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Late last week, the White House press room was shaken, not stirred and suddenly Sean Spicer resigned from his dual role as the Press Secretary/Director of White House Communications, and the quick as lightning Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in, as Press Secretary…and Tony Scaramucci was the new Director of White House Communications.

What was, by all appearances, a smooth of a transition in those roles as possible, actually holds deeper meaning in the overall aspects of the Trump administration.

To begin with, let me be candid in my assessment of the outgoing Sean Spicer.

Spicer is a brilliant man, and affable…perhaps too affable when one gets right down to it. Spicer always seemed to be trying to find a middle ground during press briefings which is difficult to do considering the mainstream, fake news media trolls with whom he had to deal on a daily basis.

Spicer seemed to try and take their questions seriously, even when those questions were transparently trying to provide a gotcha moment.

As the Press secretary, Spicer just didn’t have the ability to expose the leading, fake news angled questions for the tripe that they were, nor did he possess the ability to call out the dolts who posed those questions for what they were.

As the White House Communications Director, Sean Spicer was in over his head. He was never on the same page as President Trump, and always tried to spin the message into something the afore mentioned dolts of the mainstream fake news media would accept.

To put a finer point on it…Sean Spicer was no Tony Snow, nor was he a Dana Perino, as both of them had a thick enough skin to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous purveyors of liberal propaganda while all the while coming across as straight forward, but genuinely nice people.

Spicer tried to be nice, no doubt, but he lacked the outer shell to protect his feelings from being pierced by the barbs hurled in his direction.

Nice guy…smart guy…wrong guy for the job or jobs he held in the Trump administration.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on the other hand, is about as straight forward as they come, and quick enough on her feet to not only dodge the slings and arrows, but adept enough to give better than she takes.

Huckabee Sanders, who has been more front and center in recent weeks at the briefing room podium than was Spicer, has no problem slamming the moronic questions into the dirt, and the mainstream media morons who ask them as well. She has no interest in trying to find middle ground, and she won’t be lured into any false sense of comfort with the pack of wolves sitting before her on any given day.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn’t about to play the game with the press…she owns the game, and she sets the rules, and the standards. Bottom line on Huckabee Sanders is simple…she is exactly what President Trump needs in a Press Secretary…and he’s lucky to have her.

Now then…Scaramucci…what’s the story on this guy?

As little as two years ago, Tony Scaramucci was no fan of Donald Trump…calling him a hack and worse. His past indicates that he is at odds with President Trump on both gun control, and climate change, believing more gun control laws are a good thing, and advocating for climate change legislation as a believer in the liberal religion. While both those stances taken by Scaramucci in the past seem to have either softened, or reversed themselves recently, one has to wonder where his true feelings on the topics reside.

If he’s seen the light on those topics, both of which fit more neatly into a liberal agenda than a Conservative one…so much the better…but if not…it says more for President Trump than for Scaramucci, in that Trump isn’t surrounding himself with a contingent of yes-men, and is able to work with someone whose political bias doesn’t exactly match his own.

That said…Tony Scaramucci is a brilliant attorney, having graduated from Harvard Law School, and a more than adept public speaker who comes across as a no bull, take no prisoners crafter of the messages President Trump needs delivered.

Scaramucci seems to be on the same page as the President when it comes to that message…meaning that the President won’t have to micro-manage that department in the way it seems he had to when Spicer sat in that seat.

This is very important, especially at this particular juncture so early in Trump’s administration, because there is no honeymoon period for this President like there traditionally has been for others who have come to the Oval Office.

While the mainstream media is hell-bent on fabricating, and pushing ad nauseum fake news, driving a false narrative that Trump, his family and his team were engaged in collusion with the Russians, of which no evidence has been produced in nearly a full year of investigations…and while certain key figures in both the House and the Senate, supposedly Republicans, seem to be acting in concert with the liberals to block President Trump’s agenda…the President needs a Director of Communications who can not only craft the message in a no nonsense way, but also craft preemptive strikes against one very important foe…Robert Mueller.

Make no mistake…Mueller’s task force of special investigators, ripe with the stink of Hillary Clinton emanating from their associations with her, her foundation and campaign donations to her are engaged in a war against President Trump, digging for any bit of fabricated dirt with which they can nail him for what Hillary and Obama actually did.

All indications at this point show that Mueller and his team of Hillary supporters are about to wage a ruthless liberal induced war against President Trump, and Scaramucci, as a former democrat and Obama bundler of sorts might just make for the best tactician to go on the offensive against the Mueller/Clinton army.

That would make Tony Scaramucci something of a mercenary, but sometimes an effective mercenary is exactly for what the situation calls.

As Mueller and his troops ready their assault against President Trump, who better than someone who knows their tactics to launch preemptive truth strikes from the White House Communications Office aimed at putting the special investigative unit in a position of defending their fabrications?

Spicer would have failed miserably in this regard.

With someone like Scaramucci at the helm of White House Communications, crafting the messages that could counter whatever offensive advantage Mueller and his Hillary supporters, along with the “never Trump” factions of both the House and Senate think they have, an effective wall of truth that may well upend the investigation’s false narratives could easily be established…giving President Trump and the rest of his team the room necessary to further the pro-America agenda on several other fronts.

In that regard…Rex Tillerson can go about reestablishing our diplomatic ties with allies Obama stabbed in the back, while also building new relationships that will once again place the United States back into our rightful place on the world stage.

General “Mad Dog” Mattis will be more unencumbered in his pursuit and destruction of our nation’s enemies, sans the political infighting which would hamper those efforts from inside the beltway.

And what of President Trump himself?

Having someone on the same page as he is, crafting the sort of communications he himself would craft but with more polish and more narrowly, precisely targeted than he has himself shown to be a master of, allows President Trump to get back to doing exactly what it was that won him the nomination a year ago, and the general election last November…connecting with the “forgotten” base of voters who rose up and sent him to the White House.

In other words…Scaramucci can target the beltway foes of the President, while Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes on the liberal mainstream fake news media…Tillerson will have the unfettered ability to reinvigorate our nation’s alliances around the world, “Mad Dog” Mattis will be freer to engage the enemy with military force and precision wherever they might run to hide…and President Trump can go about the business of swaying public sentiment as only he can by making his case for economic, domestic and foreign policy directly with the American voters who elected him to serve as our 45th President.

But there is also another very important sidebar to this approach that others seem to be missing…

While a guy like Scaramucci will be busy exposing the Mueller machine for what it is…a politically driven witch hunt…President Trump will be able to rally the Conservative base leading up to the 2018 midterm elections as one by one, those in congress who stand in the way of making America great again expose themselves through their stalling and roadblock to the Trump agenda tactics.

What this change in the White House press office shows, is that while President Trump doesn’t necessarily make the right appointments for key cabinet positions from the word “go,” he’s not at all adverse to making changes rapidly and that’s a good thing. Sean Spicer looked good on paper, but reality exposed him as not the right guy. Sarah Huckabee Sandesr seemed at the onset to be a good backup to Spicer, while reality sent her over the top in the role of Press Secretary and Scaramucci…maybe, just maybe…despite his democratic and early Trump bashing stands…could be the best guy for the Director of Communications gig.

In fact, it almost seems that President Trump is moving from an interior circle meant for transition, to get him up to speed on the nature of the job, to a more hard-core permanent team designed more for his hard-hitting style. In that respect, don’t be a bit surprised if, in a short time frame, Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions and H.R. McMaster are the next three bubbles to burst.

If, and I will readily admit if…the scenario is along the lines of which I have outlined in this article, and Scaramucci has been hired to take on Mueller and his “investigation” et al, the hiring of Scaramucci will prove to have been the right thing to do, not only for the President, but for the whole of the Conservative agenda. However, should his past as a democrat and his criticisms of Trump become his own personal agenda thus hindering the President’s ability to further the Conservative agenda, it will prove to have been a case of the wrong advice taken, and the decidedly wrong guy for the job.

For more background on Tony Scaramucci, and the rest of what it takes to make a full assessment of the man as it pertains to his new position within the Trump administration…I encourage you to read the Op-Ed written by my friend and Right Side Patriots partner, Diane Sori which is available by clicking here.

Only time will tell whether my scenario, or Diane’s will play out as reality, but I suspect that the truth may well reside in a combination of the two…the big picture as it were…regarding just who Tony Scaramucci turns out to be.

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Today, Tuesday, July 25th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss their two takes on the Scaramuccci appointment and important news of the day.

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Right Issues…Wrong Suspects Tue, 18 Jul 2017 10:02:25 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Donald Trump Jr. is, apparently, the very first person connected to a presidential campaign, in the history of historic things, to take a meeting with someone who is purported to have information of some interest on the opposition candidate.

Never mind that Ted Kennedy, while making his own run at the White House, took a meeting with the KGB in an effort to get the goods on Ronald Reagan.

It’s not the same thing, and you know it.

This was Donald Trump Jr. taking a meeting with a Russian attorney…Natalia Buyadamnvowelortwowhydon’tya…whom he was led to believe had some dirt on Hillary Clinton. See…completely different from Ted Kennedy meeting with the KGB to gather dirt on Reagan. Completely different…not even close to the same thing.

It’s like comparing apples to…

Different color of apples.

Not even remotely the same thing.

Of course, there is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team was meeting with Russians, and accepting secret, phony documents that were supposed to have included dirt on Donald Trump…but that’s a world different than Donald Trump Jr. meeting with Natalia whatshername because he was led to believe she had the dirt on Hillary.

Clearly you can see the difference…can’t you?

I mean, surely you can tell the difference between red apples, and redder apples.

So Donald Trump Jr. took a 20 minute meeting with a Russian attorney because he was told she had information of interest related to Hillary Clinton. So what? Who wouldn’t take such a meeting in the middle of a presidential campaign? I’d be more concerned had he refused the meeting.

The meeting, by the way, was reportedly a bust, as all the attorney, Natalia Alphabet wanted to talk about was adoptions of Russian babies…which would have been more riveting had Donald Trump been running against Angelina Jolie.

Ask any member of the liberal mainstream media and they will tell you that a crime has been committed. The crime in question? Donald Trump Jr., a private citizen, talking to an attorney from Russia.

If only…

If only Trump Jr. had been the one responsible for letting an attorney, supposedly with ties to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin into the country even though her visa had been denied. Had Trump Jr. done that…no crime would have been committed.

Had Donald Trump Jr. ran weapons to the Mexican Drug cartels, one of which ended up being used to murder a U.S. border agent…no crime would have been committed according to the liberal mainstream media.

I mean, it’s not like Donald Trump Jr. secretly loaded a plane full of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and then had that plane flown to Iran for delivery of said taxpayer dollars. That…according to what we have seen over the years from the liberal mainstream media, would have been a no harm, no foul sort of thing. No crime involved.

