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  1. This entire thing reeks of a coup by the not so shadow government, Deep State. First and foremost, Trump has been investigated illegally, (see Dennis Montgomery) by the Obama regime for over two years. Trump has NEVER been the target of any legal (FISA court) investigation, yet there is ZERO evidence of any collusion between Trump, his surrogates and Russia…. Yet, if there is no crime, why would there be a ‘COVER UP” or “Obstruction of Justice” ? Does that make sense? No crime, no obstruction it’s simple really. Now we have Comey admitting that he wanted to force a Special Council, and in fact it was Comey, not Trump that set up the first one-on-one meeting. It sounded to me like Comey was trying to entrap Trump. Comey’s testimony that Trump pressured him, does not agree with his extemporary notes. Notes that he claimed he “never kept before” well at least not on Obama, nor Lynch but he did when speaking with former Pres. Bush. (do you see a pattern here?) Comey also testified that he as much as coordinated and reviewed his testimony with Muller, his self admitted Mentor. (Again, does anyone see a problem here?) So we have Muller, Unconstitutionally investigating the President now, and assembling a Who’s Who of former Clinton donors and Trump haters. This sounds more like a day in Roland Freisler’s court. Additionally, a Dept of Justice review of a law that prevents a sitting President from being charged with a crime while in office, and upholds the separation of Power and the illegitimacy of this “Special Council” headed by Muller should be applied here, and the Attorney General should immediately be disbanded this farce.

  2. I really like your website. But, I am having trouble reading the white type on black background and I can only make out the bright blue type if I get within 6 inches of my laptop screen. And my vision is corrected to 20/20. I am 100% in line with your thinking and look forward to following your work.
    Don Emmons

  3. Very good article on the Sandhills. The fight is real, and hopefully our message will get out. We are working hard at Preserve the Sandhills, to keep the fight going and hopefully defeat them.

    Keith George
    Owner of Preserve the Sandhills
    Facebook page.

  4. I found your writing about the 21/2/15 attacks in Ca interesting.
    Also wanted to make you aware about a very interesting Video that was taken from inside the room Looking tothe parking lot as the “attackers” come up on the building.Shepard Smith on Fox at about 5.30ish.
    Mr smith most likely knew he should not show this Video.
    In anycase
    He let it fly,I seen it. Only once.I could not Record or it was removed from my play list.
    What makes this video Shocking was the fact of 5 Rits could be counted walking fast or slow run like.
    You may have more contacts to confirm this Video.
    Also I would like to ask you to not post this Video info unless you feel after checking into my claims it would be correct and in the best interest of the USA .
    There most likely good reason to Hide such a Video.idk?
    For what its worth I counted 5.Victims clearly state “A Drill” “Boy They Got All Dressed Up and Everything” It is a sad video now that I know the outcome makes it the Nightmare it is.Wished I did not see it myself.
    Talk to Shep.
    Keep me posted if possible.
    Thank You
    Patrick W.

  5. I try to leave comments but it keeps telling me that your system has detected that I may be a “spammer”. I am not and would like for you to allow my comments. Hope you can rectify this issue and send me an email if you need to have more information.

  6. tried to comment on the land grab article part 4 but don’t see any way of doing that.
    What I was gonna say was that they actually gave away a piece of National Forest in Arizona that has the biggest copper deposit in the country to a foreign company – Resolution Copper a subsidiary of Rio Tinto. McCain and Flake (a former employee of Rio Tinto) snuck the land trade into a defense bill at the last minute because they couldn’t pass it 10 or 11 times before that. So not only grabbing land from U.S. citizens, but giving our public land to a foreign company to exploit and send the copper overseas. It isn’t expected to stay hear in Arizona.

    Check it out. Oak Flat in Superior AZ. A lot of people here are hoppin’ mad, including the San Carlos Apache Tribe who are now occupying the spot. McCain says Arizona will benefit, but that is definitely debatable. If it was so great, why not do it above board and allow a US company to mine there.

