Are any of you familiar with the movie “Fallen?” The film begins with a cop, played by Denzel Washington, paying visit to a serial killer prior to his–the killer’s–execution. During the scene, the killer takes Denzel by the hand and sings “Time Is On My Side.” Moments later, the killer is executed and the plot thickens. Although his body is toast, the spirit remains floating from one body to the next, first to a person working at the prison, then on to a construction worker, and so on and so forth. Unsuspecting citizens play host to an infiltrating demon spirit’s agenda, recommencing with more killings at the behest of the soul which has taken them over.

At first, Denzel suspects there are copycat killings taking place; however, as these killings are being committed by one-time, normal, everyday productive members of society, he realizes that something else is going on. He realizes that these people were not acting on their own accord; rather, they served as puppets for a homicidal and incorporeal puppeteer…who would move on to the next body by a touch of the hand, a bump, a graze, a brush-by; a brief instant of contact allows for the spirit to switch bodies…and walk away from the scene undetected. This brings Denzel into the occult world, as he looks for alternate ways to put an end to this, but the situation seems hopeless, even when the killer sits at his desk and taunts him. Take a look at this scene, and you’ll understand what I mean…

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Our current economic malaise was forecast and has been explained by only one “school” of economic theory: the Austrian.

One other “mainstream” school–the Keynesian Model–continues to fumble around with empirical data in a quest to venture conjecture constantly refuted by that pesky little thing called “history.” The Keynesians, each to each, may vary in their opinions on government size and the amount of monetary inflation; however, they are lock-stepping, hand-in-hand, on a quest for that ever elusive mathematical model. It’s a thought experiment confined in a hermetically-sealed “statist” box. They’ve abandoned their logic for faith in bizarre assumptions.

Austrian Economic Theory was founded on an understanding that the human ability to act combined with the natural desire to survive leads to a purposeful action. Humans act with purpose! Meddling in the affairs of folks acting towards a purpose only gums-up the purpose and the very folks trying to act on it. Interlopers butting in between other people who have agreed to cooperate for their mutual benefit are obstructionists at best and deal killers at worse. There may be compromises as individuals adapt to the force of those interventions allowing for diminished satisfaction, but the end results are inevitably spoiled. The Keynesian Cultists see humans as guinea pigs to be experimented on.

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Immolation Lane

August 23, 1987–16 days after my 17th birthday– in a town just south of Little Rock, a pair of cops murdered two teenagers on account they had witnessed a police-protected drug drop. The drop was part of a drug smuggling operation based at a small airport in Mena, Arkansas.

The Mena Operation was set up in the early 1980’s by a slick drug smuggler named Barry Seal. In the face of Florida prison time, Seal flew to Washington, D.C., where he agreed to a deal that allowed him to avoid prison by becoming an informant for the government.

Seal testified, in a deposition, that he had worked for the CIA and the DEA. In one federal court case, he testified that his income from March 1984 to August 1985, was between $700,000 and $800,000. This period was AFTER making his deal with the government.

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What is in a “corporation?” What lies within a corporation other than bosses, subordinates, paper-shufflers, logistics, marketing, administrators, accountants, paperclips, staplers, water coolers, and workplace gossip? How would you define it? Would you define it as an entity which makes up it’s own rules for it’s own employees within a culture of it’s own and for it’s own structural operation? I’d say that would paint a fairly accurate portrait. But, how would you define our Federal Government? Bear in mind that I’m not talking about the political body which was formed 230 years ago, nor am I talking about the political body which diligently respected the rights of citizens all through the constitutional implementation process which lasted until the 1830s. I’m talking about the government today. I’m talking about this authoritarian product which has resulted from 180-years of steady encroachment. I’m talking about the “nature” of a contemporary beast–one which wages campaigns against assembled citizens such as the Tea Party; one which plunders the piggy-bank of funds earmarked for certain programs to fund another; one which kowtows to conclaves of international bureaucrats such as the United Nations; one which tells us how to produce energy; one which tells us what kind of light bulbs we’re allowed to use; one which, well, you get the picture…the list of encroachments is a scroll of Dead Sea proportions.