I doubt that even Rachel Madcow would have found any fault in Trump Jr. had he simply erased his email thread regarding the setting up of that meeting, claiming it to have been about yoga exercises…but he released it, and therefore…crime committed.


Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with a Russian attorney…a RUSSIAN…our greatest enemy on this or any other planet according to the liberal mainstream media…and hence, the crime. Oh, in hindsight, he said, he may have done things differently…perhaps with 20/20 back vision, he would have simply closed a deal to sell 20% of our nation’s uranium to the RUSSIANS, who are…according to the liberal mainstream media…our greatest enemies on this or any other planet.

That clearly would not have risen to the level of a crime, or for that matter, raised a single mainstream media eyebrow.

Did anybody die as a result of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with that Russian attorney, Natalia Hotinuf?


But somebody did die after the hack that leaked the truth about Hillary Clinton…the hack we now know for a fact can from inside the DNC and not from Russia…but if you ask the liberal mainstream media, Trump Jr. committed some sort of crime while calling off the Park Police in the murder of Seth Rich was just another day in Clintonville.

Had Donald Jr. just gone about the business of registering dead people to vote, or set up bussing routs so that live people could have voted 2 or 3 times for his candidate, the way liberals did for their candidate…not even Larry Leg Tingles could have found fault with him.

And then…there’s Benghazi.

Donald Trump Jr. didn’t set up a U.S. Ambassador to be murdered by cutting out U.S. security in favor of security being provided by factions of our enemies in a time of war. Trump Jr. didn’t ignore repeated emails from that Ambassador for more security. Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t the one who was engaged in running weapons from Libyan, al Qaeda linked “rebels” to Syrian, al Qaeda linked “rebels” using the Turkish diplomats as strawmen.

Trump Jr. didn’t tell rescue forces to stand down.

But, if you were to ask the liberal mainstream media if any of that was criminal, they would provide you with a resounding, and collective no way…and yet they are just as sure that Trump Jr. taking that meeting with the Russian attorney is some sort of high crime and/or misdemeanor.

Now…as long as we’re talking about the Trumps, Russia, collusion, obstruction of justice, Benghazi and possible crimes…allow me to toss something else into the mix that I have yet to see anyone else offer up…

Directly after the attacks in Benghazi which resulted in the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the collateral murders of Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, just a couple of months before the 2012 election in which Barack Hussein Obama won his 2nd term…what happened?


The FBI was sent over to Libya to investigate and discover exactly what happened on the night of September 11th, 2012…what led up to that fateful night, and who exactly was responsible for those murders.

The FBI was then ordered to cool their heels in Tripoli…for 3 weeks…because Benghazi was simply too dangerous for the FBI.

Meanwhile…who was, for those 3 weeks, in Benghazi, dancing the Merengue like maggots on a mountain of manure without a care in the world? The mainstream media.

The media did live shots, tours of the bombed and burned out U.S. compound, interviews in the streets which included a sidewalk café interview with the purported mastermind of the Benghazi attacks…and nobody bothered them at all. The media had free rein of Benghazi, uninhibited access, a backstage pass and safe conditions in which to operate while we, and the FBI were all told it was far, FAR too dangerous to be there for the purpose of an investigation.

In fact, it was one element of the liberal mainstream media, nearly a week after the attacks and while the FBI was being stood down on the other side of the country, that found Ambassador Stevens’ personal diary in the rubble of the U.S. mission. That diary was, by the way, returned directly to the family of Christopher Stevens and not turned over to the FBI investigators…a diary which may well have contained evidence pertinent to the investigation…

A diary which may well have exposed the true crimes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Hillary Clinton infamously said of the whole Benghazi thing…”What difference, at this point, does it make?!?”

The collective of the liberal mainstream media shrugged off Benghazi like a horse shrugs off a gnat.

Donald Trump Jr. said, “yes, I took the meeting,” and all hell has broken loose in the mainstream media.

Obama and Hillary directly prevented the FBI from Investigating what happened in Benghazi and why it happened…and the mainstream media couldn’t have cared less but President Donald Trump fired the FBI director, while allowing the investigation into the Russian nonsense to continue unabated…and the mainstream media is crying like a kitten giving birth to a cow calling it obstruction of justice.

Here’s the down and dirty…

Donald Trump Jr. did nothing wrong.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama did a lot of things wrong.

Donald Jr. broke no laws.

Hillary and Obama broke a whole lot of laws.

The Trumps did not collude with the Russians to win the election. Obama and Hillary did collude with our nation’s enemies in Benghazi.

President Trump did not obstruct justice by firing the Director of the FBI.

Obama and Hillary did obstruct justice by holding the FBI out of Benghazi until any evidence that could have been found was long gone.

Donald Trump Jr. has been very forthcoming with his emails regarding his meeting with the Russian attorney.

Hillary Clinton had all her emails regarding Benghazi erased and the server destroyed.

Who, right now, is the subject, or target of a special prosecutor regarding possible collusion and obstruction of justice?

It’s neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Hussein Obama…is it?

And upon whom is the liberal mainstream media focused like a laser?

It’s not Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama…is it?

Under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Mexican drug cartels were gifted thousands of weapons, members of congress were bribed to pass a law which nobody was allowed to read, illegal aliens were allowed free-range status in our country, mobs of thugs were praised for their looting, arson and murderous actions, our police officers were villianized, and Iran was gifted with hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars while they were given the green light to start building a nuclear arsenal.

Under Obama and Hillary our enemies in a time of war were provided direct access to our military plans via the lips of our president, ISIS was allowed to grow and flourish, false blame for Benghazi was placed on a You Tube film maker and he was arrested, our enemies in a time of war were given weapons and others of our enemies in a time of war were hired as security for our diplomatic staff in Benghazi, our veterans were ignored, left to die in lines at the VA, American private citizens were spied upon, and the IRS targeted Americans whose political views differed from the regime in power.

Under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, cities that protect criminals were championed while those who stood for law, order and the Constitution were demeaned, our allies around the world were stabbed in the back while our enemies received the hand of friendship. Our military was depleted while our military in theaters of war were intentionally disarmed while our enemies benefited from American taxpayer dollars with which they could enhance their militaries and our enemies in theaters of war were intentionally armed resulting in murder after murder of our personnel.

Under Obama and Hillary, violence by thugs and criminals with guns grew to unprecedented levels in liberal gun-free, target rich zones while our 2nd Amendment was placed under a constant state of attack.

Under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, Constitutionalism was vilified and anarchy was praised. The rule of law under a Constitutional Republic was vilified while edicts and mandates from a dictator in chief were praised. Telling the truth was vilified while false narratives and outright lies were praised. America was apologized for around the world while the despotic nations of the world were put on pedestals, and success was vilified while entitlement to the taxpayer checks written by the government was championed.

Under Obama and Hillary, the American dream, for American citizens was nullified by mandates and the biggest tax hike in American history…but the American dream was extended, on the backs of American citizen taxpayers…to those who criminally entered our country illegally.

And through those 8 years of the Obama regime, who was their willing, and gleeful partner in crime, covering up those crimes and rooting for the downfall of American exceptionalism?

The liberal mainstream media…that’s who.

Now, with President Trump in the Oval Office, that same willing and gleeful liberal mainstream media has gone from being cheerleaders for socialism to being seditionists because their anointed one, Hillary Clinton, failed to succeed Obama to complete the “fundamental transformation of America.”

I say let the liberal mainstream media continue to manufacture and report their fake news…they are exposing themselves as liars on a daily basis…and those gullible enough to believe them are exposing themselves as being nothing short of abject idiots.

So…Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with a Russian attorney…so what? This is America, and taking a meeting during a presidential campaign is not against the law. You want collusion, obstruction of justice, espionage, treason, and an investigation replete with arrests and the fullest consequences of the law?

There is 8 years of evidence of it under Obama and Hillary, but not a shred of evidence of it so far under President Donald Trump.

Liberals have identified the right issues, but they are pointing fingers at the wrong suspects to distract the gullible away from the truth.


Because neither seditionists nor their gullible idiots want anything to do with the truth.

Copyright © 2017 Craig Andresen /


Today, Tuesday July 18th from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the solution to a subversive problem, liberals pointing their fingers in the wrong direction, and the day’s important news.
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Obama’s Dry Hump 2017 World Tour Tue, 11 Jul 2017 10:04:56 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Lou Dobbs, in a recently published piece, has rightfully pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama…that would be private citizen Barack Hussein Obama, has been shadowing President Trump around the world…meeting with the same world leaders as President Trump.

Obviously, Obama is worried that his 8 long years of trying to make America as destitute as the rest of the world is in danger of being erased as Trump has set forth to Make America Great Again.

If it wasn’t so sad…it would be funny…okay…it is funny.

Let’s have a look at the travel itinerary shall we?

The America loving President Trump has met with the leaders of Britain and Italy.

The America hating citizen Obama has met with the leaders of Britain and Italy.

The America loving President Trump has met with Germany’s Islam loving Angela Merkel.

The America hating Islam loving citizen Obama has met with Germany’s Angela Merkel.

The America loving President Trump has met with Canada’s socialist weasel Prime Minister Trudeau.

Socialist weasel citizen Obama has met with Canada’s socialist weasel Prime Minister Trudeau.

The America loving President Trump has met with South Korea’s Moon Jae-In.

The America hating citizen Obama met with South Korea’s Moon Jae-In.

Recent and often shared reports that the America hating Obama was in Germany last week for the 2017, G-20 summit were fake, but one can certainly see from the above travel roster that it wouldn’t have been even a little surprising had old “hope and change” actually popped up out of a sewer in an effort to flush out Make America Great Again…but I’ll get back to the G-20 in a moment.

Look…we’ve all been there…gone over to a friend’s house where man’s best friend, the recently neutered Barry the Beagle started making out with your shin like there was no tomorrow…right?


What we have now is Mr. Obama…having been recently neutered…following President Trump around like a horny puppy…dry humping the legs of world leaders the way Billy Clinton dry humps interns.

In fact, about the only two places of note where President Trump has gone, that Obama didn’t also pop up have been first, in Saudi Arabia, where in 2016, Obama got a decidedly chilly reception after which, Mustafa Alani, a Gulf security analyst and close friend of the Saudi royals stated…”Obama found a leadership that’s not ready to believe him. The Saudis had disagreements with previous presidents. Here you have deep distrust that the president won’t deliver anything.”

And second…In Israel…where had Obama tried to dry hump Prime Minister Netanyahu’s shin, Bibi would have kicked the neutered mutt straight out the door.

For the record, President Trump got the full-on red carpet, highest level treatment from the Saudis and from the Israelis as well.

