The Battle Hymn of the 2012 Election

Over the weekend, I was struck by the words of Paul Ryan at a rally in Manassas Virginia.

It was how he opened his comments.

What he said has been the clarion call of conservatives since the 2010 midterm election.

As the music played at each rally announcing Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, I could help but think…

We need an anthem. No…We need a battle song.

What we DON:T need is a rehashed song bent and twisted to meet the need. Any old song will do if that’s the criteria.


What we need is a  song, written by someone who feels the way WE do. A song which expresses OUR clarion call.

We need a song which speaks directly to US, of who WE are and to what WE must do.

It needs to be a song OF the People, BY the People and FOR the people.

That’s why, when I heard Paul Ryan’s opening words in Manassas on Saturday…I knew EXACTLY what our song should be.


If you are not yet familiar with Ava Aston…You should be.

A while back, I found the song that she wrote and it shook me to the core.

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20 Questions With Ava Aston

Ava Aston may or may not be a name you are familiar with but, if it’s not, you should GET familiar with it. That name belongs to someone whose face you may have seen in commercials or seen on You Tube but there is quite a bit more to Ava you probably don’t know.

Ava, welcome to The National Patriot’s 20 questions!

When most people hear the term, “independent artist” they probably think of a typical liberal grunge musician or left wing Hollywood type. You don’t fit into that stereotype as a conservative.

1)      Is being an independent artist and a conservative a little like swimming upstream in a career sense?

“Independent” in music industry terms simply means  “not on a record label” and that everything I do is self-paid. Unlike most music artists in the public eye who are on a record label. The record labels are like Liberals in the sense since they pay for recording, promotion via radio, TV, Internet, etc. The record executives, like big government, think they know what’s the best thing is and have a need to tell the American people who should get radio air time, how old recording artists should be, and what they look like, etc.

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