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Urine Luck

While many of us persist to focus on the plankton–the incidental consequences–of issue after issue, we tend to ignore the provenance of waters which run deep. Okay, so maybe I’m not making much sense to you so far, but allow me a moment of your time to expound on a document I circulated a few weeks ago regarding the constitutionality of drug-testing welfare recipients. Although the points to counter my argument were compelling, sometimes poignant, it seems that a substantial amount of the counter-pointers live within ideologically fraught parameters. To a degree, the parameters encase a discombobulated “take” which may even, at times, include sub-parameters which cancel each other out. And yet, there they are, coexisting side-by-side with a crooked grin.

Okay, I’m still not making much sense. I understand…

So, I’ll just dive right in.

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“Democracy” and the Dismantling of Our Republic

By John Brewer on April 27, 2011

“This democracy we have is a precious thing…” — Barack Obama.

I suppose I’d be hard-pressed to find a soul among us who hasn’t committed a substantial amount of our adult life watching the news, reading magazines, blog articles, newspapers, listening to talk-radio or chatting with sea-bound grobians among the citizenry. And, I suppose I’d come up empty-handed looking for a soul among us who hasn’t heard or read the word“democracy” kicked around more frequently than a hacky sack at a marathon Grateful Dead-Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young-Phish-Mamas and Papas-Doobie Brothers-The Birds-Simon and Garfunkel-Jefferson Airplane reunion tour. I suppose that, at the tender drinking age of double-decade-uno, had I decided to create a drinking game contingent on the usage of “democracy” among politicians and analysts and generally-untutored droids, I wouldn’t have the capacity to write this right now, as my body would be 10 years dissolved into the dirt and photos of my liver would be circulating among medical journals worldwide. How did he die? If Joe Biden were to answer, he’d say it all came down to a three-syllable word: Democracy.

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By John Brewer on April 12, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to serenity the other night: I dropped by for a quick look at my Facebook page to see what was up, to see if anything was new, to discover that some of my friends–propelled by the offal-slinging rotors of ever-mounting and oscillating media coverage about a looming campaign season–were engaged in wall-to-wall combat. At first, I was pulled in as a spectator and nothing else; that is to say, there are moments when I truly believe I’ve had my fill of contentious political slingery, moments when I’d rather just sink back into my settee, pull the plugs (earplugs, that is!), and let the steam whistle from my drums…moments when I’d much rather think of something else, something else like the health and happiness of my parents and siblings, something else like the wonderfulness of my daughter, something else like the well-being of a dear friend up North, something else like the probability of my beloved Cubbies ever managing to win a World Series before my time on this Earth is through.

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Are Unions Obsolete?

Are Unions Obsolete? I Asked Around to Find the Answer

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, April 8, 2011

My feelings have been made clear about unions all throughout March 2011 – I am no fan, and the shenanigans in Wisconsin have brought my blood to a boil as I watch unions trying to strong arm businesses like a Mafia protection racket.

And the first thing I hear from liberals when I express my outrage is that I must hate teachers. Huh? No, it is the unions I dislike – not their individual members (unless, of course, they are thugs).

But no need for me to rehash my data here.

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Indirectly Speaking

By John Brewer on April 1, 2011

Our beloved President has established a precedent which is un-precedented in the realm of job creation. Barack Obama, whose signature achievement thus far has been a signature on a 4-digited (neologisim) dimwittery of signatorily and liberally signifying directions which would weigh down heavily and oppressively and abruptly and un-precedently—never mind, “un-Presidentially” on the United States of America Health-Care Market, has now divined that his divine signature was un-accountably pre-divined, if not faultlessly approved through means of a, his, signature.

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Are We Clear on Islam?

John Brewer on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 11:28pm

I love the fact that, in our day and age—check your watch–if you don’t like what someone says or someone writes, all it takes is a simple punch of the remote or a simple turn of the dial or a simple turning of the page to snug back cozily in your echo chamber; however, and however painful it may be, it stands that if someone is to learn anything other than new ways to express the deep-rooted presumptions they already have, it is important for them to sit down and bear the discomfort of hearing an opposing view. After all, the opposition may have a point.

But this is a new day and age—check your watch—and I wish you luck in your cable-news serfdom surfing finding a pointful point among the pointless ad hominems, caricatures, loaded language, non sequiturs, circular logic and ad misericordiams utilized by the self-reverential-and-referential heads on the boob-tube, radio, newspapers, or Capitol Hill today—check your watch.

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