Okay…back to the G-20 summit…

While the reports of Obama surfacing from his own cesspool of despair at the G-20 in Germany last week were internet hoaxes that found life in the sharing of them by those too quick to do even the least bit of research…it is quite possible that the Islam loving, American hating dry humper sent his surrogate, NYC Mayor…socialist if not downright commie and fellow hater of America and large sodas, Bill DeBlasio in his stead.

DeBla Bla was there to join hands with Antifa to protest western culture which would make him, Obama’s dry humping surrogate, and if there’s anything more irrelevant than a neutered mutt getting busy with someone’s leg…it would have to be a pinch-hitter…or…pinch-humper.

While Obama was suffering from a major case of Trump envy, and while DeBlasio was getting his Antifa thug on in Munich last week, President Trump got busy letting the rest of the world know that America is back and scoring major points for our side.

At the G-20, President Trump got the leaders to acknowledge that he had every right to pull out of the Raccoon Lodge world club also known as the Paris Climate Accord…and he got the rest of the G-20ers to agree to his goal of having the U.S. “work closely with other countries to help them access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently.”

That’s huge, but it wasn’t all there was to it either. President Trump also managed to get certain wording included in the official G-20 communique, for first time, underlining the right of countries to protect their markets with “legitimate trade defense instruments.”

That means, that thanks to President Trump, the U.S. and the rest of the countries are now free to pursue what makes the most sense for the individuals countries rather than chasing after unicorns regarding climate change.

But President Trump was far from finished…

While also at the G-20 summit, President Trump sat down with Russia’s Vladimir Putin for a summit within the summit…and the two, at Trump’s urging, agreed to work together on a cease fire in Syria, and to work together to create a safe-zone in Syria for Syrian refugees…which isn’t the end-all, be-all but it is a damn site better than Obama’s plan of creating a safe-zone for Syrian refujihadis over here.

Certainly, there was fluff in the Trump/Putin meeting, with not everything proposed having a direct or immediate benefit for the U.S. but that really wasn’t the reason for the meeting. The real gist of it was to reestablish a working relationship with Russia by laying the groundwork for things of greater importance and greater advantage for the U.S. and our allies down the road…something that Obama and/or Hillary were completely incapable of or simply refused to do.

Naturally, our mainstream media doesn’t see it that way, because that doesn’t further their agenda on behalf of Obama and the liberal/socialist swamp rats…but what is one to expect from those relegated to sniffing the collective butts of dry humping mongrels?

President Trump also strongly questioned Putin regarding election tampering, which the Russian leader just as strongly denied and given the mainstream media’s inability to produce even a shred of evidence regarding their fabrication of supposed collusion between Trump and the Russians…I would tend to believe Putin over CNN.

President Trump did, however, come away from that meeting with irrefutable proof that Vladimir Putin is directly tied to Russia.

The fact of the matter is this…at the onset of his presidency, Obama undertook a world apology tour, demeaning the United States and sucking around for pathetic sympathy by saying he was sorry we were so great. Now, as Obama is at the onset of his post-apocalyptic presidency, he has set about touring the world pretending that he’s still relevant.

The problem for the nutless wonder of a humping hound is that the only people who thought he was relevant during his presidency, and those who still feel that way, were and are those who hate America as much as he does…and that our enemies, and the enemies of freedom and democracy are still more than willing to extend their legs for his own self-aggrandizement.

But it could well be much more serious than one would think. If it ever comes to light that the dry humping dog is discussing foreign policy with any of the world leaders he’s been meeting with since being neutered, a prime case for sedition could easily be made.

While Obama busies himself wearing a hole in the trouser legs of the European Union, President Trump is busy bringing back manufacturing jobs, increasing consumer confidence, and he’s rebuilding a business atmosphere where small businesses once again feel free to grow and hire which has reinvigorated those who over the past 8 years dropped out of the workforce to reenter the jobs market.

President Trump is busy making America safer, by fighting for the same travel ban Obama put in place, no questions asked, cracking down on the sanctuary cities Obama created, standing up for our veterans upon whom Obama turned his back and once again extending our nation’s hand in friendship to our allies around the world of whom Obama stabbed in the back.

And as for the illegal aliens to whom Obama sent engraved invitations and gift baskets of American taxpayer paid for goodies? President Trump is sending them one way tickets back to wherever they came from with the promise…come back again…and you’ll be spending time in our prisons.

Of course, President Trump did say we would probably win so much, we’d get tired of winning, but so far, I say the more winning the better.

As for Obama…he’s as pleased with himself as a dog with two peckers, even though being neutered as he is, there’s no way for him to seal the deal.

Go ahead Merkel…shake a leg…Barry’s just happy to see ya.

Copyright © 2017 Craig Andresen /



Today, July 11th, from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Linda Sarsour’s call to jihad against President Trump, Obama’s latest world tour, and important news of the day.

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Mainstream Media – Gollum With a Press Pass Fri, 07 Jul 2017 10:00:40 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Thanks to Project Veritas, we now have indisputable proof that CNN is everything President Trump has said they are…a fake news organization…because they, themselves, have admitted to it.

With their hidden cameras, Project Veritas has caught CNN blue handed saying that their “coverage” of the whole Trump/Russian collusion fabrication is for ratings, that it is, indeed, a BS story, and that no collusion evidence is to be had anywhere.

Apparently, CNN has all the security of Hillary’s private server and private email account, and they vet the people they actually tell the truth to the way Obama’s regime vetted “refugees” seeking to become an invasion force emanating from Islamist nations.

Last week, during a White House press briefing, Sara Huckabee Sanders more or less went off on the fake news industry which drew a stern rebuke from CNN’s Jim Acosta when he called her statements “inflammatory.”


Huckabee Sanders wasn’t having any of that, and she curtly told Acosta that basically she wouldn’t have to point out the obvious if the mainstream media would simply quit lying…which pretty well shut Acosta down…and she inferenced that hidden camera video from Project Veritas in her response to Acosta as proof that President Trump had hit the nail on the proverbial head.

Did you happen to catch that part of the video where a CNN insider refers to “all the nice, cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism schools, you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable.” 

In other words…what asylums of higher indoctrination are teaching tomorrow’s journalists today about journalistic ethics is nothing but lip service that gets tossed out the window as soon as that journalist gets a job in the world of mass media liberal propaganda.

Journalism, according to CNN, has nothing to do with accurately, and/or ethically telling the truth in order to inform the populous, but it has everything to do with the money…and pushing a false narrative to bolster the liberal/socialist agenda.

Neither CNN, nor any of the rest of the mainstream liberal propaganda needs President Trump’s help in making a mockery of what they do…they are now…self-mocking.

What CNN and the rest of the propaganda machine has done for the better part of a year now has been to invent a scandal where they know full well one doesn’t exist…fabricate a story line regarding collusion between President Trump and his campaign and the Russians that led to Hillary losing the election last November.

Through it all, CNN, and the rest of their swamp snakes have become the media version of Gollum.

“MY PRECIOUS…” in their case, was the Oval Office, and they just can’t believe that they lost what they thought was theirs for the taking.

Snowflakes are by no means limited to college campuses and the mainstream media is packed with them from ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC, but CNN is a blizzard of snowflakes melting down on a daily basis. CNN is so desperate to remain relevant in the wake of Hillary’s loss, that they are simply making up stuff with which to attack President Trump.

But, let’s be honest here, this is nothing new. CNN carried Obama’s water for 8 years, running interference for him with their propaganda to cover his unlawful acts from Fast and Furious to Benghazi and beyond. CNN has propped up every liberal fake news situation for decades by simply buying into and promoting each and every liberal agenda item that has come down the line.

While Project Veritas is now shining the spotlight of truth on CNN’s fake news propaganda agenda…CNN has been caught time and time again…faking it.

Remember, according to that CNN executive producer, journalistic ethics are…”adorable,” and as proof that he wasn’t simply providing his opinion, as CNN has stated in the wake of the Project Veritas undercover video…the set of clips above opens with a CNN reporter telling his limited audience that, “remember, it is illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from…us.”

In other words…adorable ethics be damned…the media is above the law and therefore, everything you learn you will learn from the fountain of fake news…CNN…and the rest of the mainstream media propaganda machine.

Need further proof…okay…here is MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski telling her limited audience exactly what is apparently being taught in those “adorable” journalistic ethics classes in our asylums of higher indoctrination.

Again, in other words…just who in the hell does President Trump think he is, trying to control what people think by unleashing facts regarding his proposals when the job of controlling what people think is under the sole ownership of the fake news, snowflake, propaganda machine called MSNBC…and the rest of the mainstream media?

I’m not saying we should believe everything ANY President says, or allow any President to “control” what we think. What I’m saying is that we should all do our own research and come to our own conclusions without allowing anyone, or any entity control our thoughts…especially a propaganda mill like CNN or the rest of the mainstream media.

The real question is…why does CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet mainstream media make up stories and produce fake news?

Like the Project Veritas video clearly shows…money…and out of a sense of desperation.

What CNN sees, is their liberal bent toward socialism crumbling away. CNN…Cable News Network, which then became the Clinton News Network transforming into the Communism News Network has now become the Corrupt News Network in a last-ditch hail Mary attempt to push their liberal party line socialist agenda, and because the facts don’t even come close to meeting that agenda, and because the purveyors of that agenda…liberals and socialists are no longer controlling the Senate, the House, the Executive branch or the Supreme Court…fiction and fabrication fed to gullible idiots who are just as desperate as they are has become their version of the news.

Liberal plants like Alisyn Camerota and Megyn Kelly, snowflakes who lacked a safe place in which to curl up in the fetal position with coloring books, bottles of bubbles and therapy puppies over at Fox News retreated to the Crayon rich confines of CNN where their true colors shine brightly for all the world to see.

The problem for the viewer impaired CNN is they thought they had scored big-time by hiring Camerota and Kelly away from the viewer saturated Fox News…never realizing that Fox’s audience wouldn’t follow the out from undercover hosts to the Corrupt News Network.

Camerota jumped the shark the day she stated, “Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim.  Maybe it’s the way people shave their heads, you know, sometimes in solidarity with somebody who is going through something.”

That’s correct…Camerota actually compared Muslims to the victims of cancer and suggested that non-Muslims, like non-cancer victims adopt the same look to be in solidarity with them.

Then, reality set in, because later that same day…the day Camerota made her abjectly absurd suggestion…Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a 7th century barbarian living in the 21st century, used a car and a butcher knife to try to kill Ohio State University students.

Karma…Camerota. Camerota…karma.

And as for Megyn Kelly…CNN spent weeks, if not months hyping her arrival in their fake news headquarters and in the midst of their trumped up nothing burger fabricated Russian collusion soap opera, debuted her new show with an interview of none other than Vladimir Putin Himself. What happened? Well…Putin laid waste to Kelly’s and CNN’s false narrative, going so far as to suggest that rather than sending President Trump or his campaign staff to jail…it was Kelly herself who should be sent to prison.