  7. Dear The National Patriot: I have just read that radio talk show host Diane Sori has been blocked for 30 days by Facebook and that this isn’t her first time in Facebook jail (She had said that one time she was blocked for something that she didn’t post, but I don’t know if this latest block was for that or for something else. I was unable to read her Facebook post featured in this story because the magnifier on my cellphone blurred the words.). I also noted that there is a Facebook page, “Free Diane Sori from Facebook Jail.”. I would like to support this page for her, but can’t at present. For I also am currently blocked by Facebook. For a long time, I also have been fed up with Facebook for blocking me because I am conservative. My fiery comments against illegal immigration don’t sit well with the illegal alien lobby and their supporters. My stark reminder that racism comes in all colors isn’t appreciated by by non-white racists. Abortion supporters don’t take too kindly toward my strong condemnation of abortion. I have been blocked especially for my comments against same-sex marriage. I have countered the promotion of same-sex marriage on Facebook mainly by repeating the obvious–that nature decreed that sex requires male and female, man and woman, and designs them for normal sex relations and begetting of children. This is why only a man and woman can morally marry, as nature intended for children to have a father and mother, not two moms or two dads. Many have responded that there are many children who need families, and that letting homosexual couples adopt them is better than nothing. I replied that homosexual “parenting” is bad for children because it is unnatural. As they grow up, these children will notice that other children have a father and mother, but they don’t, and they will wonder why. This can greatly confuse and trouble them. Furthermore, these children will most likely be brought up to accept the homosexual lifestyle as normal. Others argued that homosexuality is found throughout nature, and that many animals exhibit homosexual behavior. I replied that just because animals may display homosexual behavior is no excuse for people to act like that. I stressed that animals don’t know any better, but people do. Still others stated that same-sex marriage is already legal in some states, and that eventually it will be legal nationwide, and there was no way to stop it. I replied that the chief reason that same-sex marriage is being legalized is not mainly because of voter approval but because of rogue justices who reverse the decision of voter majorities in favor of traditional marriage. So far, there have been only four states in which most voters approved of legalizing same-sex marriage. In most of the other states, the majority of voters upheld traditional marriage, but the militant gay lobby disrespected the voters’ decision and used the courts to throw the voice of the voters out the window. Still another claimed that opponents of same-sex marriage were on the wrong side of history, like the South and Southern Christians were with regard to racial segregation and Jim Crow. I responded that while the South and Southern Christians were indeed wrong in supporting racial segregation and Jim Crow, they were right in opposing same-sex marriage. I pointed out that supporters of same-sex marriage were the ones who were on the wrong side of history because the homosexual lifestyle is evil, and that evil is never on the right side of history. I posted this comment on the Facebook page “National Organization for the Defense of Marriage, or DOM,” sometime between February 9 to 11, 2015. The DOM page was saturated by liberal trolls, and it was a challenge to keep responding truthfully to their many barbed and false assertions. Well, someone must have reported me for saying that same-sex marriage advocates were on the wrong side of history, for on February 12, Facebook blocked me for three days for this comment. However, three days later, on February 15, I was unable to log in on Facebook, and haven’t been able to ever since. It’s been a month now since I was blocked. I miss my Facebook friends, and want to be able to communicate with them again. A few have texted their support for my stand against same-sex marriage. One has posted on my Facebook page that I have been blocked so that my Facebook friends will be able to know why I’m currently unavailable. So much for social media being a universal forum. It is anything but.

