Rick Perry Indicted for Having Integrity

fart 1Everything is bigger in Texas…even the brain farts.

Honestly, I don’t quite know how else to explain what is happening in Texas with the indictment of Governor Rick Perry.

It’s nothing short of a MASSIVE liberal brain fart.

They have indicted Perry for what? A VETO? He vetoed a bill which would have funded the Texas ethics watchdog, the Public Integrity Unit under the “leadership” of one Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.

According to the Travis County Texas grand jury, Perry ABUSED his power as the Governor by first THREATENING to use his veto to defund the unit and then…by actually DOING what he SAID he would do.

Here’s the crux of it all…

Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a liberal elected official was in charge of the INTEGRITY unit when she got pulled over for…DRIVING DRUNK last year. That’s right…the very person who was in charge of making sure that the INTEGRITY of Texas politics was up to par was driving drunk. She got arrested and tossed into the drunk tank to dry out where she, Rosemary Lehmberg, got belligerent with the local law enforcement folks.

She pitched quite the fit because, it seems, Lehmberg didn’t seem to think SHE should be treated just like every OTHER drunk on the road.

SHE, in what little was left of her mind, figured SHE was SPECIAL. Well, here…see for yourself…

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Don’t Waste the Tea Party Mandate

There WAS a mandate won in this election and it belongs, I believe, to the Tea Party but we’re in danger of drowning it out.

Yesterday was interesting for us on social media.

While most either received our article enthusiastically,there were some just too deflated to muster up the fighting spirit.

There were however, a handful of “also ran” supporters who were just hopping mad.

At me…

For supporting not their particular candidate.

Here’s a prime example:


10 minutes ago · Like


Craig Andresen As I told you in our phone conversation Samm…Run for Congress. Your idesa are sound but your presidential campaign just wasn’t national enough. You can still help turn this country around from congress and I urge you to do so.

6 minutes ago · Like

Oh…there’s more….

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A Question for the Anybody But Mitt Crowd

Over a considerable amount of time and through the ability to do copious amounts of research, I have become reasonably good at figuring out political quandaries.

I don’t always get it exactly right but, I honestly wish I weren’t right as often as I am.

Finding the answers to questions regarding political ideology, political history, how dots are connected and the end games of certain politicians have become a passion.

I’d like to think I’ve become pretty good at it.

Currently, however, the answer to a most perplexing political question eludes me.

I’m asking for your help.

There is no cash prize involved, like the sum given to the brilliant mind which created the $50.00 light bulb but rest assured, you’ll have my unending gratitude.

Please, somebody…Explain to me exactly how…

Splitting the 2012 presidential vote between Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Cain, Palin, Johnson, Dummett, Tittle and any other number of known or unknown candidates of personal choice will defeat Obama.

Conservatives agree, after all, that Obama needs to be defeated and that if he isn’t, the situation is dire.

In that, at least, there IS agreement.

Thus, the quandary…

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Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” to Imperial Rule

America is poised to the razor’s edge of an abyss the depths of which have no measure. Make no mistake, this is a fact.

We currently have a “president” who stands at that deadly precipice and orders the nation…”FORWARD.”

If what Obama did last Friday, with his immigration decree doesn’t wake you up, you are forever lost.

Allow me to be as clear and succinct as is humanly possible.

In November, there will be 2 names on the presidential ballot.



That’s it. That’s it no matter who would rather have someone else’s name there instead of Romney. I am one of them as of the field which ran, I would have much preferred Newt Gingrich. No matter what thread of hope onto which I hang, there will be no brokered convention. Newt will not be the nominee.

The exact same is a fact for the followers of Ron Paul. The supporters of Sarah Palin, Allen West, Perry, Cain, Santorum, Pawlenty, Bachmann and on and on.

It is just as true for those who support candidates who have never been heard of by people outside of their circle of friends. John Dummett Jr. comes to mind…A candidate with no name recognition whatsoever outside a small yet determined band of social media advocates.

None will be the nominee to face Obama but Mitt Romney.

That is a fact and those who don’t believe it had better start.

In November, on the presidential ballot will be 2 names. Obama and Romney.

Those who would cast a write in vote for someone other than Romney and then stand their ground and state that they voted for liberty are fools.

That too is a fact.

Every vote NOT cast for Romney in November IS a vote for Obama in that each such vote is a vote not in the Romney tally and THAT allows Obama to gain a crucial step ahead of the only other name on that ballot.

One need look no further back than Ross Perot.

Perot siphoned off enough votes from Bush 41 to keep Bush from defeating Clinton. Perot was just 1…JUST 1… “other candidate and this year, in the most important election since 1860, there are too many “other” candidates to count.

Each “other” candidate…All those different write ins, will garner, maybe, 1 or 2% of the vote IF they’re lucky. 10 “other candidates would split 10%-20% of the vote.

That is exactly the same as spotting Obama, 10%-20% in a race that has THE most dire consequences in HISTORY.

Those who would vote a write in and declare that they voted for liberty might just as well buy the bullets for the firing squad facing them and proudly declaring that they cleaned the rifles for them.

Here it is, straight forward and with no apologies.