But how were the ratings?

Kelly’s heavily hyped scoop with Putin rated lower than that week’s rerun of 60 minutes on a rival fake news network, and her ratings have declined from there.

Fox news obviously saw the writing on the wall and realized that should they keep Camerota and Kelly, they were on the verge of losing ratings so, they sent them packing to a network that didn’t have any ratings to speak of to begin with.

Then there is the case of Greta Van Susteren over at MSNBC…a fake news network with lower ratings than CNN. MSNBC took possession of Greta’s “On the Record” from Fox News…changed the name to “For the record,” and after 6 months with the former highly rated Fox investigative anchor…they fired her last week due to ratings that even THEY were ashamed of…which were well below even their pathetic standards.

Then, late last week, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski did what liberals do when the facts don’t support their socialist agenda…she went on a personal attack against the liberal’s current favorite target, President Trump. The liberal media has enjoyed taking pot-shots at elected Republicans for decades and up until now, those elected Republicans have all but encouraged it by never returning fire.

Up until now…because now, their target has the balls to engage…and President Trump did just that by firing off a tweet aimed not over the bow, but directly amid ship at Brzezinski which neither Brzezinski nor the rest of the fake news mainstream media appreciated, and because thanks to Project Veritas and their series of videos taking apart CNN’s narrative regarding Russia, and in the process, dismantling the rest of the fake news outlets fabricated Russia stream of pure fiction…fake news now has a new mission…

Portraying themselves as victims and martyrs…on behalf of Brzezinski.

Victims and martyrs? Really? The same flame throwers who have attacked President Trump, his wife, Melania, their son…11 year old Baron, the President’s daughter Inavka and so on and so forth are now the victims? They have called the President “repulsive” his wife a hooker, his son autistic, launched attack after attack on Ivanka’s business success and suggested that President Trump do as Musilini did and have his son in law executed…and now the precious little snowflakes are now melting because the President has the unmitigated gall to turn up the heat?

Poor Mika Brzezinski…

Greg Gutfeld, on the Fox News show, “The Five” exposed the hypocrisy brilliantly.

Funny, I don’t remember the rest of the mainstream snowflakes raising hell when Morning Joe Scarborough was being Trumpesque…even when he threatened to backhand poor Mika, but let Trump go Scarborough on Mika…and they becomes a parade of hypocrites.

Shame on President Trump? For what, exactly? Badgering a poor victimized snowflake via a tweet…or for having the balls to expose fake news organizations for what they are…a bunch of whining, hypocrites who have lost their “precious?”

The problem the mainstream media faces isn’t President Trump, regardless of how much or how hard they try to make their shrinking, shallow end of the pool viewers believe it it…their problem is themselves.

Obama, for 8 years, tried to make America just as desperate and as destitute as the rest of the world, and the mainstream media not only adopted that agenda, they embraced it and immersed themselves in it. American journalism used to be a cut above the rest of the world’s journalistic efforts. Telling people the truth used to be what mattered to the media in this country while the rest of the world’s media tried to control their corner of it with state approved propaganda.

Take any anchors, or talking heads from any of the mainstream media, and even some from Fox News and collectively…they have all become Baghdad Bob…Saddam’s shill who was reporting that there were no American troops within 300 miles of the capitol city…while American troops were literally surrounding and entering the building.

Neither MSNBC nor CBS, NBC, ABC and certainly CNN, the Corrupt News Network are journalistic entities any more. The state of our mainstream media in this country has gone from a propaganda machine, trained by Alinsky-inebriated professors at asylums of higher indoctrination under Obama, to what can only be accurately described today as seditionists, and they’re making absolute fools of themselves in pretending that their attempts to unseat our duly elected President via the propagation of lies is somehow truthful, ethical and above reproach.

The mainstream media is Gollum with a press pass…and its “precious” has slipped from its grasp. Trying to get it back rather than reporting real news will be their undoing.

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Today, Friday, July 7th from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Loretta Lynch’s misconduct in office, the mainstream media being its own worst enemy, and important news of the week.

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Liberals Have But One Core Value Tue, 27 Jun 2017 10:01:40 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

To say that the democratic party, the party of liberals hell bent on socialism, has an identity crisis on their hands would be an overreach of epic proportions. To have an identity crisis…one must first have an identity.

This has been the problem for liberals for at least a dozen years, and I suspect it stretches back a good deal further than that.

Basically, I believe that the party of socialists, masquerading as liberals who have been masquerading as democrats since the Johnson administration, has been on autopilot in a rudderless ship since the days of Jimmy Carter’s malaise.

While that situation went for the most part unnoticed for decades, it went completely unspoken of by their party candidates and elected officials. Identity is derived from a set of core values, and that was, and is still, the problem for the party of liberals…they have no core values to speak of. They do have a core vote strategy…but possible only one core value.

As Republicans…

Our core values are articulated all the time by elected officials, candidates and by the voters, and while we have met those core values in practice with varying degrees of success, we have always held them as core values.

For Republicans…the party, those we have elected and those running for office…and certainly by those of us who vote…our core values have always been…limited government, less government intrusion into our daily lives, lower taxes, a strong defense, adherence to the Constitution, strengthening the family unit, standing up for the individual rights of all Americans, border security, justice, freedom and an unwavering sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

President Ronald Reagan said that “Government is not the solution to our problem…government IS the problem.”

Liberals however, from the bottom up and the top down, hadn’t had any sense of their own core values since the day Kennedy died in Dallas and there is good reason for that. On that day, with the ascension to the oval office by LBJ, things changed. John F. Kennedy, would be considered a Republican today. Maybe not a Conservative, but most clearly a Republican as the core values of his party back then were not that far out of line with the core values of the republican party.

Sure, the two parties were on separate paths, but back then, the destination was the same….a better and stronger America.

But, as I said, things changed abruptly for the party of today’s liberals on a November afternoon in 1963, and by the time Carter was in office, that party had no discernable core values…a situation that was never spoken of by their party elites, candidates, elected officials or by their voters until a certain day in 2005.

It was July 10th, 2005…at a town hall forum held inside the at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville, Florida when a young, rising star in the party of liberals took the floor, on behalf of the reelection campaign of Florida’s Senator Bill Nelson and uttered quite possibly the only honest words of his life.

That day, in that place, Senator Barack Hussein Obama stood and delivered what his party had tried to keep swept under a long, forgotten rug…

“The Democrats at times have lost their way. We are trying to decide what our core values are.”

Let’s take that apart and look at the two distinct pieces of it.

“The democrats at times have lost their way.”

Adrift, rudderless, on autopilot. Lost…nobody steering the ship. “The democrats at times have lost their way.”  Alone, that part of Obama’s statement is, at most, an admission of the obvious because, every so often, every political party, or at least some of their party’s top brass and elected officials lose their way. It happens, always has and always will…but there is a remedy for those situations.

It is, however, the second part of Obama’s statement that is telling. Teling in such a way as to have shown a spotlight on what the party’s top brass wanted hidden for all time.

We are trying to decide what our core values are.”

You see, core values are no different than a compass. Core values always point back to your due north, and provide you with a sense of direction from which you can find your way back to your particular path. Without core values…you are on autopilot, adrift in a rudderless ship.

You’re lost.

What’s worse…if you have to try “to decide what our core values are,” as a political party…you have no core values at all.

And core values are not something upon which you decide when the mood strikes you…they are the very foundation from which everything you stand for is derived. In the case of a political party, that foundation…those core values are the foundation from which your party rises.

As a political party, you don’t hold a meeting and decide what your core values are going to be…your core values are the principles from which your party was born.

What you decide…is your agenda…and therein lies the problem for the party of liberals. They have no core values…but what they do have, is an agenda.

As Obama was campaigning for the highest office in the land, in 2008, he said…

That’s not a core value…that is an agenda.

And that brings us to the here and now, with a party in power replete with core values and a party flailing about, rudderless, adrift and lost that has no core values whatsoever,

In both 2008 and 2012, the party of liberals ran on bumper sticker slogans…”hope and change,” while the Republicans ran on the issues and their vision of how to meet those issues based on their core values. While the White House eluded the Republican party, those core values re-manifested themselves in something called the Tea Party which led to two shellackings of the rudderless party and the taking of the house and the senate for the Republicans. That, in turn, led to the final piece of the puzzle…the Oval Office in 2016. It was not a bumper sticker, but a hat slogan that was backed up by the core values of the voters, in the face of a few who have indeed lost their way from within the party of Republicans, that made the difference, and today, with President Trump in the White House, along with a red Senate and a Red House…we are seeing our core values guiding our elected officials.

On the other side of the coin…the agenda of the left is crumbling as nearly every day, President Trump chips away at it and lays waste to it one bit at a time…agenda item by agenda item.

Protecting illegal aliens was an Obama agenda item. Single payer healthcare was an Obama agenda item. Support for terrorist states, terrorists, and turning our back on our allies were all Obama agenda items. Screwing our military, installing political correctness as the law and tearing apart our Constitution were likewise Obama agenda items.

Standing up for thugs and villainizing our law enforcement officers…Obama agenda items. Reinstalling racism and dividing the country…Obama agenda items. Demonizing self-reliance, success and self-respect were all Obama agenda items.

In fact, you can’t point to one single thing Obama did for the past 8 years as being any part of a set of core values…but you can rightfully point out that everything he, and his party of liberals did…were just items on an absurd agenda of transforming America to be checked off one by one.

But our core values are prevailing…slowly…but prevailing nonetheless and that has the party sans core values as mad as hell…which is exposing something quite interesting, yet not at all surprising.

They do have one core value after all.


The party of liberals, when you pull back the curtain and lift up that old, dirty rug…has a long-buried core value upon which they base everything, and that core value is hatred.

As the agenda of the party of liberals slides into the abyss, their one core value is manifesting itself for all the world to see. Riots, ANTIFA, violence perpetrated against innocent people, the deliberate targeting of law enforcement, the destruction of other people’s property, college campuses lit aflame to stop the freedom of expression,  and the calls for actual assassinations of Republicans and Conservatives including, but not limited to the President, are all part and parcel of the party of liberal’s core value of hatred.

By demanding the removal of historic statues, and by calling for the assassinations of elected officials, by trying to stamp out freedom of speech and by ramping up their agenda item against the right to bear arms…the party of liberals has taken on the core value of hatred in much the same way as have the barbarians of the 7th century in our 21st century world.

Party of inclusion my ass. Party of tolerance my ass.

The party of hatred, is what it is, and no amount of spin, duck and cover by their propaganda partners in the mainstream media to make the obviously seen become the unseen can change that.

