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Welcome to The National Patriot.

This site is devoted to bold conservative commentary, the right side of politics as we like to call it, and the issues our nation faces both foreign and domestic.

Craig Andresen is a, solid conservative and keenly aware of the political landscape. Craig’s opinions, commentary and humor combine to produce daily articles, insight and commentary that will, at times, shock you, make you think and lighten the burden of the world in which we live.

Craig is also the co host of Right Side Patriots along with Diane Sori from the Patriot Factor and the show is heard live, every Tuesday and Friday from 7-9pm EST on American Political Radio.

To hear the show, click here.

Our name, The National Patriot, is a direct reflection of you, our readers, as each of you who comes to our site, reads our articles and shares the links to them through various social media sources are National Patriots!

Patriots gave birth to this nation and patriots will reclaim what has been lost, forgotten and ignored for far too long.

craig 1The National Patriot hopes to become one of your favorite sites and will continue to speak out on issues in a strong conservative manner.


Craig Andresen – Publisher – Executive Director


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I don’t share your biased views on a number of issues.
    You don’t represent the views of the majority of Americans.
    You are part of a fringe group of the right.

    • Charles…Trump has THE lowest approval ratings of ANY candidate EVER and so far, he has only taken in…via his blind followers, roughly 42% of the Republican vote which, unless you’re using common core math, and you might be, that is NOT the majority of Americans nor is it even the majority of the Republican party. It seems the “fringe group” is bigger than your group of blind followers.

  2. Hi Craig, I have a quick question for you. I found your site through a Google search regarding how to say the Pledge properly. I’m in agreement with you, however I am seeking out material evidence that supports the proper way to say the Pledge based upon how was properly written. Do you have this evidence you could share?

    Just so you know if you’re interested this is stemming from my daughters commentary (she is 6 years old) to her first grade teacher this year about how to properly say the Pledge. After correcting her teacher the third or fourth time the teacher finally told her that she could say it her way but the class was going to say it their way.

    As you can gather based on what I told you so far, I would like to provide some factual evidence for this first grade teacher so she may have the opportunity to confidently change and do things the right way.

    I hope you can help. Much appreciated if you can. Thank you Craig!

  3. I’m one of the 14,145 + members of WRAM, and have commented on many of your posts there. Thank You for the information you provide there. I tried to log onto WRAM this morning, and I was shocked to find that the site is down. Do you have any information on this? Is there an alternative site/domain name? Surely the deminished blog activity of late is not cause to close down this important and informative site! When I log onto the WRAM site, I get a notice saying the there is a pending “Domain Name” issue. Can this be a blocking method by Google or the Govt. FCC agency? Please reply ASAP. Thanks…

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