  8. High Stakes Leadership

    An absence of a solid U.S foreign policy doctrine and leadership by U.S. President Obama as the counterbalance to the Russian offensive strategy has resulted in diminishing fear of American reprisal of unchallenged aggression as demonstrated in the most recent annexation by Russia of Crimea and the actions to carve out pockets of territory on Ukraine’s far-reaching eastern border with Russia.
    President Vladimir Putin, came off his gold winning medal in hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics holding the trump cards in the Syrian civil war and the Iranian nuclear negotiations, and euchred the West by snatching the strategic tongue lapping the Black Sea after America and the West laid their cards down in supporting the removal of a democratically elected pro-Russian regime in Ukraine; however corrupt it may have been. President Yanukovich, the ousted leader in Ukraine, later criticized the U.S for its $1 billion pledge to Ukraine which he claims may violate a U.S foreign policy restricting aid to governments that take power after a coup.
    These two stories, U.S. foreign policy and leadership by the President of the United States, deserve to be heard among the many competing headlines. First, the failed U.S. influence behind popular national uprisings bringing down both democratic and authoritarian governments has led to further instability when the bad guys are simply replaced by more bad guys or military dictatorships.
    When playing in the big boy’s club that results in the replacement or killing of leaders for new ones, there is a high risk of the unknown political fallout leading to self-ruling autonomy of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi leaving a void in Libya, or Egypt’s elected Muslim Brotherhood befriending the Iranian regime and unruly segments in the Gaza Strip only to witness the Egyptian military seize the country back in exchange of locking up the elected officials and befriending the American military chiefs that previously stood by and watched their demise in an uprising only a number of months before.
    The masterful President Putin has been a backseat driver in the high risk government exchange game until the domino fell on the Russian border and a decisive move was made in its national interest knowing the reaction from a dovish EU and American President Obama would be muted with saber rattling and economic sanctions that would either be circumvented through despot nations unfriendly to the US or simply withstand the test of time knowing the West would eventually cave into a settlement and force Ukraine to submit. Putin’s road map was clearly laid out as seen in the previous crisis played out in the Syrian civil war where hundreds of thousand of innocent people have been slaughtered or displaced when the West stood by with a diminishing threat of immediate military action. The West now find themselves in a strange and complex relationship with Syrian President Assad to align efforts against ISIS and relinquish their efforts to oust the dictator. Shall we say, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?
    Arguably, Russia like many major countries wielding global influence will protect themselves through actions seen to be unpopular by opposing political entities such as Western democracies in the Crimea instance. Similarly, Russia expressed their displeasure with President Kennedy’s failed ‘Bay of Pigs’ Cuban excursion to rid a national security risk on its borders not to mention actions the American’s took in Grenada, Panama, and Nicaragua. While on a dissimilar scale, these measures are reciprocally popular in the host nation perpetrating the aggression as it is with great pride of the Russian people in their support of Putin’s surgical attachment to Crimea and the dissection of territory in eastern Ukraine.
    Sevastopol, the Crimean port city where the Russian Black Sea Fleet calls home is a strategic harbor patrolling the shipping routes from Russia and the Don River to Turkey and Southeastern Europe. After losing the Crimean War in 1854, Russia reclaimed Crimea from the Nazis in 1944; and a decade afterwards in 1954; the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev handed over Crimea to Ukraine on the 300-year anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine. One would suspect the United States would not simply pack up their naval bases in Guam or Guantanamo.
    Pro-Russian political parties within Crimea quickly acted; as one might argue the revolutionists acted in Kiev to rid themselves of a pro-Russian government and gravitate to the West, to re-attached themselves to the Russian motherland and seek President Putin’s support. Putin moved with military precision and bloodless to the extent possible to secure Crimea with its Russian dominated population, quickly organize a plebiscite on Crimean succession from Ukraine, all of which is strongly supported by the people of Russia, and essentially claim the process to be democracy in action and within the legal parameters of the United Nations. Who was there to stand up against these steps?
    This leads us to the other major component of the story; the failed leadership of the President of the United States and the voice of the free world. Obama promoted a kinder and gentler America while traveling abroad during his first term. This tacit demeanor was far different then his predecessor’s perceived Texan gunslinger stature of conviction. Unfortunately, this is a sign of weakness to the Putin-type bravado leaders who smirk and nod with gratitude during the photo-op handshake only to be followed by symbolic sputum of disrespect in the weakness of the leader opposing them. One must presume that Obama is nursing a reality check on standing soft in his past attempts to whisper words of capitulation to Putin.