This is why, if you ever bother to watch any of the mainstream liberal news broadcasts, they never talk about a liberal platform…they only talk about the targets of liberal hatred.

The mainstream media is busy making up stories from which fuel for the fires of liberal hatred can be found. During the run up to the special election in Georgia last week, all the liberal mainstream media could talk about was Trump. They never talked about their chosen candidate’s platform, or his core values. did they? That’s because he had no core values from which to develop a platform. But they talked incessantly about the need to win that election in order to beat Trump. Liberals, and their hatred of Trump became their sole driving force and all that mattered was the seat in the house…but clearly not the issues.

The core value of the party of liberals, their hatred of anyone and anything that stands to erase their agenda, is now front and center and their primary target is now the President of the United States…Donald J. Trump…and I suspect they are ramping up that hatred to the point of outwardly calling for his assassination for one, specific reason.

The Supreme Court.

With Justice Scalia now replaced by Justice Gorsuch, the high court again has a 5-4 margin in favor of the core values that founded this great country…and should one, or possibly two more Justices leave the Supreme Court bench, it is a fair bet they would belong to the party that has but one core value. That means, that should President Trump again do what candidate Trump promised to do, and advance the nomination of one or two more Justices with the core values of Justice Neil Gorsuch…well…the agenda of liberals would be sunk for decades…and for generations to come.

It’s a vicious circle really…hatred breeds desperation and desperation in turns breeds more hatred, and the party of liberals desperation is now breeding more and more hatred to prop up their one true core value.

The party of liberals knows that majorities in congress are as fleeting as their agenda items, but they also know that the Supreme Court, if under the majority control of Justices whose core values emulate the core values of our Founders and Framers, becomes an unmovable, unwavering force that not even their hate can penetrate.

Right now, the Supreme Court is a 5-4 majority for core values. If Kennedy retires at the age of 80, it will become a 6-3 core value majority and should Justice Ginsberg go, either by retirement or by natural means while Trump is in office…that core value majority becomes an immovable, impenetrable core value force for generations into our future.

Liberals, and their party, hate the very idea of it, which is why they have become so desperate as to allow their hatred to show. That hatred will breed more desperation which will breed more hatred and so on and so forth until they, and their party collapse under the sheer weight of it all.

Such is always the way for any structure built upon the weakest of foundations.

The fact is, that because of the party of liberals one true core value…hate…


In the end, we win.

Copyright © 2017 Craig Andresen /

Today, Tuesday, June 27th from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane discuss collusion illusions, liberals and their one core value, and important news of the day.
Georgia on My Mind Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:38:11 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last Tuesday night couldn’t have gone any worse for liberals unless Megyn Kelly had showed up on CNN to try and spin the special House election in Georgia their way.

As it was, the CNN fake news brigade was a bit long of face when it was over and all the votes had been counted. The outcome was not what they had hoped for, and it certainly wasn’t what liberals nationwide had paid through their noses for.

That special election, to fill a House seat from Georgia had become the most expensive campaign in the history of the house by the time all was said and done, as liberals from sea to shining she ponied up more than $24 million dollars to try and buy the seat for their candidate, Jon Ossoff.

They failed.

Liberals thought that finally, after several tries to steal a seat from Republicans in various other special elections, they would achieve a referendum against President Donald J. Trump and set the stage for retaking the House from Republican control in the 2018 midterm elections.

In typical liberal fashion…rather than pay attention to the issues, and to the voters…they did what liberals always do when faced with…well…anything. They simply threw money at it because, in their pea-picking minds…money solves everything.

Particularly…other people’s money…and in that stream of unconscientiousness, the liberals in Georgia solicited money from liberals scattered all over the place, including California…the land of fruits, nuts and flakes…to pour into the special Georgia election.

It’s questionable whether people in California even know where Georgia is, much less do they give an empty-headed happy damn about what the people OF Georgia want. What the liberals want…the Peach State be damned…is a liberal squatter in that particular House seat.

In fact, to prove the point that liberals didn’t give a peach pit about Georgia, and all they cared about was getting a seat in the House…they sunk their money, and their own ship, by running a candidate who didn’t even live in the district he would have represented had he won.

So the burning questions are these…

Did the liberals manage to unleash a referendum against President Trump…and was last Tuesday’s special election in Georgia a harbinger of things to come in the 2018 midterms?

The answers are a straight up yes on both counts…just not the way liberals had hoped.

Despite siphoning liberals far and wide for their money…Trump won that referendum…and as for 2018…the House will most likely remain red.

Georgia’s Republican candidate, Karen Handel, who actually lives in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, connected with the 6th district voters and tallied up 11,000 more votes than squatter Jon Ossoff, because she listened to those voters, and spoke to the issues that concern them.

On the morning of the special election, Handel stated that, “voters are not interested in Hollywood and California coming in and buying this seat.” She was 100% correct, as records show that in the final weeks of the campaign, only 3.5% of Ossoff’s campaign contributions came from inside Georgia.

Let me make this point crystal clear…only 3.5% of those donating to the Ossoff campaign in the closing weeks of the campaign…gave a damn about Georgia…while 96.5% couldn’t have cared less about Georgia.

That, if anything, is the harbinger for the 2018 midterms…that liberals don’t give a rat’s ass about the constituents that they will be representing either in the House or in the Senate…all they care about is having the seats from which to pillage other people’s money to further their agenda of socialism.

Every candidate for either a House seat or a Senate seat in 2018, and for that matter, President Trump from the bully pulpit of the Oval Office, should make this special election in Georgia their rallying cry throughout the campaign.

Allow me to express what they should all express…

What we have in this great country of ours, as envisioned by our Founders and Framers, is a representative form of government of, by and for the people…not a government of, by and for any particular political party. And what we learned from a special election in the spring of 2017, in the great state of Georgia, is that the party of liberals, hell-bent on socialism, doesn’t care one single wit about the constituents.

What the party of liberals care about, is not what concern those whom they seek election to serve…but the party they serve. They proved this by running a candidate who didn’t live in the district he would have represented in the House, and they funded that candidate with money that came 96.5% from liberals whose only care was the party…who didn’t even live in the state of Georgia.

Did Jon Ossoff, that candidate care about the issues and concerns of suburban Atlanta’s 6th congressional district?

No, he did not, because he didn’t even live in that district.

Did his campaign funders care about the issues and concerns of suburban Atlanta’s 6th congressional district?

No, they did not, because 96.5 % of them didn’t even live in the state of Georgia.

Did the party of liberals, hell-bent on socialism care about the issues and concerns of suburban Atlanta’s 6th congressional district?

Indeed they did not, because they ran a candidate who lived outside that district and funded that candidate with other people’s money who lived outside the state of Georgia.

So…what did that candidate, Jon Ossoff care about? What did his money machine care about? What did his liberal party care about? Buying a seat in the House of Representatives for the sole purpose of advancing their party regardless of the issues that concern the voters. That is all. Nothing more.

The fact of the matter is this…not even liberal voters count when it comes to the party of liberals. The concerns of liberal voters don’t mean a thing to the party’s collective elite. Just the seat matters…issues be damned. Businesses don’t matter to the liberal party, economics don’t matter to the liberal party. Agriculture doesn’t matter to the liberal party. Veterans don’t matter, minorities don’t matter, other than their bloc vote, taxes don’t matter except for how much more of them they can wring from your bank accounts…nothing but the seat matters and most clearly, none of the constituents matter or else they would choose as a candidate someone from within the area to be represented…someone who is familiar with, knows and gives a damn about the things that effect the people in that specific region.

Ossoff wasn’t picked from the shallow end of the political gene pool by liberals to represent the people…he was chosen to represent the party elite’s socialist collective agenda.

That is the message that Republicans must deliver at every campaign stop, every campaign rally and the message that President Trump must hammer home every time he speaks of the upcoming midterm elections.

Shout it from the rooftops, tweet it and make it the centerpiece of the 2018 elections from local, state and national elections.

But why did Jon Ossoff lose, and Karen Handel win in Georgia earlier this week…other than what’s stated above? What happened? Was it a lack of money? Clearly not. Was it a lack of mainstream media water carriers? Of course not, as the liberal propaganda branch of the party that doesn’t give a happy damn about anything but the seat used all their power to summon up the liberal voting bloc.

So, what went wrong?

Well, according to uber liberal talking invertebrate, Rachel Maddow…

It rained.

Yes, that is correct…apparently during the special elections lost by liberals in both South Carolina and the one earlier this week in Georgia…it rained…and that prevented liberals from getting out and voting.

Seriously? It rained? Only on liberals, one must suppose because whatever rain that fell on those two special elections didn’t seem to dampen the get out to vote spirit of Republicans. Maddow didn’t even try to explain it further…it rained…and that, apparently was enough to cause liberal candidates to lose.

Maybe snowflakes melt in a warm, late spring rain. Perhaps dead people don’t vote if there is a chance they’ll be moistened in the process. Perchance, liberal voters just didn’t want to take the risk of their coloring books getting wet.

Frankly, I’m surprised Maddow didn’t try to blame it on the Russians, or at least blame the Russians for making it rain only on liberals.

Obviously, liberals have learned nothing since the 2016 election…the election where Hillary ignored about half the country, didn’t care about the issues that mattered to them and thought she, by virtue of being a member of the party of liberals was entitled to the seat in the Oval Office. They haven’t been able to figure out why the lost then, and they can’t figure out why they’re still losing now.

But…what have we, as Republicans and Conservatives learned?

We’ve learned that issues matter, and that the concerns of the voters matter, but what we need to be mindful of going forward is that liberals are becoming more frustrated, and more desperate which makes them more dangerous.

They will stop at nothing, and their inability or refusal to connect to the issues and constituent’s concerns means that their personal attacks, and attempted character assassination agenda, supported by their propaganda arm…the mainstream media…will not only continue, but become more aggressive as we head into 2018.

The only way forward for the liberals…the only way to win…is to ramp up their offensives and attempt to keep Republicans, both candidates and voters on the defensive. This is exactly why the strategy I outlined earlier is so important, because it puts the liberals, both their candidates and their voting bloc in the position of playing defense.

For now, the liberals are 0 for 4 in special elections since last November’s general election and their barometer, the talking heads of the alphabet networks look as if somebody has just run over their collective therapy puppies.

Just because there is no joy in Mudville…is no reason for us to celebrate. There is plenty of work to be done and while liberals continue to search out a referendum against President Trump, it’s up to us to seal the deal with a referendum against the entire liberal agenda.

As we look ahead to the midterms of 2018…it’s okay to laugh our Ossoff…just a little…but it is very important that we keep Georgia on our minds.

