The Redneck Guide to Survivin’ the Opocalypse

Well, we’re dun fer after the Obama Zombies stole the election. The next few years are gonna get real tough. Are you prepared for the upcoming Opocalypse?

Rednecks tend to keep prepared for disasters of all kinds – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and thievin’ politicians! So this ain’t nuthin new to us – but there are still some good folks out there who can’t see the inevitable: things are goin’ to hell in a handbasket!

For the city-slicker types, I recommend watching some good movies like Zombieland. There are many lessons to be learned on survival.

  • Ya need weapons and an arsenal to keep you and yours safe. A few crossbows won’t hurt neither – they is quiet and not easily detected, drawing a little less fuss from yer neighbors.
  • Stockpile Twinkies! Now that Hostess is fed up with ObamaCare and unions, they are closing down their bakeries. And let’s face, Twinkies only have a suggested shelf life. Any redneck will tell you that don’t go bad!
  • Git into shape! Cardio is the key according to the movie. It don’t hurt none to keep strong for choppin’ wood neither (or anything else that needs choppin’) – or hauling water from the creek – or carrying yer kin outta danger!
  • Git you a fishin’ pole and learn how to fish and catch crawdads! You may have to provide yer own food fer a spell, and you best know how cuz you ain’t gonna have time to figger it out if yer hungry for some vittles.
  • Grow a garden and learn to preserve food. Wal-Mart might seem like an endless supply of vittles, Mountain Dew, and pork rinds – but once the power goes, it’ll be emptied out in no time!

Now, pay attention here…This next batch o’ stuff’s ‘portant…

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Don’t Count Out THE Donald!

Many of us have been throwing around ideas that would include adding Donald Trump to the race. You have to admit, even if you are not a fan, the man is entertaining and has swagger!

So what are we to do??  Should we convince Trump to go for the Democratic nomination? Think about it for just a moment…

Could the Obama machine stand up to the challenges of Trump? I would love to see the debate between them as Trump corners Obama and demands specific answers and rebuts the threadbare Obama mantra…

On Increasing Employment:

O:  I will add more jobs and fix the economy.

T:  What do you know about providing jobs? You have never had one. In fact, you wouldn’t get an interview with me because of your failure to produce records, college transcripts, job references, and your total lack of skills. I, on the other hand, have hired many workers throughout my life.

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Palin’s Pedicures Permeate Pundit Pontifications

In 2009, there were photos of Sarah’s feet sporting a playful pedicure peeking out from open-toed shoes. Big deal. Harmless.

Why do liberals obsess over things like the toes of a conservative woman? I thought this was a recent obsession – but found out this has been ongoing for years … evidenced by Letterman in June 2009 (months after the election) by saying she was shopping at Bloomingdale’s to update her “slutty flight attendant” look.

Letterman went on to tastelessly hurt Palin’s family as well:

One awkward moment though during the game, maybe you heard about it, maybe you saw it on one of the highlight reels. One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked-up by Alex Rodriguez.

Really? This woman was a visitor in New York – and this is the reception she and her family received. NICE!

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More Opinions on the GOP Debate in Iowa

I asked some friends to offer up their opinions on the recent GOP debate for the presidency in Iowa. We are always looking for a deeper understanding as to why some candidates appeal to folks when sometimes, we are unable to see it ourselves.

For instance, according to Politico, rapper Vanilla Ice weighed in on Twitter saying he liked Cain the best. Well, as we all know, as goes Vanilla Ice, so goes the country.

I also heard (okay, maybe I started this rumor) that Bill Clinton supports Ron Paul. Why? Because Bill admires any man who has had his hands up in more women than he has!

And to tell you the truth, I would vote for Chia Pet Obama over Obama – because the Chia would do less harm to our country!


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Some Illegal Immigrants Must Be More Equal Than Others

Does anyone else see the irony (at best) or flat out hypocrisy that the country of Mexico and some its neighbors are displaying by filing a suit against Alabama for passing laws to protect the state and its citizens from illegal immigrants?

According to The Washington Times:

Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.

Hmm, I don’t see anything wrong with their law. No country nor its people should be asked to absorb and support illegal immigrants.

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FDA Should Be Crying Over Spilled Milk

First, they went after the Amish…and spilled the milk.

Now they’ve gone after a private raw food group…and cut the cheese.

Watch out, all producers of natural food, the FDA nannies are on their way to plan a sting operation on your small family business! And we, the taxpayers, have paid for one-year investigations into these providers of raw products to knowledgeable and informed buyers!!

What I have learned from these raids is that it is legal to sell these raw products in 10 states, illegal in 11 and DC – but it is the Feds who enforce it through their thugs in the Food and Drug Administration! That means that even if you live in a state where it is legal, you get to foot the bill for these bureaucrats and their teams of law enforcement personnel to pose as purchasers for more than a year (“to gather evidence”) and then obtain warrants and raid Amish farms! Hmmmm – aren’t there more important uses for our taxpayer dollars and the time of our law enforcement officers?

And why, as consumers, are we being denied the right to eat what we want? I wonder how long it will be before they come knocking on our doors to inspect the contents of our refrigerators for contraband raw milk and fresh cheese…

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Let’s Trade California

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, July 28, 2011

I was born and grew up in the Los Angeles area of Southern California for the most part. There was a time when I believed Los Angeles was the center of the civilized universe with its diversity of people, landscapes (mountains to beaches), laid-back attitude, and temperate weather. Sure, there was smog some days, and the temperature would soar into the 100s every October – but it was tolerable. I didn’t even mind when people said California was the Granola State, full of fruits, nuts, and flakes!

Employment opportunities abounded, aerospace was setting us apart from the rest of the world, entertainment and amusement was always accessible, and everyone had a car. No matter how far you drive in Los Angeles, it seems to take over an hour – whether it is 10 miles or 50 – but you accept that as the price of being mobile!

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The Great Unifier Increases Party Chasm

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, April 14, 2001

Dan Gainor – Vice President for Business and Culture at Media Research Center, tweeted, “A great presidential speech instills a sense of national purpose. That one sapped a nation’s will to live.”

About 15 minutes into his speech, the Great “Unifier” and Chief, Obama, made a point of referencing GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget, remarking it was “embraced by several of their party’s presidential candidates.”

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Are Unions Obsolete?

Are Unions Obsolete? I Asked Around to Find the Answer

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, April 8, 2011

My feelings have been made clear about unions all throughout March 2011 – I am no fan, and the shenanigans in Wisconsin have brought my blood to a boil as I watch unions trying to strong arm businesses like a Mafia protection racket.

And the first thing I hear from liberals when I express my outrage is that I must hate teachers. Huh? No, it is the unions I dislike – not their individual members (unless, of course, they are thugs).

But no need for me to rehash my data here.

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Failing Liberal Re-Education Camp

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, April 1, 2011

It finally happened – one of my irreverent posts caught the eye of the administration. I wonder, could it have been this one, Proof of the Evolution of the Liberal Gene?

Well, it doesn’t matter which one did it – the black van with no windows pulled into my driveway and a bunch of guys in black suits and dark sunglasses piled out. Of course, thinking they were probably Mormons or Avon, I opened the door willingly.

Then everything suddenly went dark.

Upon awakening and checking out my surroundings, I appeared to be in a holding cell – perhaps under the bowling alley in the White House? Or it could have been Gitmo. It was dark, dank, and the stuff you see in the movies.

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