An Apology to John…A Legend in His Own Mind

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It was only a matter of time before celebrities started weighing in on what happened in New Zealand., and it didn’t take long.

Last Monday, singer John Legend opened his pie-hole and told us that President Trump, “needs to apologize for demonizing Muslims.”

Legend had more to say…“He needs to apologize for demonizing brown people who have tried to come here and have a better life. He characterizes their desire to come here and work and feed their family as an invasion.”

On the off chance that you thought this was it…that his diatribe ended there…think again…

“When people of such influence and such stature are endorsing such a hateful, evil ideology, it emboldens those who will go out and do something really evil and nasty, like what happened in New Zealand. We need the president to speak out against it.”

Oh…there’s more…

Legend said that President Trump has, “been wrong using this rhetoric and anyone who’s encouraged him or cheered him on in this kind of rhetoric needs to apologize as well.”

Okay…well then…allow me to jump right in and issue an apology…

Mr. Legend in your own mind…

I am sorry…truly sorry…that you and so many other liberals can’t distinguish between being falsely politically correct, and telling the truth…between words meant to incite violence, and blunt honesty. To be perfectly clear, nobody needs to “demonize” anyone who follows a political ideology hell-bent on world domination, death to any who will not submit and destruction of those whose culture is built upon freedom and individual expression, beliefs, the faith of their own choosing and liberty from oppression.

Islamists are self-demonizing Mr. Legend and pointing out the culture of genocide for what it is nothing more, and clearly nothing less than an honest observation.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…I am so very sorry that you can’t see the bigger picture with regard to illegal aliens who are coming here for the free handouts without so much as a shred of desire to actually become American citizens or to blend into our American culture.

Here’s a clue…when they spend months in a supposed “caravan” traveling the 1,700 or so miles to get to our border, burning our flag while waving the flag of whatever craphole country they’re from…they’re not the least bit interested in becoming a citizen of our country.

Here’s another clue…when they make that long journey under the guise of being destitute and starving…they probably shouldn’t be fat and using their cell phones to post their trials and tribulations to social media.

And here’s yet another clue…when they show up here, as a “family,” it would play out better if the kids they dragged up here actually belonged to them.

Any group of people, enmasse, who proudly, and willfully declare that they are going to cross our border regardless of the laws of our country, and openly defy those laws is, in fact, an invasion force.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…

Taking a stand for one’s own country, as President Trump continues to do, is neither hateful, nor evil as an ideology. It is patriotic. It is how every American should be. To wish to protect our own citizens first, to provide opportunities to our own citizens first, and to support and uphold the laws of our own country is a duty, not an ideology Mr. Legend in your own mind and I am more than sorry that neither you, nor your liberal ilk seem to give a rat’s ass about that duty.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…I am really, really sorry that you are such a desperate soul that you must seek out people on whose behalf to pretend to be offended. I am so sorry that you have chosen to pretend to be offended on behalf of those whose ideology has them chanting “Death to America,” and “Death to Israel” on a daily basis, and I am beyond sorry that you can’t seem to tell the difference between emboldening the truly evil among humanity, who would perpetrate acts of evil regardless of who says what to whom, from those of any group of people who are so terrorized by their own ideology to speak out against its darkest nature.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…how sorry I am you will never know that rather than using your celebrity to speak against islamists who seek death, destruction and genocide, you have chosen instead to speak out against honesty and the truth.

Not all muslims grow up to follow the ideology of the islamists Mr. Legend in your own mind, but those who don’t obviously live in fear of those who do, and rather than taking up for those who don’t, you, Mr. Legend in your own mind, have decided to stand with those who do.

I am both disappointed in your decision, and I am sorry you made that decision.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…an instrument with which to measure how sorry I am that you have such a myopic view of the world that you chose to condemn President Trump, and those who support him regarding what a single individual did in New Zealand, rather than condemn one of those of the islamist political ideology who, on the very day you condemned President Trump, shot 8 people on a tram in the Netherlands…killing 3 of them.

I am also quite sorry indeed, Mr. Legend in your own mind, that you can’t see far enough past your own hatred that you feel it necessary to contort your thinking to place the blame for what an Australian did in New Zealand on President Trump.

I am equally sorry, Mr. Legend in your own mind, that you can’t seem to get over the fact that your chosen candidate lost the 2016 presidential election, and even more sorry that despite all the facts that swirl around her you can’t see her for the treasonous snake that she really is.