Copyright © 2017 Craig Andresen /

Today, Friday, June 23rd from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘Truths Not Spoken,’ ‘Georgia on My Mind,’ and important news of the day.
It’s Time to Investigate the Investigators Tue, 20 Jun 2017 08:08:45 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Okay…now let me just see if I have this all straight…

Deputy Attorney General, Rod J. Rosenstein penned a memo to President Trump outlining why James Comey should be dismissed from his position as the Director of the FBI.

President Trump acted upon that memo from Rosenstein and fired Comey.

Liberals came unhinged and demanded that Rosenstein appoint a Special Prosecutor to handle the whole “Russian meddling” thing.

Rosenstein, under pressure from the MINORITY members of congress appointed Robert Mueller as that Special Prosecutor.

Mueller and Comey are more than acquaintances…they are old friends.

Mueller has enlisted the assistance of several high dollar attorneys for the purposes of his investigation…and many of those attorneys are directly attached to Hillary Clinton.

Interesting, but it gets better…

Now we hear that while Comey wasn’t investigating President Trump, and while we have sworn testimony from Comey, and the other heads of various intel agencies that the President never applied any pressure to drop the whole Russian investigation…Mueller has now opened an investigation into President Trump regarding “obstruction of justice” due to the firing of James Comey.

Ahhh…but the investigation, even without Comey at the helm, continues to this day…right?

And so what do we have now?

We have Rod J. Rosenstein helping the man he appointed…Robert Mueller…investigate President Trump in the matter of the firing of James Comey…which is exactly what Rosenstein advised President Trump to do in the first place…and this investigation is going to cost we, the taxpaying people…hundreds of millions of dollars.

That’s about the size of it and personally, I believe, it’s a crock of crap.

This is just about as close to a circular firing squad situation as I’ve ever heard of, and if this investigation is really looking for collusion…all the investigation needs to do to find it is to look at the investigation itself.

For better than 6 months, the FBI has been investigating whether or not there was any collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia, and in those 6 months, with Comey at the helm, they have found exactly zero evidence of collusion.

Perhaps they are investigating the wrong campaign.

Billy Clinton received half a million dollars back in 2010 for a speech he delivered in Moscow, which was bought and paid for by a Russian firm called Renaissance Capital, that has ties to Russian intelligence.


The Clinton Foundation took money from Russian officials and oligarchs that included one Victor Kekselberg, a Putin confidant and inside man.

Very interesting.

The Clinton Foundation also received millions of dollars from Uranium One, which was sold to the Russian government in 2010, giving Russia control of 20% of the uranium deposits in the United States. Peter Schweizer, an author, put it this way… “a spontaneous outbreak of philanthropy among eight shareholders in Uranium One began. These Canadian mining magnates decide now would be a great time to donate tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.”

Quite interesting when one stops to consider that the sale of Uranium One required the okey-dokey from Hillary Clinton’s Department of State.

Naturally, not all of the donations to the Clinton Foundation after said sale were disclosed…including 4 donations totaling $2.35 million dollars that came from Ian Telfer…the head of the Russian Uranium One company…which were made as foreign donations.

Oh, my.

In 2013, Hillary Clinton was a key player in getting Boeing a major deal and she proudly announced…“We’re delighted that a new Russian airline, Rosavia, is actively considering the acquisition of Boeing aircraft. And this is a shameless pitch for Rosavia,”

In June 2010, Boeing announced, that Russia had decided to buy as many as 50 Boeing 737 jets for Russia’s national airline, Aeroflot…a deal worth $3.7 billion dollars and just 10 weeks later…Boeing gave $900,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation.

Later, Russia more than doubled their “contribution” to $2 million dollars which was somewhat fishy…because the State Department had rules against “soliciting Boeing and other large firms with significant business relationships with the (Russian) government.” Later, the State Department set a $1 million dollar limit on such “donations” from Russia.

So, how did Hillary do it? According to the Washington Post, “the State Department set aside ethics guidelines that first prohibited solicitations of Boeing and then later permitted only a $1 million gift from the company.” Imagine…Hillary Clinton setting aside ethics guidelines to make back-door deals with the Russians.  Again, from the Washington Post…”These (State Department) authorities then changed their minds and permitted Boeing’s contribution, although no one can explain how Boeing shattered that $1 million ceiling.”

Well, isn’t that…special?

Then you have John Podesta, the guy who headed up Hillary’s campaign, who  failed to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company — Joule Unlimited — for which he served as director from 2010 to 2014.

It’s getting more interesting by the minute isn’t it?

And how about John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, a personal friend and business something or another of Hillary Clinton, who was also a lobbyist for Sberbank of Russia, and whose lobbying firm received some $24 million dollars in fees from Russia in 2016.

But wait…there’s more…

John Breaux, a former Senator from Louisiana who worked for the Hillary campaign in 2008, also represents  Gazprombank GPB, which is a company that is part of Russia’s third largest bank. And what did Mr. Breaux do for them? Well, he’s a specialist in the matter of…sanctions.

But isn’t the current circular firing squad investigation also looking into meetings with that Russian Ambassador, Kislyak? Indeed they are…and what does one discover in looking at the Clinton campaign with regards to Kislyak?

One finds that, according to a Putin spokesman, various members of the Hillary Clinton campaign met with Ambassador Kislyak on several occasions in 2016…even though the Hillary campaign failed to disclose either the number of meetings, or the content of those meetings.

And let’s not forget Hillary’s Russian “reset” back in 2010. In that meeting, the woman who now claims that Russia is some huge threat to our country said, and these are her exact words…“Our goal is to help strengthen Russia.”

Oh…and help them she most certainly did.

In 2009, Hillary met with Russian President, Dimitry Medvedev, and invited the Russians to visit Silicon Valley because Russia was interested in developing their own version of it. In 2010, Hillary, using the department of State as cover, started arranging for major U.S. venture capitalists to visit the Russian Silicon Valley, Skolkovo, and encouraging them to get involved.

By 2012, 28 U.S. companies had done just that, becoming “Key Partners” in the Russian venture and three-fifths had donated or pledged funds to the Clinton Foundation or paid speaking fees to Bill Clinton. The total take from this shady deal with the Russians…”these 17 “Key Partner” entities donated between $6.5 million and $23.5 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

Okay…now then…who exactly has been “investigating” the imaginary Trump/Russia connections, collusion claims for the past 6 months? Oh, yes…that would be the FBI who, in 2014 wrote of Hillary’s Skolkovo back-door fishy deals…

“The (Skolkovo) foundation may be a means for the Russian government to access our nation’s sensitive or classified research development facilities and dual-use technologies with military and commercial application. The FBI believes the true motives of the Russian partners, who are often funded by their government, is to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the companies.”

Well, isn’t that interesting?

That assessment by the FBI in 2014 was actually preceded by a report from the The U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Program at Fort Leavenworth in 2013 which came to the conclusion that, “Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage.”

Well, well, well…my, oh my…oh my.

Is it any wonder that Hillary and her minions are now colluding with the liberal mainstream media to push a false narrative, or fake news, regarding some imaginary collusion between Russia and President Trump to somehow “fix” last November’s election? It is nothing but a deflection away from the reality of Hillary’s collusion with the Russians.

But just for a moment, let’s say that Russia and Trump did work together to “fix” that election…and to do so, we must journey into the absurd…

For it to be true…Russia would have had to meddle in such a specific way as to have seen to it that Hillary won the popular vote (and for that, we must suspend reality because of voter fraud indeed led to that vote total) and then Russia had to meddle in such another specific way as to garner Trump the Electoral College vote.

That is a plot twist so absurd that not even authors of political fiction have ever taken it on.

And all of that brings us back to where I started with this article…Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein writing a memo to President Trump recommending the firing of James Comey, which Trump then did, after which Rosenstein hires Robert Mueller as a Special Prosecutor to investigate the supposed Trump/Russia connection which has now evolved into Rosenstein working with Mueller to investigate Trump on obstruction of justice charges based on Trump’s firing of Comey as per Rosenstein’s advice…at a cost to the American taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars.

While Hillary was openly colluding with the Russians on just about everything that would benefit them, and harm us, it now seems that those running the investigation into a zero evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians fake news story may well be colluding with Hillary and the liberal media to draw attention away from Hillary herself.

The only group President Trump colluded with to win the election, was the American voters, but Hillary is laughing all the way to the bank.

I think it’s time to investigate the investigators, as right now…that seems to be the deepest end of the swamp.

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Today, Tuesday, June 20th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘One Bad Deal Down…One Very Bad Deal to Go’ and the fact that ‘It’s Time to Investigate the Investigators.’

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Cause and Effect…Liberalism and Violence Fri, 16 Jun 2017 08:36:40 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Naturally, after the shooting in DC a couple of days ago, liberals quickly took to social media to blame the gun. They blamed the gun, laws that protect gun rights, lawmakers who support the laws that protect gun rights and of course, the 2nd Amendment itself.

More prominent liberal elected officials just as quickly called for more gun control, which also came as no surprise, because that is what liberals do…they attempt to seize on any tragic event for political purposes.

There is, of course, a distinct reason for the knee-jerk reactions of liberal jerks…they have an immediate need to try and deflect the blame for such events away from the real, root causes and a political need to try and attach their fabricated blame to others in a desperate attempt to bolster their political agenda.

On Wednesday…

A 66 year old man opened fire at a baseball practice field where Republican lawmakers were getting ready for Thursday night’s annual Republican vs the democrats game in Washington DC…the 66 year old shooter managed to wound or injure a few people, and he managed to get himself killed in the process.

Of course, now that the shooter is as dead as a door nail, it becomes impossible to determine what his true motivation was…but there are certainly clues to be analyzed, and while his social media posts should not be taken lightly, or ignored, those are only his most recent warped thoughts.

To really crawl through the shooters stinking, putrid mindset, one must look deeper, and further back, to try and paint a more accurate, and bigger picture of the man who perpetrated this crime.

I suggest the place to begin, is with the man’s age.

He was 66 years old…which means he was born in or about 1950…and that provides us with a point in time from which to begin putting together this puzzle.

Born in or about 1950 means that his real formative years, his early teen through late teen years, would have been found in the 1960’s, and that period is significant I believe.

As a young teen, this guy would have well remembered the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He would also have been affected by the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., and Bobby Kennedy. There would also have been the University of Texas tower, and the Manson family killings that would have been in the news as high profile cases in his formative teen years.

True, lots of people were in those same formative years back when those things were happening, and splashed across front pages of every newspaper in the country and leading the 5:30 news every night…and certainly very few people, thankfully, had the possible internal processing of this guy who opened fire on Wednesday…but it is hard to imagine that those events didn’t get the ball rolling in this particular shooter’s head.

