The Inescapable Legacy of Democrat Racism

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Let me begin with this perfectly valid fact…nobody alive today in America was ever a slave in America, and nobody alive in America today was ever an American slave owner. Those are inescapable facts.

Also inescapable as fact is that nobody alive in America today had parents who were either slaves in America nor were they slave owners in America and it would be hard, if not impossible to find anybody alive in America today whose grandparents were either slaves in America or American slave owners.

Slavery in America was abolished in 1865…better than 150 years ago…another inescapable fact.

If one really wants to look at the facts surrounding slavery in America, or for that matter…racism in America and be both honest and factual about them…there is yet another inescapable fact with which many in America today must come to grips…

That being that the roots of both slavery and racism in America belong to the democrat tree.

In the days of slavery that led to the Civil War, it was democrats in our southern states that insisted on keeping slavery…fought for slavery…and then, once slavery was abolished by a white Republican President…did everything they could to hold onto the last vestiges OF slavery for as long as they possibly could all the way up to the Civil Rights Act…which by the way was written by a white Republican President…Dwight D. Eisenhower.

It was southern democrats who invented the Jim Crow laws…segregated black people from the rest of society and yes…invented and masterminded the Ku Klux Klan.

Historical facts show us that slavery and racism were owned by the democrat party but for those who think that such oppression ended when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 need to further examine the facts.

Is today’s democrat party the party that champions the so called “black community?” Is today’s democrat party the party against racism? Is it today’s democrat party that is the savior of black people in America?

Well, let’s see…

Who came up with Affirmative Action? Democrats…nobody is arguing that point, but what exactly is the basis for Affirmative Action? The notion of democrats that black people in America couldn’t get into colleges, or get jobs based on their qualifications, so the democrats mandated that black people in America be placed in colleges and jobs based solely on the color of their skin.

That…is racist…but that sort of racism goes more than skin deep. It is based on the democrat notion that black people in America aren’t good enough, or smart enough to get there without being artificially moved to the head of the line.

That…is a racist stereotype…isn’t it? In fact, it is nothing more than a perpetuation of the same old historical racist stereotypes of the southern democrat’s Jim Crow days…just retooled as a way of tricking black people into believing that today’s democrats are the champions of today’s black people in America…but that is not where that particular racist stereotype ends.

Take voter ID for example…what is the democrat’s reasoning behind being against voter ID?

More racism.

Democrats today make no bones about it…they say that voter ID laws are racist because such laws…they claim…disenfranchise minorities. Today’s democrat party claims that minorities systemically can’t get a photo ID…that they are, because of the color of their skin, incapable of obtaining a photo ID.

Here it is, in black and white…

Well, isn’t that interesting.

According to the video, minorities “live in places where they don’t have access” to voter ID’s, or they, “don’t have the knowledge of how to use the internet,” or they lack the financial resources to “pay the fees,” or…the list goes on and on but it is all based on what? The color of their skin. But when black people are asked about it in a primarily black community…well…THEY say such notions are…ignorant.

Now here’s the real deal…one can easily suspect that those black people interviewed in Harlem are…democrats…and THEY seem stunned and amazed at the IGNORANCE displayed by the claim that black people in America can’t get a photo ID for all the reasons provided by…OTHER DEMOCRATS…as told to them by the democrat elite including today’s media.

So, why would today’s democrat party cling to such an ignorant, and racist view of black people?

Simple…today’s democrat party is USING black people as an excuse to stop voter ID laws…not because such laws will disenfranchise BLACK people…but because it WILL disenfranchise ILLEGAL VOTERS.

In this example…black people in America are seen as nothing more than useful TOOLS of today’s democrat party…and what’s worse is that far too many black people in America today have been manipulated into believing that the party that is pretending to stand FOR them, is actually just USING them when it is convenient.

Let me put this another way…in the days of slavery in America…it was the slave owners who used black people as tools for their own convenience…those slave owners were primarily…democrats…and today’s democrats are still using black people in America as their tools for the sake of convenience.

Nothing has changed but the manner regarding how those black people are kept on the plantation…150 years ago…it was chains and whips…today, it’s political manipulation and brainwashing. 150 years ago, the plantation was a big old house in the south…today, the plantation is the democrat party.

