Top 10 Wildcards in the GOP Race

While the 5 remaining GOP candidates continue to jockey for position through the January primary calendar, one should not discount any number of possible wildcards yet to be played.

This Saturday, South Carolina votes and that race is getting tighter after last night’s debate. Depending on the South Carolina outcome, we may well just be watching the beginning of the real race to the nomination.

After Saturday, it’s easy to see Rick Perry dropping out. His financial backing has evaporated and his slow start with debates never allowed him to gain the sort of traction he enjoyed in the weeks before he actually entered the race.

This is not to say he will leave empty handed as he does have some die hard supporters.

Wildcard 1…Who will Perry endorse when he drops out?

It seems unlikely he’ll get behind Romney and impossible to believe he’ll throw his support to Ron Paul. That leaves Santorum and Gingrich – and let’s face it, Perry, Gingrich and Santorum have been splitting up the “Not Romney” vote for several weeks.

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Will the REAL “Not Romney” Please Stand Up?

In last night’s debate in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich once again showed why he is the one-on-one leader amongst the GOP candidate field.

It was clear last night, when the stage lights went down that Newt won the evening but in a debate, there is something perhaps even more important to be said.

Newt won the crowd.

Will this boost Gingrich’s poll numbers less than a week before the South Carolina primary? It would be difficult to make a case against it. Will it be enough to win South Carolina? Probably not, but it could very well put him in second place.

Gingrich’s strong and maybe strongest point is his ability to shine on the debate stage. In fact, last night, in a campaign debate, Newt received the first standing ovation from the assembled crowd since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

The race for 2nd place in South Carolina is now between Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Although there are now 5 still in, the race for the nomination is in reality between Romney, Gingrich and Santorum.

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What the Iowa Results REALLY Mean

Imagine how different the next few debates are going to look to Rick Santorum. He’s going to be at or near center stage and he’ll actually be asked questions.

On the other hand, imagine how much the same the next few debates are going to look to Jon Huntsman who just found out that when voters in Iowa aren’t picking corn, they’re arranging the podium order for the next few debates!

The OTHER Rick…Perry…will have the best seat in the house for the next few debates…The best seat in his OWN house as he heads back to Texas to reassess his campaign. Nobody goes home to “reassess” and then comes back to be a player in the race.

Want to know why?

Because those who donate money are now reassessing THEIR strategy and right now, they’re looking toward investing in center stage Rick over living room Rick.

Michele Bachmann has a problem.

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Game On… New Hampshire is Next!!

Last night and for that matter, into early this morning, Iowa had their say and as horse races go, this one was a corker.

The GOP field broke into 2 distinct tiers and the results weren’t all that surprising considering the up and down ride over the last couple of weeks.

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann finished last unless of course, you count Huntsman who not only didn’t compete in Iowa but dismissed Iowa’s contribution to the process less than a week ago.

In the actual vote count from the Iowa Caucus, the win went to Mitt Romney by less than 14 votes with Rick Santorum coming in second and Ron Paul 3rd.

Newt Gingrich, who a mere 2 weeks ago was running away with it finished 4th.

Now, given the numbers, who had the best night?

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Ron Paul’s Connection to Doom

Much of what we have seen regarding various GOP candidates and what I refer to as smelly shoes in their closets, is old news. It’s stuff that happened a decade or two ago. Sometimes longer ago than that.

This isn’t old news.

This is FRESH stink and it’s a stink Ron Paul and his Ronulan Paulbot lemmings are going to have a tough time explaining away.

On July 6th, 2010, Ron Paul co-wrote an article with Barney Frank for the Huffington Post regarding the slashing of a trillion dollars from national defense spending. At a time when our national defense is being weakened by a president who supports our enemies and turns his back on our allies, Ron Paul joins forces with Barney Frank to slash defense spending?

Yep but that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Together, FrankenPaul, issued the “Sustainable Defense Task Force.”

This “Think tank” of progressive liberal non thinkers was “Tasked” with rendering our defense capabilities null and void for the most part but disguised as a “cost cutting” fiscal task force.

Disguising his true intentions is a Ron Paul trademark.

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Rocking the Boat or the Voice of Realism?

Here’s the deal. Straight forward and in plain talk. I have never been accused of being politically correct and that’s not likely to change today.

What I’m about to say will probably set a few darn good conservatives ablaze but…So be it.

It will also send the Ronulans into orbit.

As we close in on the Iowa Caucus and other important early state primaries, I am seeing and hearing more and more of the “Only MY candidate can…” and My candidate is the ONLY one who will…”


ANY of the GOP candidates CAN and WILL do this and that. Some may do one thing better or faster than another and another may do something else faster and better but ALL of them have the ABILITY to do…whatever.

One Facebook friend, a solid conservative, responded to a post yesterday with this:

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IAEA Report Details LEAKED and Iran IS Almost Ready to go NUCLEAR

The situation between Israel and Iran has taken another turn for the worse. We knew it was coming and now we have some degree of confirmation.

The IAEA report regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions comes out tomorrow – but already, some general details of that report are leaking out and the picture is not pretty.

Tomorrow’s report will talk about how Iran has a missile, the Shahab 3, which can reach from Iran to Israel. Many who have been steadfastly insisting that Iran poses no direct threat to Israel because they have no weapon with the range to hit Israel will be proven wrong. Iran does indeed possess that range but that’s not the worst of it.

Iran has also, according to the IAEA report, apparently found a way to fit such a missile with a nuclear warhead.

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Obama’s Latest Foreign Policy FAIL

“Seal Target Geronimo” is the name of a new book by Chuch Pfarrer. Geronimo, as you will remember, was the code name for bin Laden during the raid in Pakistan which killed him. In this book, Pfarrer describes, among other things, how this raid likely went down.

Pfarrer should know what he’s talking about too.

Chuck Pfarrer is a former Navy Seal, but that’s not the end of it. While not personally involved in the bin Laden raid, Pfarrer used to be with Seal Tem Six as an Assault Element Commander and I suspect, he has some pretty spot on contacts.

According to the author, it is most likely that the shot that took bin Laden out came within 2 minutes of the time those Seals broke through the front door of that compound.

That’s not what caught my eye.

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Ron Paul is Dead Wrong on Israel and Iran

Last Thursday, I wrote a piece titled, I Do, and We as a Nation Should, Stand With Israel which laid out the situation between Israel and Iran in what I felt was pretty clear language. At the end of that piece, I spelled it out this way:

“With Egypt now in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Hamas affiliate, Iran in the hands of a madman, Syria growing bolder by the day and Libya in the hands of who knows who but certainly with al Qaeda taking root, Iraq up for grabs as soon as we pull out in the next 6 weeks, Pakistan harboring terrorist activity and Afghanistan soon to become a vacuum, time is of the essence and clearly NOT on the side of Israel.”

After posting the piece, I received a good number of emails from Ron Paul followers asking all sorts of obtuse and dismissive questions including, “What do you think we need to do, babysit Israel forever?” and, “Are you really saying that Israel should attack Iran because of what they only THINK might happen?” and, “We should stay out of Israel’s affairs and Israel should stay out of Iran’s. Why do people like you always want war instead of peace?”

I am going to make this as clear as I know how.

Ron Paul and his army of Paulbots are dead wrong.

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