throne (1879-1880), who concluded the Gandumak Treaty with the British in May 1879, which transformed Afghanistan into a British protectorate. When Russian forces occupied Panjdeh, a district less.Dost Mohammad’s successor Shir Ali improved ties with the Russians, which resulted in another British invasion of the country, paving the road for the second Anglo-Afghan war (1878-1879).

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