    In such a high stakes global event that has the potential of additional Ukrainian land being swallowed up, President Obama and his incapable and boisterous swing-men, Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden, hurled out threatening sound bites that have been simply unheeded and likely mocked behind the Kremlin doors. The economic sanctions have amounted to the freezing of assets, slapping travel bans on a number of Russian notables, reducing the value of the ruble, and slowing international investment plans; all of which tends to bite around the corners of the economy and afflict regular folks, but galvanize the big money guys to rally their allegiance behind Putin.
    The limited actions have not deterred Putin’s aggression; and may actually accelerate further expansion of the motherland. Unless there are real teeth to the cease-fire agreements such as the one brokered by the Germans, it essentially plays into Putin’s hand to focus on the cease-fire deadlines which allows time to solidify assets and draw a new border in which to negotiate a settlement as the weakened Ukraine unwillingly follows directions from the West and abides by cease-fire agreements.
    We need not go too far back in history to validate respect for America leveraging its position of strength. U.S. President Richard Nixon responded to North Vietnam’s attack on the South when the Chinese-Russian backed regime sent 150,000 soldiers and 200 Soviet tanks across the negotiated DMZ on the eve of Nixon’s historic visit to China and ensuing trip to Moscow.
    Nixon ordered an attack on the North that included over a thousand air strikes a day from 85 B-52s, an aircraft carrier, and 500 fighter bombers. This was in sharp contrast to his predecessor; U.S. President Johnson’s failed bombing halt on the North in response to mounting deleterious American public opinion. Nixon’s response, with little support from the U.S. Military Joint Chiefs, smashed the North’s aggression and furthermore damaged four Soviet ships.
    President Nixon defended the credibility of the U.S., and commented afterwards that the Office of the President would not be worth holding if he was chased out of Vietnam by communists who had treated every conciliatory gesture with contempt.
    With Nixon’s historic visit to China that changed our world; and China no longer throwing its full weight behind regime in North Vietnam, it placed additional pressure on Moscow to wedge itself in U.S.-China relations or be absconded from the big picture. The Soviets reaffirmed their invitation to the President; and Nixon responded by ordering an increase in airstrikes on North Vietnam from 1,000 to 1,200 a day upon his arrival. Nixon was greeted with much respect and ceremony; and the Russians promptly agreed to a Nuclear Weapons Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT). Unmistakably, the Nixon Doctrine of American projected vigor was venerated by the Russians.
    Another U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, quickly propelled American fortitude when he conveyed to the Iranians to release the American hostages held under the pacified presidency of Jimmy Carter or he would commence bombing of the Iranians on the first day in office. The hostages were promptly freed. Reagan’s greatest foreign policy accomplishment was his leadership through military and economic strength in dismantling the Soviet Union and impressively commanding Soviet Premier Mikail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. Shortly afterwards, the wall came tumbling down and the U.S. prevailed in the Cold War.
    President Obama set the stage early in his first term when he elected to pull the plug on American missile defense from Poland and Eastern Europe in a conciliatory effort to gain Putin’s support on other pressing political entities such as Iran’s nuclear program at the expense of American close ties with Israel. With little to fear on the Russian western European flank, Putin and ruthless leaders recognized the feeble American resolute crumble under Obama –a requirement to thrust forward on their political and military ambitions.
    A Russian Crimea is likely a foregone conclusion. Putin has taken two steps forward in his territorial land grab; and he may take one step back when he realizes his limit has been stretched, only to have gained Crimea and a narrow swath stripped away from eastern Ukraine. History tells us authoritarian leaders will eventually be held to account whether through the rule of law, a revolution, or simply looking back at the dark moments in history. That time has not yet come for Putin, the former KGB officer, and he is not primed to give up his reign or his close billionaire friends. Eventually, his time will come.
    At we draw near to the end of his presidency, there is no clear evidence that Obama will become a quick study in leading a turnaround where Ukraine reclaims its territory and force Putin to relinquish; let alone Syria and Iran making ambitious and dangerous strides under the shadow of Putin. The ebb and flow of leadership on this historic scale; whether it be Obama or Putin, is nothing new and we will prod forward with new spearheads. Historians could very well look back at a failed foreign policy presidency where Obama’s doctrine of appeasement ruled the day over fortitude and steadfast American leadership, resulting in rogue leaders less apt to second guess themselves through the incompetence to sustain a greater peace through strength.
    President Richard Nixon surmised, “It is not our power, but our will and character that are being tested”. Leadership at this level impacts everyone – the world.

