Weekend Edition: The State of the 4th Estate

If you think that the FCC’s backing down and running away with their tails tucked hastily between their collective legs regarding the proposed Government-Goons-in-the-newsrooms-of-America debacle is the end of it…

Think again.

It’s nothing more than the tip of the tyranny iceberg.

Yes, you probably heard about the idea of sending goons to monitor newsrooms under the guise of some sort of study and, you most likely were up in arms about it given the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of “Freedom of the Press” but, there may well be things you didn’t realize.

1st, is the notion that all of this was to somehow procure a “study” regarding minorities and the balance of news coverage.


This was the precursor to a government-forced or mandated idea of racial balance both IN the newsrooms and delivered BY them.

Either news and media organizations were going to be forced to hire minorities whose primary job qualifications were going to be the color of their skin or…

This was going to bring about a government-ordered SELL OFF of some media groups directly TO minority ownership regardless of the private market, fair selling prices or interest in those companies BY minority groups.

Government mandated pandering to a known liberal voting bloc under the guise of racial equality.

2nd…There is no way in hell this is really over.

Yes, the FCC backed down. They blinked and pulled their plans to snoop and SUSPENDED this unlawful study but…Consider this…

If this was really over…It would have CANCELLED the “study” and…

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Bob Franken Thinks We Have an Allen West Problem

According to Bob Franken, former CNN and current at large liberal pundit,” It was a common thought among people of good will: Please, please don’t let those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings be Muslims. Unfortunately, it seems that those who carried out the savage attacks were Muslims, giving the people of ill will a chance to renew the intolerant attacks of their own.”

“Allen West, that purveyor of malignant demagoguery who was mercifully turned out of Congress by the voters, is trying to revive his career on a platform of extremism. Boston gave him another opportunity: “Let me be very clear,” he wrote on Facebook. “The terrorist attack in Boston and evolving events indicate we have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem in America.”

To Franken, “people of good will” are those who wanted the bombings in Boston last week to have been perpetrated by ANYONE other than Muslims. Yes, that’s HIS definition of “people of good will.”

Franken also believe that “people of ILL will are those who accept the TRUTH.

Ltc. Allen West certainly doesn’t need ME to defend him. FACTS and TRUTH are squarely on West’s side here and trust me, you don’t need to read each individual item on the list. Feel free to scroll down through it while noting it’s immense size and scope.

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The National Patriot On The Air

Last night, it was my great pleasure to be a guest on Rapture Ready Radio with Matt Buff and Jim Fletcher.

Over the course of the hour, we delved into many different political issues and topics including Allen West, the 2012 elections, foreign and domestic policies, Mitt Romney and a good deal more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and hope to again be asked to in their conversation!!

The National Patriot portion of last night’s show begins at the 72:30 mark. Please have a listen and, like me, become a fan of Rapture Ready Radio!

To hear last night’s show, please CLICK HERE!!!

New Black Panthers Advocate Violence, Obama Silent

Obama has stepped into the fray before, will he step in now?

In Tucson after the Gabby Giffords shooting, Obama called for calmer heads and less rhetoric. In Tucson Obama stated that, “Terrible things happen for reasons that defy human understanding.” He continued with, “For the truth is that none of us can know exactly what triggered this vicious attack, no one can know what thoughts lurked in the inner recesses of a violent man’s mind.”

Obama later in that speech said that people should not use what happened as, “one more occasion to turn on one another.” Obama encouraged a sense of humility, empathy and especially reflection instead, urging people to consider whether they have, “shown enough kindness and generosity and compassion to the people in our lives.”

He was correct but transparently full of political expediency, seizing the moment for his own aggrandizement.

Will he step up NOW? In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting will he NOW step up?

No. I rather doubt that he will.

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20 Questions with Congressman Allen West

Yesterday, The National Patriot spent some quality time with Congressman Allen West.

We cannot thank the Congressman enough for taking the time from his always busy schedule to speak with us regarding a wide range of issues. We would also like to thank Communications Director, Angela Sachitano,  in Congressman West’s office for all her help in arranging this exclusive interview.

In part 2, I ask Congressman West about the National Defense Authorization Act and, as always, Congressman West answers in a straight forward manner and quotes from the bill itself. This has become one of the most contentious issues of the last several weeks and one on which many have been misinformed.

Once again, we Thank Congressman Allen West.

Please enjoy, “20 Questions” with Congressman Allen West!!

Part 1

Part 2

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