Don’t Waste the Tea Party Mandate

There WAS a mandate won in this election and it belongs, I believe, to the Tea Party but we’re in danger of drowning it out.

Yesterday was interesting for us on social media.

While most either received our article enthusiastically,there were some just too deflated to muster up the fighting spirit.

There were however, a handful of “also ran” supporters who were just hopping mad.

At me…

For supporting not their particular candidate.

Here’s a prime example:


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Craig Andresen As I told you in our phone conversation Samm…Run for Congress. Your idesa are sound but your presidential campaign just wasn’t national enough. You can still help turn this country around from congress and I urge you to do so.

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Oh…there’s more….

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A Question for the Anybody But Mitt Crowd

Over a considerable amount of time and through the ability to do copious amounts of research, I have become reasonably good at figuring out political quandaries.

I don’t always get it exactly right but, I honestly wish I weren’t right as often as I am.

Finding the answers to questions regarding political ideology, political history, how dots are connected and the end games of certain politicians have become a passion.

I’d like to think I’ve become pretty good at it.

Currently, however, the answer to a most perplexing political question eludes me.

I’m asking for your help.

There is no cash prize involved, like the sum given to the brilliant mind which created the $50.00 light bulb but rest assured, you’ll have my unending gratitude.

Please, somebody…Explain to me exactly how…

Splitting the 2012 presidential vote between Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Cain, Palin, Johnson, Dummett, Tittle and any other number of known or unknown candidates of personal choice will defeat Obama.

Conservatives agree, after all, that Obama needs to be defeated and that if he isn’t, the situation is dire.

In that, at least, there IS agreement.

Thus, the quandary…

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Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” to Imperial Rule

America is poised to the razor’s edge of an abyss the depths of which have no measure. Make no mistake, this is a fact.

We currently have a “president” who stands at that deadly precipice and orders the nation…”FORWARD.”

If what Obama did last Friday, with his immigration decree doesn’t wake you up, you are forever lost.

Allow me to be as clear and succinct as is humanly possible.

In November, there will be 2 names on the presidential ballot.



That’s it. That’s it no matter who would rather have someone else’s name there instead of Romney. I am one of them as of the field which ran, I would have much preferred Newt Gingrich. No matter what thread of hope onto which I hang, there will be no brokered convention. Newt will not be the nominee.

The exact same is a fact for the followers of Ron Paul. The supporters of Sarah Palin, Allen West, Perry, Cain, Santorum, Pawlenty, Bachmann and on and on.

It is just as true for those who support candidates who have never been heard of by people outside of their circle of friends. John Dummett Jr. comes to mind…A candidate with no name recognition whatsoever outside a small yet determined band of social media advocates.

None will be the nominee to face Obama but Mitt Romney.

That is a fact and those who don’t believe it had better start.

In November, on the presidential ballot will be 2 names. Obama and Romney.

Those who would cast a write in vote for someone other than Romney and then stand their ground and state that they voted for liberty are fools.

That too is a fact.

Every vote NOT cast for Romney in November IS a vote for Obama in that each such vote is a vote not in the Romney tally and THAT allows Obama to gain a crucial step ahead of the only other name on that ballot.

One need look no further back than Ross Perot.

Perot siphoned off enough votes from Bush 41 to keep Bush from defeating Clinton. Perot was just 1…JUST 1… “other candidate and this year, in the most important election since 1860, there are too many “other” candidates to count.

Each “other” candidate…All those different write ins, will garner, maybe, 1 or 2% of the vote IF they’re lucky. 10 “other candidates would split 10%-20% of the vote.

That is exactly the same as spotting Obama, 10%-20% in a race that has THE most dire consequences in HISTORY.

Those who would vote a write in and declare that they voted for liberty might just as well buy the bullets for the firing squad facing them and proudly declaring that they cleaned the rifles for them.

Here it is, straight forward and with no apologies.

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Iowa Debate 8/11/2011

Here’s my take on the GOP Presidential Debate in Iowa, on August 11th…

Nothing unexpected. No surprises.

Bachmann and Pawlenty spent the night sniping at each other. Fun to watch, but not exactly Presidential. The Moderator did issue a low blow to Bachmann, asking if, as President, she’d be submissive to her husband. I’m not her biggest fan, but that was sexist and totally inappropriate.

Newt has been praised for “standing up to the press/moderator.” To me, he came off as petulant and whiny every time he got a real question instead of a soft one. I wasn’t impressed with him, or his answers.

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Tonight’s Upcoming GOP Debate Already Has a Winner

With the GOP Iowa debate still hours away, is it too early to declare a winner? A field of 8 will take the stage tonight to debate their positions and ideas before a nationally televised audience and ahead of the event, a winner CAN be named.

Your winner in THIS debate will be … Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas.

That’s a bold prediction considering Perry is NOT to be one of the 8 on stage and as he has yet to even make his candidacy official but, let’s face the facts, he IS going to announce and for several reasons, a strong argument can be made that he WILL win tonight’s debate.