  9. Netanyahu Exposes Obama’s Weakness

    It has been six years since the President Obama’s regime came into power, but it has been equivalent to Israel’s 6-Day War in diminishing the long-standing historical relations between Israel and the United States that has its foundation of fortitude and loyalty from previous U.S. Presidents up to the current sitting leader of the free world who has decidedly chipped away at the foundation of the national security of the Jewish State, and subsequently the United States.
    With no opposing American leader in the Republican Party to effectively convey the message, it took Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial speech to Congress to not only explain the folly in agreeing to Iran’s continued nuclear program but just as importantly expose the absence of a solid U.S. foreign policy doctrine and steadfast leadership by Obama as the counterbalance to rise of state-sponsored strategies threatening the free world. This diminishing fear of American reprisal of unchallenged aggression throughout Obama’s tenure is very clear whether it be Putin’s land grab in Ukraine, Bashar Assad’s slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, the mishandling of America’s closest Arab ally when the Muslim Brotherhood took control in Egypt, the vacuum left open in the Libyan conflict that resulted in the murder of American Embassy staff, and the rise of ISIS throughout the Middle East and their active recruitment in our back yards.
    During his first term, Obama apologetically promoted a kinder and gentler America that lacked a stature of conviction while traveling abroad. Unfortunately, this is a sign of weakness to the Putin-type bravado leaders and religious dogmatists who smirk and nod during the photo-op handshake only to be followed by acts of aggression knowing the capitulating demeanor of the American leader opposing them.
    This disposition was evident in the Obama’s decision to pull the plug on American missile defense from Poland and Eastern Europe in a conciliatory effort to gain Putin’s support on Iran’s nuclear program at the expense of American close ties with Israel. With little to fear on the Russian western European flank, the lack of grit required in response to the Syrian slaughter, or the inept sorties from the safety of the air in the ISIS crisis; Putin, Assad, and ruthless leaders have recognized the feeble American resolute crumble under Obama –a requirement to thrust forward on their political and military ambitions.
    In defiance, Netanyahu stood in Obama’s House and at Obama’s podium. The Statesman’s speech dramatically overshadowed the politicized State of the Union speech earlier this year where it is unlikely anyone can recall the content of the President’s foreign policy. The PM did not play it safe, he was not intimidated by Obama’s henchmen calling him out for proceeding with the speech against the will of the White House; there is too much at risk to remain diplomatically cautious. The risk is the growing threat, not only against Israel existence, but Western civilization as we know it.
    Regardless of the Obama Team tantrums over ‘not in my house’, the Prime Minister found it critically necessary to reveal the ill conceived deal with the Iranians. According to the deal, not a single nuclear facility would be demolished. Thousands of centrifuges used to enrich uranium would be left spinning, and Iran’s nuclear program would be left largely intact with a break-out time to build the bomb being very short. Under the agreement, there would be certain restrictions imposed on Iran’s nuclear program and Iran’s adherence to those restrictions would be supervised by international inspectors. However, inspectors only document violations; they don’t stop them. The Inspectors did not stop North Korean’s from attaining the nuclear bomb. They simply kicked out the inspectors. Now, we’re warned that within five years, North Korea could have an arsenal of 100 nuclear bombs. The second major concession creates an even greater danger. Iran could acquire the bomb by keeping the deal when essentially all the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program will automatically expire in about a decade.
    Netanyahu stated, “Now, a decade may seem like a long time in political life, but it’s the blink of an eye in the life of a nation. It’s a blink of an eye in the life of our children. We all have a responsibility to consider what will happen when Iran’s nuclear capabilities are virtually unrestricted and all the sanctions will have been lifted. Iran would then be free to build a huge nuclear capacity that could produce many, many nuclear bombs”.
    Aside from this deal resulting in Iran legitimately possessing the centrifuge capacity when the deal expires; more importantly the bomb will be in the hands of a regime that has demonstrated over the past 36 years to sponsor state terrorism around the world in support of Hezbollah and Hamas, and by ruling over much of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and the Palestinian administered territories. Iran’s militant Islam is responsible for countless atrocities whether it be for ones religious beliefs including Muslims who disagree, one’s personal lifestyle, one’s home country, or anyone who stands in their way towards the Islamic revolution. Iran has often referred to the United States as ‘The Great Satan’. Just last week while nuclear negotiations were ongoing, Iran carried out a military exercise blowing up a mock U.S. aircraft carrier.
    Knowing Iran will attain a nuclear bomb under this agreement and knowing Iran has the same intentions as ISIS albeit on a larger strategic level, there is one more piece to the puzzle to paint the whole picture. Netanyahu explained, “Iran’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program is not part of the deal, and so far, Iran refuses to even put it on the negotiating table. Well, Iran could have the means to deliver that nuclear arsenal to the far-reach corners of the earth, including to every part of the United States”. Obviously Iran’s Sunni neighbors in the Persian Gulf, led by the Saudi Arabia, will respond with a nuclear program of their own and the region will become a powder keg ready to explode once nuclear devices trade hands and come into play.
    Netanyahu has put Obama on notice. The current deal has just become far more difficult to negotiate now that Americans are finally aware of the details of the poorly conceived deal that places great risk to future American generations and the very existence of Israel. That said; Netanyahu has created a calculated environment where both Iran and the U.S. are unlikely to make concessions; and subsequently fail to reach an agreement that would have seen Iran legitimately attain nuclear weapons. This may be Obama’s saving grace by blaming the failure of a deal on the Republicans and Netanyahu; which will be fine with them under the circumstances.
    Netanyahu concluded by asking the United States to stand with Israel, because you know that the story of Israel is not only the story of the Jewish people but of the human spirit that refuses again and again to succumb to history’s horrors. He referred to Moses leading the Jews out of slavery to the Promised Land. Moses gave his speech that has strengthened the Jewish people in their resolve for thousands of years. “Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them.” The Prime Minister eloquently wrapped up the speech to all Americans by stating, “My friends, may Israel and America always stand together, strong and resolute. May we neither fear nor dread the challenges ahead. May we face the future with confidence, strength and hope.”

