The Liberal’s Guide to Christmas

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It’s that time of the year when visions of sugarplums start dancing in one’s head and our thoughts turn to the festive gatherings of families and friends.

Christmas…from the reason for the season, to jolly ol’ St. Nick…from the giving of gifts, to food, fun, laughter and decorating.

Christmas is a time for celebration unless, of course…

You’re a liberal.

With that in mind, allow me to provide, not so much as a set of rules, but more as a source of information…

The Liberal’s Guide to Christmas.

Here we go…

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Respect For the Law and Those Who Enforce It

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

We all know that the democrat left, while claiming the mantle of tolerance, is in fact the poster party for intolerance.

We also know that while the democrat left claims to be the party of inclusion, they are actually the party of division…while claiming to be the party of justice for all, they are in fact the party of justice only for the select few, and while laying claim to being the party of freedom of speech, the democrat left is, without a doubt, the party of censorship.

It really is a sad, and yet transparent state of affairs as liberals…the democrat left…claim this, that and the other thing pretending to represent this, that and the other demographic while all the while doing nothing but pandering for votes with empty promises and equally empty platitudes.

Faced with the transparency of their false claims, hollow promises and outright socialist, anti-American political agenda, it should come as no surprise that the democrat party…

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Liberal’s War on Christmas – AGENDA EXPOSED!

Writes Jeffrey Folks, on page 51 of his 1985 book, The Rough Guide to Yugoslavia, “Religious faiths have experienced a waning of worship.”

Folks was describing the transformation of SOCIALIST Yugoslavia into COMMUNIST  Yugoslavia and, in the communist state…CHRISTMAS had been done away with as a publicly displayed holiday.

One wonders, and rightly so, just how far away WE are from THAT.

Perhaps, a better way of posing the question would be…

How CLOSE are we to it?

While even in a communist country back then, as Christianity or Judaism lived in the hearts and minds of those who practiced the faiths, any outward display of them was subject to neighborhood and government spies and no one wanted to suffer the consequences of being caught with a Christmas tree or a Menorah.

In this country, it’s hard to believe that such things would be possible but, let’s remember, it wasn’t THAT long ago that anyone would have thought someone could have been evicted from their home for flying an American flag.

Today’s home owners associations have been downright commie in their approach to veterans who have proudly displayed the stars and stripes over the last few years and, assorted atheist trolls from states hundreds or, thousands of miles from the scene of the Creche, have raised unholy HELL over THOSE public displays.

In today’s politically correct, agnostic, liberal, secular society, why WOULDN’T we expect to start hearing orders that Christmas lights and Christmas trees in windows will be banned?

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Friday Fume

I’ll be the first to admit that there are a great many things I don’t understand.


If there’s one thing I know with certitude…It’s that liberals are completely off their collective rockers.

It’s an epidemic. Thank GOD conservatives have a natural immunity to LDS…Liberal Derangement Syndrome.

Listen, aside from all the liberal insanity happening in various far-flung corners of the world…Right here at HOME they are doing their level best to prove they’re stark-raving bats in the belfry, marble-free NIMRODS!!!

What amazes me most of all is that liberals keep trying to get elected.

For GOD’S sake…If they’d just listen to the words and ideas that come out of their mouths…THEY wouldn’t vote for THEMSELVES!!!



Today is Friday and…

I’m fuming.

An age old common place bit of American fun is falling prey to liberal insanity in Rhode Island.

The Father Daughter dance.

Apparently…liberal/socialists believe…BEYOND ALL REALITY…that the father/daughter dance is the embodiment of GENDER INEQUALITY!!!


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