Allegations vs Burden of Proof

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The GOP establishment is playing directly into the hands, and into the agenda of liberals where Judge Roy Moore is concerned, and I for one have had quite enough of it.

Rand Paul has joined the RINO chorus calling for Moore to step aside.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions who, with an apparent lack of things to do regarding the evidence against Hillary Clinton and her crime syndicate, which includes Obama has also made it known that he sees no reason NOT to believe the five women who…after decades of abject silence, have accused Moore of sexual misconduct.

Mitch McConnell, RINO extraordinaire, says that “I believe the women.”

And then…there is Senator Ted Cruz who summed up the RINO position in his disturbing statement…

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What’s So Hard to Understand About “Illegal” in “Illegal Immigration?”

Shadow here.  I was perusing the DrudgeReport and came across an article regarding Alabama and their new anti-illegal rule.   I am applauding Alabama.  They managed to do something many states, most notably Arizona (who Mexico tried to sue… What???), were unable to do.  They passed their version of SB1070.  This is having a profound effect on the state as a whole.  Read more here.

So, I got more air to clear, and you can probably guess the subject matter by now:  Immigration.  Specifically, illegal immigration.

First of all, for some, the phrase “illegal immigration” tends to conjure up images of the poor Mexican immigrant wearing a poncho and a sombrero just trying to make ends meet.  While this may be true in some cases, there is a reason why “illegal immigration” isn’t written as “illegal MEXICAN immigration.”  It is written as “illegal immigration” because not only Mexicans immigrate to the US illegally!!  People from all over the world come here illegally, most maybe because they are looking for a better life or a life away from oppression.  Regardless of WHY they come here illegally, the fact is they broke our laws in doing so, and have affected the whole fabric of the United States in the following ways (not inclusive):

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