    Afterwards, Obama brushed off the PM’s speech by saying Netanyahu offered no solutions. On the contrary, he promised that even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand. What will Obama do now? Let us hope he does not sacrifice the future for the present by discounting the aggression in the hopes of acquiring an imagined peace.
    Rich Berdan

  10. I would like to commit all my energy upholding the constitution and project the importance of the assistance of exterminating the decay in American.

    I don’t belive in amanisty (Invasion of Mexicans and terrorists pouring through our borders) or Obama care through Obama’s unilateral acts.

    This shouldn’t be tolerated by the people!!!

    Obama should not be able to act alone on anything that can harm American’s … without consequences.

    I would dedicate myself 110% to a national group (to protect America and our rights) if I was certain that my family would not be effected directly.

    But if it came down to sacrificing my life style and family in order to correct the ongoing conflict of interest in our “backyard” …
    Then I am committed for sacrifice.

    If there is a NAACP is protesting against the police and whites in America…Then let’s get all the police and white Americans to push back!

    Where are the people standing up for the constitution and the American people ?

    Republicans ? Democrats ? Independent ?

    Tea party ?

    State militant groups ?

    History will repeat its self if we are NOT involved in the American Change.

    The fall of Roaman empire is the United States without the help of the people.

    The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. – Albert Einstein

    Please let me know if there is a group to get America on it’s feet again before it’s too late.

    Robert Louis Van Horn
    Ohio Minuteman Militia – Defenders of Liberty

  11. Excellent- May we republish this?

    Obamacare + Amnesty = Grab Your Ankles

    Please give us a 2 line bio to go with it and specify how you want attribution to read.

  12. All that is well and good but is still short of getting rid of the back-story as to how things got into such a mess.
    First: control the lobbyists. Make it illegal for any lobbying to be done on or around capital hill. Establish one location where members of Congress and their committees
    may meet with citizens and vested interests to discuss legislation and every word is recorded. Dis-allow all socializing between members of Congress and lobbyists. Repeal the defense of Monsanto. Shut down the FDA and start over; then ban all of “big pharma” from any participation in legislation and testing. Shut down the EPA and declare everything re:man made global warming to be the fraud that it actually is. Get rid if the Federal Reserve and take back control of our money from all Central Banks. Close the IRS and replace it with a banking transaction tax. Reduce corporate taxes to 5% or less. Get rid of foreign aid and give all that money, and more, to government, corporate and university R&D. Bring business and industries back to America with a five year moratorium on taxes and give to those who do come back, at no cost to them and with clear title, their choice of the many hundreds of government owned office buildings, and warehouses that currently sit empty. Stop the militarization of local and state police forces, and put them on notice that the courts are not to protect them from litigation if they abuse ANY Constitutional Right.
    In as much as Mr Obama is the ultimate illegal alien, he is not and never has been a duly elected president. Therefore every document that has his signature on, every appointment he has made, every tzar, agency, committee, and executive order is to be rendered null and void.
    If Congress does not take action on all of these demands between now and September 1st, 2016, WE THE PEOPLE will cancel the 2016 election and physically, by the millions march on Washington, shut it down, clean all of you out, and start over.
    And all of these things are only the beginning. We will return to being a God respecting, English speaking, enemy expelling, strongly defended nation.

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