The Formal Indictment of Barack Hussein Obama

As Conservatives and Tea Party faithful, we are constantly preaching adherence to that great document, beginning with the words, We the People…

Our Constitution is that document meant to limit the scope of government and to protect We the People FROM government.

We cite the Constitution, we hold it up as THE law of the land and we strongly disagree with those, whether within our own party of the opposition who seek to circumvent or ignore it.

Our Founders and Framers were far-sighted enough to know that such a document was necessary and arguably, for the exact reason with which we now face…A president who sees himself more as a King or a Dictator, a congress complacent to maintain status quo and the abuses of power against the people that go with those things.


Today is the 4th of July.

Our Independence Day.

In past years, I have provided historical perspectives and behind the scenes essays regarding our starting point as a nation.

Well and fine however, this year, on Independence Day, we need something stronger. Something more pointed and something that rises to a call to action.

Today, we need…We REQUIRE…

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A Patriot’s First Thanksgiving

As We prepare for Thanksgiving, the travel, family, friends and a feast, too many individual traditions are there to mention. Some may volunteer to serve those who through circumstances are homeless while others may take time to visit retirement communities.

Some will remember our troops in various ways and I hope we all take a moment to thank them for all they do to maintain our freedoms.

There will be laughter, prayers, football, food and stories told tomorrow.

Some will, no doubt, speak of the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, the Indians, their hardships and how they came together.

I would, this year, like to take you back to a Thanksgiving long ago which most never think of on this holiday.

Before Thanksgiving WAS an official holiday it was still celebrated. Perhaps now as we celebrate it today but, indeed it did hold meaning.

The Thanksgiving of which I hope you will remember is that of 1776.

A newly declared independent nation was at war.

Thanksgiving was no longer thought of as a Puritan or holiday of religion although the thanking of God was a certain factor. In 1776, it was a holiday for Patriots.

Traveling to the home of relatives was generally not done unless of course, those relatives lived in your community. Distance was one thing and naturally, by carriage or horseback, such travel would have been quite time consuming.

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Politics on Christmas? Yes…and for a VERY Good Reason

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

If there is such a thing, and I fully believe there is, as divine providence, clearly it played a most important part in the events surrounding the founding of this nation.

For those who wish to separate Christmas from the politics of the day, I am with you but, one must realize that without connecting the two, we may well not have a nation at all.

When one thinks of Christmas, the true and first Christmas, one thinks of tiny Bethlehem. That’s where it started. Bethlehem.

So too, via divine providence, is Bethlehem a key to our nation’s birth.

Yes, it is a different Bethlehem than the one from the first Christmas but I ask you, is it coincidence? I rather doubt it as I don’t believe in such things either in politics OR divine providence.

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