People who do what this guy did a couple of days ago, are wired differently that the overwhelming vast majority of folks, and they tend to process things in a vastly different way than most folks do…that means that those wired as this guy was obviously wired…at some point, like a time bomb, will go off.

For the vast majority of people, events like the ones mentioned above, are remembered for the people who were killed. The assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK for instance, and the abject brutality of events like the Texas tower and the Manson family killings…but I suspect that Wednesday’s shooter remembered them for a quite different reason.

He most likely didn’t fixate on JFK…he more likely fixated on Lee Harvey Oswald. He probably didn’t fixate on MLK…more likely he fixated on James Earl Ray. It most likely wasn’t RFK that got his utmost attention…it was Sirhan B. Sirhan.

The University of Texas tower? It wasn’t the victims so much, even though he most likely identified with them…it was Charles Whitman, and it wasn’t the Tate or LaBianca victims that grabbed this guy…it seems much more likely he was somewhat enamored with Charlie Manson and the family.


Because Oswald, Ray, Sirhan, Whitman and Manson went from being society zeroes to infamous by killing people. Until they committed their high profile crimes, those people weren’t even on the radar of the American public…but after their various crimes…everybody knew their names.

Wednesday’s shooter may not have verbalized it back then, he may not have even told people in those formative years that he was a fan or that he admired those killers…but I suspect he did.

As Wednesday morning’s shooter grew older, he adopted the liberal agenda because it seemed, to him, to be the anti-establishment agenda that he closely identified with, and over the years, that agenda of masked intolerance, cloaked hatred and abhorrence of personal responsibility became rooted within him.

Jump forward, to the most recent past 8 years…the Obama regime…and what do we find?

A very important person…the President of the United States…making heroes out of society’s zeros. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” The championing of the ilk of Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray by sending high profile representatives to the thug’s funerals. Obama’s bolstering of the Black Lives Matter thugs and miscreants.

Were Trayvon Martin, or Freddie Gray, or Mike Brown household names before their demise in the pursuit of thuggery put them on the front pages and made them the lead stories in a 24/7 news cycle?

Nope…but once they were made into heroes by Obama and liberal elected officials, those thugs, and many more just like them were infamous…taken from zero to hero status by the liberal agenda…an agenda the shooter on Wednesday claimed as his own.

And what about that Wednesday morning shooter at that baseball practice park? Was he some sort of household name on Tuesday night?

Nope…he had spent 66 years in obscurity despite his lengthy police record including various acts of past violence…and while most people, the vast majority of people have no problem with obscurity…going about their daily lives, going about their own business…the vast majority aren’t wired the way I believe the shooter was wired.

Through 8 years of the Obama regime, through a lifetime of watching liberals assign blame to everyone and everything except those who were actually responsible, after having his short-circuited wiring validated by Obama himself…this particular zero, the obscure man whose past violent acts had never been elevated to the heights of liberal hero worship, decided to propel himself to infamy the same way the obscure zeros of his formative years had done.

Killing people in a bar, or on a street, or in a place of business…done and done…this guy wanted to make a bigger splash…so he went to Washington DC. I’m willing to bet that in his mind, killing a national elected official would have immortalized him in the same way he most likely immortalized Oswald, or Sirhan…at the very least, if he could kill enough, in his warped, festering mind, he could be the next Whitman, or Manson.

It’s a fair bet that the shooter on Wednesday saw Hinckley as more of the victim than he did Reagan.

Baseball practice…the Republican team from the House of Representatives…lots of elected officials…national news…headlines…

Infamy to be trumpeted by each and every liberal media outlet that has for years promoted the liberal agenda of hate aimed at Conservatives and Republicans…the same people the shooter was aiming at on Wednesday morning.

He chose a gun-free zone, as per liberal logic knowing it was target rich…and he opened fire.

What he didn’t expect was that there would be security there carrying their own weapons who would engage him, and kill him before he could see the results of his long-held hate, his long-held admiration for other killers, and his long-held belief that he too could become a household name, come to fruition.

Make no mistake…

His gun was not responsible for what happened on Wednesday morning at that baseball practice park…the shooter himself was responsible 100 percent…and he was driven by a lifetime adherence to the liberal agenda which was validated, in his mind, by the last 8 years of Obama and his minions.

Washington DC is a gun free zone, and the last thing we need is more gun control mandates that infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights to stop this from happening again.

What we need, when you get right down to the nitty-gritty of it…is more liberal control…because if you take liberals out of the shooter mix in this country, you eliminate about 90% of such shooting events.

While liberals have little to no use for the facts…facts are stubborn things…and the fact here is that once again liberals, one of your own is completely responsible for what happened on Wednesday morning…lock, stock and smoking barrel.

Guns are not the problem…liberal mental disease is…and now you liberals have one less advocate.

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Today, Friday, June 16th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori’s special broadcast on the ball park shooting in Arlington VA and it’s aftermath.

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James Comey’s Kathy Griffin Moment Tue, 13 Jun 2017 09:59:01 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Oh, the week that was…

The liberals haven’t had a week that bad since early last November, and it all culminated last Thursday with the testimony of James Comey.

Let’s take a look at last week’s liberal low-lights…shall we?

It all started with Megyn Kelly, the big liberal score who left Fox News for the friendlier liberal confines of CNN, whose debut show on the fake news network garnered FEWER viewers than a RERUN of 60 Minutes…stuff that people had already seen.

And her interview with Vladimir Putin? Kelly was nothing more than Putin’s punching bag…at one point, he even told her that SHE should be arrested.

Then, there was Reality Winner…

The little liberal troll who crawled out from under her slimy rock and got busted for leaking classified documents from her desk at the NSA. Little Reality LOSER was an Obama minion who, along with leaking like a screen door on a submarine, also had all sorts of notes related to various terrorists and terrorist organizations and some sort of documentation where she had stated she supported and wanted to join the Taliban, that she would side with Iran, and that she wanted to burn down the White House.

It seems that Obama was stocking the shallow end of the NSA gene pool with terrorist sympathizers and America haters, which comes as no surprise, and so far, she’s the only one to get caught, but I’m willing to bet that when Reality sinks in…she isn’t the only one that will get caught.

After that came the chiefs of our nation’s intel community…and if we’re going to call them chiefs…shouldn’t we be calling it our intel TRIBES?

The tribal chiefs took their seats in front of the Senate committee last week, an event that had liberal drooling in anticipation over testimony they were oh-so-sure would implicate President Trump in all sorts of obstructionist doings…and what did the chiefs have to say?

Well…one little, two little, three little Indians all said they felt absolutely NO pressure from President Trump to alter, or end the whole Russian collusion investigation.

In other words…all of the mainstream media’s collective secret sources, and all of their hyped reports were completely bogus…as in fake news.

By Tuesday evening, the puffed up liberals were deflating faster than Tom Brady’s balls.

And that brings us to James Comey…a 6 foot 8 inch mass of gelatinous goo upon whom liberals had staked their hopes and desires for the testimony that would get President Trump impeached…and how exactly did that work out for snowflakes everywhere?

Well, Trump ain’t getting’ impeached, and Comey will be lucky if he, himself doesn’t get arrested.

Let’s just say it didn’t go as well as liberals expected, and about as well as last November’s election went for them.

Comey sat down before the Senate Committee, and from the moment he opened his pie hole, until the time he crawled out of the room, he managed to completely vindicate President Trump, lay waste to any and all liberal dreams that Trump had obstructed justice, made a strong case for his own firing, revealed that he, himself was guilty of leaking documents to the liberal press, and if all of that wasn’t enough, Comey unmasked Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton as the real, actual justice obstructionists.

Let’s break it all down…

Comey admitted, in no uncertain terms, that President Trump never once ordered him to end the whole Russian probe thingy, nor did he ever once demand that Comey or the FBI cease their investigation into Mike Flynn.

Oh, according to Comey, President Trump did say he “hoped” the whole Flynn thing would end…but as Senator James Risch from Idaho questioned Comey, the real truth became quite clear.

“He did not direct you to let it go?”

Comey: “Not in his words, no.”

Risch: “He did not order you to let it go?”

Comey: “Those words were not an order.”

Risch: “Do you know of any case where a person has been charged for obstruction of justice or for that matter any other criminal offense where they said they ‘hoped’ for an outcome?”

Comey explained how he interpreted what Trump said to him about Flynn. “I don’t know well enough to answer. The reason I keep saying his words is, I took it as a direction. When it’s the president of the United States with me alone saying ‘I hope this,’ I took it as, ‘This is what he wants me to do.’ I didn’t obey that, but that’s the way I took it.”

Risch: “You don’t know anyone that has been charged for hoping something?”

Comey: “That is correct.”

So…Trump never gave the order that the liberals insist he gave, and “hoping” isn’t against the law, therefore, no obstruction of justice there.

And how exactly did Comey’s memos get into the hands of the liberal media?

Well…Comey testified that he personally handed them over to his friend, a Columbia professor who turns out to be Law Professor Daniel Richman, whom Comey instructed to hand the memos directly to the media…which Richman promptly did. That makes Comey the leaker, and since those memos were documents that in fact belonged to the FBI…it was illegal for Comey to hand them to someone outside the FBI, and just as illegal for Richman to hand them to the media…making both the leaker and his minion…criminals.

Now, one would think that the former head of the FBI would know that dispersing such documents outside the FBI was illegal…and one would hope that a law professor, a guy who is actually teaching young minds the law, would know better than to take documents he full well knew belonged TO the FBI and give those documents to the media…but alas…either neither knew the law, or both thought they were above the law.

I suspect the latter, and I also suspect that President Trump as well suspected the latter which then makes a perfect case for firing Comey…doesn’t it?

Then came what may well have been the most unexpected, and revealing part of Comey’s testimony…the stuff regarding Loretta Lynch.

In his ingenious attempt to justify his actions, James Comey tried to convince the Senators on the committee that it was the way he INTERPRETED what the President had said regarding Flynn, and not the President’s actual words, that mattered, and in an effort to show the similarities…Comey dragged Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton down the drain with him.

Comey tried to implicate President Trump in obstruction of justice by telling the committee that it wasn’t at all different that when Loretta Lynch DIRECTLY DIRECTED him to quit calling the Clinton email investigation, an investigation…and instead…call it a “matter” as per Hillary Clinton’s direction to Lynch. That way, it would not only look better for Clinton on the campaign trail, but it would also lower the standard of what the FBI was doing to an almost nothing burger.

Comey admitted that he did indeed follwed Lynch’s directive and infamously let Clinton off the hook saying that while it was clear that Hillary did break the law, he couldn’t charge her with it because he was unable to find “intent” on Hillary’s part. Of course, back then, Comey left out the whole thing about Lynch’s directive, which SHOULD have been a BIG deal in an INVESTIGATION…but was of no consequence in a “matter.”