Let me point out just a few events to you Mr. Legend in your own mind, that I am sorry you seem to have ignored.

Obama’s apology tour at the beginning of his first term when he traveled the world, including the Arab world and apologized for America being a great country. I am willing to bet that emboldened a few islamist groups.

I am sorry you seem to have ignored Obama’s stand against a secular government in Egypt only to see to it that it was replaced by a government controlled by islamists.

I am sorry, Mr. Legend in your own mind, that you also ignored the vacuum of power Obama set up in Libya that led to that’s country’s islamist government…which was bolstered and emboldened when Obama and Hillary Clinton engineered the transfer of Libyan weapons to islamists in Syria…which led to the murders of four Americans after Hillary removed our American security detail at our Embassy and replaced it with “security” provided by a known islamist faction.

I’m very sorry that you didn’t see that as emboldening evil Mr. Legend in your own mind.

How about the Boston Marathon bombing Mr. Legend in your own mind? Obama was the president then too…and I’m willing to bet that his words of support for islamists helped to spur those two islamist brothers into action…into taking the lives of three people and the maiming of hundreds on American soil. I’m sorry that didn’t disturb you enough to condemn the ideology of hate, death, destruction and genocide known as islam.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…do you recall January 7th, 2015…when Obama occupied our White House? That was the day that the ideology of evil…the day when islamists burst into the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris…killing 11 and wounding 12 more. I believe that France’s invitation to islamists the world over to come to France…an invitation to an invasion was all those islamists needed to be emboldened. I’m sorry you didn’t condemn the islamists back then Mr. Legend in your own mind.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…did you condemn Obama when he set up a “deal” with Iran…arguably THE biggest islamist sponsor of terrorism and evil on this planet so that they could obtain nuclear weapons with which they will attempt to destroy not only Israel, but the United States as well?

No, Mr Legend in your own mind, you didn’t…and I am really quite sorry that you didn’t, use your celebrity, and your platform to speak out against Obama for putting the evil desires of Iran over the well-being of Israel and our own country.

I am also sorry, Mr. Legend in your own mind, that your fake outrage is so selective, and clouded with your own hatred and bias that you choose to speak out against a true leader who has the balls to speak the truth about the world around us. I’m sorry that you, Mr. Legend in your own mind, are so desperate gain favor with other snowflake liberals that you would climb to the top of your ivory soapbox to stoop so low as to turn your back on the country that is responsible for your wealthy lifestyle.

I am sorry, Mr. Legend in your own mind, that you can’t see that good will never win over evil if you’re too much of a chicken-shit to call evil out by name, and I’m sorry that you, and those like you seem to believe that appeasement of evil in this world is better than the defeat of evil in this world.

Mr. Legend in your own mind…you may well not like to tone or tenor of this article, but you asked for an apology from those of us who support President Trump, and I don’t think I’m speaking only for myself here…perhaps in the future, you should be more careful of what you ask for.

Oh…one more thing…

Mr. Legend in your own mind…if you don’t like living in a great country…if you don’t like a President who wants to make this country even greater…feel free to get the hell out and never come back.

I…for one…will not be sorry to see you go.

© Craig Andresen/ 2019

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8 thoughts on “An Apology to John…A Legend in His Own Mind

  1. Well said…………may he never to return to American soil ever again. It’s time for President Trump to begin deporting these uninformed idiots. Good job…50 stars +!!!

  2. Thank you again for more great words of wisdom filled with facts. I am SICK of whiny blacks who are really islamists under cover (I refuse to capitalize the group’s name). As someone once said, they are an evil politcal cult bound and determined to kill all infidels (everyone but them), and take over the world. They live to trash America…as you said, a country who has provided opportunities for their wealth!!

    I personally believe that they have been working for years to infiltrate all levels of government in order to get one of their own elected to the Presidency. A black president who put a lot of muslims in high positions in the White House.

    More kudos to you and Diane for “truth, justice, and the American way!”

  3. Craig, Thank you so much for your excellent postings. I am the founder of ‘Republic – for Constitutional Conservatives’, on Face Book. Unfortunately, however, I spend more time in FB Jail, lately, than I do working on my pages. (I’m on day #49, this year!) Your thoughtful, informed commentary stands out as a news source, in the wasteland of media schmuckery. So, I thank you for keeping our page vital… and for your every effort to expose evil, and celebrate truth!!

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