Let’s take a look at the “Perry Effect” on the debate.

Current front runner, Mitt Romney, so far, is considered the businessman with the clearest idea of how to turn the ship of our economy around. Yes, Herman Cain is a brilliant and successful businessman in his own right, but Cain lacks the substance of Romney … at least according to recent polls. Romney on the other hand HAS emerged as the front runner based on his economic strengths. Romney will be trying to position HIMSELF as a stronger economic wizard that Perry who has certainly turned Texas around and been a strong job creator in his state.

Romney will be battling for position against Perry.

Michelle Bachmann, who burst onto the stage at the last debate, will be attempting to promote HERSELF as THE social conservative to beat against the evangelical prayer meeting savvy Rick Perry. Bachmann is on the top tier and wants to stay there heading into the Iowa straw poll and beyond. To do that, she must out social conservative Perry, or at least his perceived strength in that arena. This is Iowa, Bachmann’s home state, and she is the ONLY one who can say she voted AGAINST the debt deal. For her, it all hinges on social issues.

Santorum … a been-there-done-that economic hawk must present HIMSELF as a guy who’s done it at a state level AND a national level to outshine Perry who is a state-only success story. Santorum and Pawlenty must also overcome a perceived if not real vanilla personality deficit when compared to the brash Rick Perry.

Santorum and Perry are both rowing the same boat against the jet skiing Perry.

Herman Cain is a success story no doubt but only in the corporate world. In better times, that résumé might well serve him well, but today, the corporate world is not a plus and Cain lacks the experience of running a large state which Perry certainly HAS. Cain will have to try to prove HIS résumé is better than Perry’s – and in a tough political and economic climate, that’s a nearly impossible hill to climb. Cain’s biggest problem – and the one that will keep him out of the top tier – is no specific answers. Cain will have to stop telling people he will look into things and say what he will do to beat Perry … or anybody else.

Newt will HAVE to try to prove that he is NOT the RINO or establishment candidate because Perry, and others, already HAVE made THEIR points in that regard. Newt is all but gone if he can’t outshine a guy who’s not even in the room.

Jon Huntsman vs Rick Perry could be interesting. Perry has the evangelical vote against Huntsman’s Mormon demographic – but should religion even play a role in this sort of thing? Probably not, but voters are voters and will respond to it regardless of the fact that one’s religion should not be a factor. Huntsman has the foreign affairs edge over Perry as Huntsman was a high level diplomat but the down side of THAT is that he served in the Obama administration … Perry has NOT so … that’s a push.

Ron Paul perhaps has the toughest time proving he is a better candidate against the phantom Perry. Paul has seemingly cultivated the grumpy old men demographic and his supporters, while devoted, come across as anarchists more often than not. Paul’s outward desire to turn our nation’s back on foreign allies and his apparent anger over any sized government overshadow his valid points regarding the fed and tax reform. Personality, while it shouldn’t, does play a big part – especially at this point of the game, and Perry is more personable not being on the stage than Paul even when he tries to be Mr. Personality.

It’s safe to say that the main opponent, at least vocally, at the upcoming debate will be Obama based on the economic crisis, the downgrade, taxes, spending, uncertainty in the world markets, a lack of leadership and on and on; but Obama, like Perry, won’t be in the room.

This is not the general election, it IS a GOP debate leading to a straw poll vote in Iowa and therefore, while showing individual strong points against the incumbent IS important, so too is the ability to position one’s self against the rest of the pack.

Most, if not all, of these 8 candidates have had the opportunity to pit themselves against each other on the stage of ideas and platform strengths. As voters, we have had the opportunity to weigh one against the other for weeks.

This is for the GOP nomination after all, and eventually, this will boil down to a 2- or 3-horse race. Many who are here today will be gone tomorrow as the field shuffles itself out to the point that only the top tier remains.

Will Rick Perry join that top tier? It’s yet to be seen; but as things stand now, he has a shot at that tier. Romney will be there, odds are Bachmann will be there. With Perry, it becomes a 3-horse race to the nomination … but that’s a prediction taking into account ONLY those who are announced, and Rick Perry who WILL announce beyond a shadow of a doubt and soon.

Rick Perry is the new shiny ball diverting attention while not officially in the race and will therefore, be the unseen, unheard candidate to which all the rest will be compared and he is the one which the 8 on stage will try to outshine. Those who drop out after the Iowa straw poll will have essentially been defeated by the ghost of candidates future which is a rather odd distinction for Newt … the ghost of candidates past.

It should also be noted that some of those who fail to reach the top tier will most likely end up in a republican administration.

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Narrowing the Field

By Craig Andresen on April 19, 2011

To call the race to the republican nomination in 2012 a process would be nothing short of a gross understatement. The road to that destination is long, bumpy, full of twists and turns and full of speed traps.

Warning signs are also a key feature along this road and by all means, those signs should be heeded. The best course of action is…go slow…in order to avoid the hazards.

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