But there were other liberal agenda crushing things that came out in Comey’s testimony too…like the fact that he supposedly kept detailed “memos” regarding one on one conversations he had with President Trump…while he compiled no such “memos” regarding one on one conversations with Obama…or Lynch…and how about this little fact…Comey memoed to himself, supposedly every fine detail of his conversations with President Trump…as brief as they were…and yet didn’t even record Hillary’s testimony in the email…”matter.”

Obviously…he was out to clear Hillary…and try to bury Trump…except that what sounded good in his empty head before his testimony didn’t exactly come out that way when he opened his mouth.

Naturally, liberals tried to spin their disaster to their benefit, by trying to label Comey as a whistle blower…exactly what they years before wanted Ed Snowden arrested for…but Comey was the head of the FBI…the guy who was most definitely NOT in the whistle blower position, but the very guy who was supposed to investigate what whistle blowers brought to him.

Then there was all the times that Comey told the senate Committee that he was “confused” or “shocked” or “stunned.” He was the Director of the FBI for crying out loud…NOTHING should shock, stun or confuse the Director of the FBI.

Comey whined and moaned about his firing…how it just wasn’t fair, because he was supposed to have a 10 year stint. Hell…during all of that, liberal nut case Diane Feinstein even had to tell Comey, as though he were a three year old…or a college snowflake, that “You’re big, you’re strong.”

“I know the Oval Office, and I know what happens to people when they walk in. There is a certain amount of intimidation. But why didn’t you stop and say, ‘Mr. President, this is wrong—I cannot discuss that with you’?”

Ah…a chance for the sad-sack to maybe regain a little self-respect and suck in his quivering lower lip…and what was Comey’s big boy response?

“Maybe if I were stronger, I would have.”

Wait for it…


It’s a goddamed wonder that Feinstein didn’t launch herself from her chair, like a North Korean dud missile, and waddle over to Comey to present him with a box of Crayons, an official liberal coloring book, a bottle of bubbles and a slobbering therapy puppy, because the BOOGEY MAN in the Oval Office scared him by expressing… a HOPE!!!

Comey…the fired Director of the FBI…an official leaker of government material…the guy who willingly, and apparently gleefully accepted the obstructions of justice directed by Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton made it perfectly clear, and much to the chagrin of liberals everywhere…that the ONLY thing Trump was guilty of was…


It was…in no uncertain terms…James Comey’s, Kathy Griffin “he broke me” moment.

And the liberal panty wadding…continues.

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Today, Tuesday, June 13th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss all things James Comey. This is one show you do not want to miss.

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Wind Energy…Nothing But a Hot Air Scam Mon, 05 Jun 2017 10:03:27 +0000 Continue reading ]]> By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week, soon after recovering from the spectacle of Kathy Griffin’s televised pity party, in which she, a woman who is so white she is nearly transparent played the race card in an absurd attempt to garner sympathy because she claims she is being bullied by President Trump…

I was treated to the obtuse rantings and ravings of a nearly frothing at the mouth John Kerry regarding President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate debacle.

Before I get into what’s really behind the liberal meltdown over the President’s rightful move on the climate thing…allow me to address Kerry’s absolute nonsense.

Kerry, very near the top of his unhinged rant, made sure to tell us all that “the fastest growing job, the biggest single job, is wind turbine technician.”

You can catch that remark by watching this video.

So the fastest, biggest growing job in America is that of wind turbine technician huh? Really? One might as well be a professional unicorn chasing rainbow fart smeller.

Yep…I said it, and here’s why…first of all, wind energy couldn’t even exist without the government pouring every American taxpayer’s money into it. In fact, while all producers of energy in our country get some taxpayer subsidies…wind energy by far gets the most. Wind energy wallows about in 42% of all the energy subsidies provided by our government, while only producing about 2% of all our nation’s energy…and no other energy industry is even close to that lopsided figure.

Those subsidy facts, by the way, come from the Mercatus Center at George Washington University and are backed up by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. You can read about it right here.

Oh, there’s more about it that you can read for yourselves here, and believe me, those in the wind industry, as well as those invested in it would really rather you didn’t.

Even Warren Buffett admits that the only reason there is to invest in wind farms, which he does, is for the tax credits. Without the tax credits, Buffet says, wind energy simply doesn’t make sense.

Second…no wind turbine anywhere operates without electricity being pumped to it, and the electricity it takes to operate wind turbines and wind farms does not come from those turbines and farms…it comes directly from fossil fuel or nuclear powered power plants.

And then there’s this third fact…it requires more fossil fuel power, in various forms, to manufacture, transport, erect and maintain a wind turbine than said turbine will ever produce in its lifetime.

Other facts either completely ignored by wind energy proponents or brushed aside as acceptable losses include the slaughter of birds and bats necessary to balance the ecosystem, damage to ecosystems at the hands of building maintenance roads where none currently exist, not to mention the damage done in the actual building of the turbines and the high voltage power transmission line that must be there to support the turbines…land grabs by the government or pseudo government entities disguised as eminent domain condemnations of property owners land…and the blight on the landscape caused by these monuments to stupidity, just to name a few.

What matters to the proponents of wind energy is obviously not saving the planet, because they know full well that wind farms cause more damage than they solve, and it certainly isn’t green energy, as wind energy is anything but green…it’s the money culled from taxpayers that is their main concern.

John Kerry went on to try and make some absurd point regarding the millions of jobs that green energy industries have created in the United States. Really? Millions of jobs, from companies attached to industries propped up by American taxpayer subsidies that are folding faster than a crack addicted origamist?

So, how do the purveyors of wind energy rope in the gullible to sign on for this nonsense? They promise them the sun, stars and moon. They promise additional money for school districts…economic and job growth in the region where these wind farms will be located and they promise riches for the states involved.

Job growth and a boost to the local economy? Here in my corner of the planet, the Sandhills of Nebraska, one proposed wind farm would employ one, maybe two full time employees, which can hardly be described as job growth or a boost to the local economy.

Extra money for schools? Again, here in Nebraska, whatever money is given to the school district is removed from the money provided to that school district by the state dollar for dollar, so there is no extra money for the local schools. Not only that…when the wind farm goes away, and eventually they do go away, the money the state used to provide to the local school district has long since been reallocated, and that money never comes back..

But, how is all of that working out for places that have already invested other people’s money in the wind energy scheme? For that answer, let’s hear from former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating.

What the Governor is basically saying here, is that he bought the crap and got railroaded to the manure pile. Of course, he was a bit more diplomatic than I, calling it “corporate welfare” but I tend to just call it as a see it.

Okay, we can clearly see that wind energy is not green energy, it kills birds and bats although the industry considers that acceptable, it harms the ecosystem, it damages the land and it requires government backed eminent domain land grabs and massive taxpayer subsidies simply to exist at all…but does it harm…people?

While the wind industry, and I’m sure the ilk of John Kerry would be quick to tell you that there is no information regarding wind turbine, or wind farm harm to people…I would be just as quick to differ.

Have you ever heard of infrasound? Not that you can actually hear infrasound, because you can’t, but it does exist, and the ill effects of infrasound on people is documented whether or not the wind industry wants to admit it…and they certainly don’t.

Watch this video…

Infrasound effects the barometric pressure…in the cases shown here, up to more than a mile away from a single wind turbine. Imaging a whole field, or farm or wind turbines and the barometric pressure effects of that day in and day out…night after night, after night…7 days a week, 365 days a year. But does it really have a tangible effect on those who are forced to live near these things?

Yep…it does.

In fact, there is plenty of documentation regarding the effects of what is called “wind turbine syndrome” from research groups, scientists and medical professionals around the world.

John Kerry doesn’t want you to know about this…the wind energy industry doesn’t want you to know about this…certainly those who are about to start cashing checks written to them on the accounts of the American taxpayers who have invested in, or signed contracts with the wind energy industry don’t want you to know about this, nor do they want to hear about it themselves…but it is real, and it is a matter of scientific fact.

And if the ill effects of wind farms, wind turbines and wind energy are bad for people…it is all just as certainly bad for domestic animals and livestock.

But wind produces affordable, low-cost energy…at least that’s what the hucksters of the industry want you to believe…it’s what John Kerry wants you to believe and it is what Europe is begging us all to believe…but is it true?

Obviously…the pitch for wind energy is nothing but crap.

From the picturesque landscape of Scotland, to the rolling Sandhills in Nebraska, the gold-rush by wind energy industry charlatans and those who have been taken in by their promise of magic beans, the wind industry simply isn’t worth a sneeze in tornado.

And then there is the absolute myth, told by the wind energy industry, that wind energy is affordable. No, no it is not, and while the whole of Europe pretends to be riled by President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord…last year, Germany decided to pull the plug on it’s wind energy subsidies, of which that had already paid out more than one TRILLION dollars…because wind energy is too unreliable, and because it simply costs the consumers far too much. And because Germany will no longer prop up the industry, those in the industry rightfully admit it will collapse.

You can read about it here.

Germany is not alone in this revelation…as Denmark is also now pulling the wind energy plug, as because of their wind energy push over the years, Danes are now paying the highest energy bills in the world.

You can read about that…here.

The Institute for Energy Research also has some interesting data on the subject of costs, especially when one compares wind energy to traditional fossil fuel produced energy. They say that “the idea that wind power is cheaper than coal power falls somewhere between a meaningless statement and a myth,” and they have the facts to back that up…which you can read right here.

Sure, the windy people will tell you, smugly, that such renowned sources as Forbes is now saying that wind energy trend is finally competitive with fossil fuel energy…and they are…but what the windy people would rather you not know is the rest of the story from Forbes which goes like this…”However, this trend may reverse as the percentage of variable renewable energy (VRE) – energy that isn’t available on-demand but only at specific times, such as when the wind is blowing – reaches high levels. Countries such as Germany that have integrated significant amounts of wind and solar have already seen price increases.”

You can read all about it here.

Okay, I promised to tell you what’s really behind the liberal panty wadding over President Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Climate debacle, and so here it is…climate change is a false religion invented by globalists, hell-bent on a one world government, specifically designed to separate people from their money for the expressed purpose of global socialism…nothing less.

As for Kerry’s nonsense regarding wind turbines and their technicians…it’s an industry 100% driven by socialist mandates, financed by the theft of American taxpayer dollars, and bolstered by tax credits given out like Halloween candy to billionaire investors that matter of factly could not survive on its own, harms the environment, kills birds and bats, makes people and animals sick, hides soaring costs, puts people out of work and fails to even come close to delivering on its bogus promises…all so a very few can line their pockets at other people’s expense via a vortex of taxpayer dollars.

Now that I have sniffed out the unicorn’s rainbow fart…can I have my check please?

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