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One Rick Drops Out…The Other Supports SOPA?

And then there were 4 in a 2-man race.

In South Carolina, tonight, 4 will stand on the debate stage as Rick Perry has officially dropped out of the GOP race for the nomination.

Yes, 4 – but in reality, at least in South Carolina this Saturday, it’s a 2-man race between Romney and Gingrich.

Rick Santorum will come in 3rd and Ron Paul will be emptying the trash cans after the polls close.

That’s just the way it is.

As Perry drops out and throws his support to Newt, Santorum is left trying to bolster support from evangelicals but, it’s just not going to be enough. Not enough as well is the news this morning that Santorum actually won in Iowa.

What the Iowa numbers do, though they will never be 100% confirmed, is to keep Mitt from wining the first 2 states. That is something which had never been done before and regardless of what Iowa officials are calling a tie, Santorum’s plus 34 makes HIM the winner there.

It’s a win with an * for Santorum and a loss with an * for Romney as there are 8 precincts which lost their ballots most likely never to be seen again.

While all eyes now focus like lasers on South Carolina, Iowa has managed to relegate themselves OUT of the picture maybe permanently. Iowa will probably make some adjustments to the way they cast, count and tally Caucus votes in the future, but they will be thought of for a long time as the Florida of the heartland.

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Top 10 Wildcards in the GOP Race

While the 5 remaining GOP candidates continue to jockey for position through the January primary calendar, one should not discount any number of possible wildcards yet to be played.

This Saturday, South Carolina votes and that race is getting tighter after last night’s debate. Depending on the South Carolina outcome, we may well just be watching the beginning of the real race to the nomination.

After Saturday, it’s easy to see Rick Perry dropping out. His financial backing has evaporated and his slow start with debates never allowed him to gain the sort of traction he enjoyed in the weeks before he actually entered the race.

This is not to say he will leave empty handed as he does have some die hard supporters.

Wildcard 1…Who will Perry endorse when he drops out?

It seems unlikely he’ll get behind Romney and impossible to believe he’ll throw his support to Ron Paul. That leaves Santorum and Gingrich – and let’s face it, Perry, Gingrich and Santorum have been splitting up the “Not Romney” vote for several weeks.

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Will the REAL “Not Romney” Please Stand Up?

In last night’s debate in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich once again showed why he is the one-on-one leader amongst the GOP candidate field.

It was clear last night, when the stage lights went down that Newt won the evening but in a debate, there is something perhaps even more important to be said.

Newt won the crowd.

Will this boost Gingrich’s poll numbers less than a week before the South Carolina primary? It would be difficult to make a case against it. Will it be enough to win South Carolina? Probably not, but it could very well put him in second place.

Gingrich’s strong and maybe strongest point is his ability to shine on the debate stage. In fact, last night, in a campaign debate, Newt received the first standing ovation from the assembled crowd since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

The race for 2nd place in South Carolina is now between Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Although there are now 5 still in, the race for the nomination is in reality between Romney, Gingrich and Santorum.

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What the Iowa Results REALLY Mean

Imagine how different the next few debates are going to look to Rick Santorum. He’s going to be at or near center stage and he’ll actually be asked questions.

On the other hand, imagine how much the same the next few debates are going to look to Jon Huntsman who just found out that when voters in Iowa aren’t picking corn, they’re arranging the podium order for the next few debates!

The OTHER Rick…Perry…will have the best seat in the house for the next few debates…The best seat in his OWN house as he heads back to Texas to reassess his campaign. Nobody goes home to “reassess” and then comes back to be a player in the race.

Want to know why?

Because those who donate money are now reassessing THEIR strategy and right now, they’re looking toward investing in center stage Rick over living room Rick.

Michele Bachmann has a problem.

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Game On… New Hampshire is Next!!

Last night and for that matter, into early this morning, Iowa had their say and as horse races go, this one was a corker.

The GOP field broke into 2 distinct tiers and the results weren’t all that surprising considering the up and down ride over the last couple of weeks.

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann finished last unless of course, you count Huntsman who not only didn’t compete in Iowa but dismissed Iowa’s contribution to the process less than a week ago.

In the actual vote count from the Iowa Caucus, the win went to Mitt Romney by less than 14 votes with Rick Santorum coming in second and Ron Paul 3rd.

Newt Gingrich, who a mere 2 weeks ago was running away with it finished 4th.

Now, given the numbers, who had the best night?

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Rocking the Boat or the Voice of Realism?

Here’s the deal. Straight forward and in plain talk. I have never been accused of being politically correct and that’s not likely to change today.

What I’m about to say will probably set a few darn good conservatives ablaze but…So be it.

It will also send the Ronulans into orbit.

As we close in on the Iowa Caucus and other important early state primaries, I am seeing and hearing more and more of the “Only MY candidate can…” and My candidate is the ONLY one who will…”


ANY of the GOP candidates CAN and WILL do this and that. Some may do one thing better or faster than another and another may do something else faster and better but ALL of them have the ABILITY to do…whatever.

One Facebook friend, a solid conservative, responded to a post yesterday with this:

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