150 years ago, black slaves brought in the plantation owner’s crops…and today, the black slaves bring in the plantation owner’s votes…and in both cases, the owners are the democrats.

Democrats will undoubtedly call me a racist for pointing out such inescapable facts because I’m a white Conservative, so don’t take it from me…take it from Brandon Tatum, a black man who did his own research and started thinking for himself.

Today’s democrats claim that racism is a systemic problem with Conservatives and Republicans. They call President Trump a racist, label anyone who supports President Trump a racist, and scream “racism” every time they start losing an argument. Why?

Because the democrat elite are terrified that the con job they’ve been pulling for better than a half a century is starting to crumble.

A couple of weeks ago, Alyssa Milano tweeted that “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.” That is after all, the official democratic party line, and democrats are triggered by the sight of such a hat. Democrats attack people for wearing a MAGA hat…ban them from restaurants and bars for wearing a MAGA hat…escort them off of planes for wearing a MAGA hat. Democrats say that the hat…the “Make America Great Again” hat is inherently, unequivocally racist, and therefore, anyone wearing it is also a racist.

And then, there’s this…Marianne Williamson, an author, activist, and a spiritual teacher…whatever that is…irunning for president as a democrat in 2020. Last week, she announced her platform which includes…$100 BILLION dollars for “reparations” regarding slavery to be paid to today’s black Americans over a ten year span.

“We need a moral and spiritual awakening in the country. Nothing short of that is adequate to really fundamentally change the patterns of our political dysfunction.”

A “moral and spiritual awakening?” How about a grip on reality?

Here again we find democrats dividing America by race and throwing other people’s money at what they consider a problem. Here’s the reality…whose money does she, or other democrats intend to throw at the problem? Since the democrats want to divide everything along race lines…are only white people’s tax dollars supposed to go into this pay out? And how exactly does one decide which white people must pay?

Obviously, not every white person in America at the time of slavery owned slaves…and black people today are paying taxes so…are the descendants of non-slave owners from a couple of hundred years ago and the descendants of slaves from a couple of hundred years ago supposed to pony up for this $100 BILLION dollar white guilt payoff? And what about black people in America today whose ancestors were never slaves in America a couple of hundred years ago? Are they getting a cut of that $100 BILLION dollars too?

And what of the descendants of black Africans a few hundred years ago who captured other black Africans and sold them into slavery to begin with…yet another inescapable truth…do they hold any liability in any of this supposed “moral and spiritual awakening?”

She says that “you have to be brutally honest with yourself about your character defects,” but neither she, nor her party is being even fleetingly honest about the democrat party’s most glaring character defect,,,their inescapable legacy of racism.

Marianne Williamson indicates that “new possibilities, new fairness, new liberty and new justice,” can only be achieved through collective white guilt and a $100 BILLION dollar payoff.

Here’s the reality…you can’t “fix” what happened a couple of hundred years ago by throwing money at it today unless your real goal is to further con, use and bribe today’s black population into voting democrat at taxpayer expense while perpetuating racism in America for your party’s own political expediency.

Here’s the bottom line…the MAGA hats are certainly not the new white hoods. That is pure fiction. Are there racists in the Republican Party? Sure…racists can be found in every political party, and racists are not relegated to only a single skin color either, but historically, as a matter of inescapable fact, only one party has stood FOR slavery, fought FOR slavery, stood for and invented both Jim Crow laws and the Ku Klux Klan, stood for and campaigned ON segregation and to this day relegates a large part of their party platform  and ideology…that party’s court of public opinion revolves around matters of skin color…and that is the democrat party.

Is President Trump a racist? So far, there is no evidence of it at all…only false implications manufactured by the democrat elite and parroted by democrat voters who refuse to either think for themselves or do their own research. Are all, or even a majority of President Trump’s supporters racists? Again…there is no evidence to be found…just the mindless rhetoric of democrats.

And finally…is “Make America Great Again” a racist slogan?

Only to those who have been falsely led to believe that greatness is reserved for one race at the exclusion of all others. Only to those who separate the American people along racial lines for their own political expediency. Only to those who’s chosen political party desperately, and fraudulently attach to others the labels that best describe their own inescapable, historical legacy, and only to those who have a deep fear of their nation’s success based on policies that are counter to their own chosen political party’s policies.

“Make America Great Again” is only a racist slogan to mentally unhinged, brainwashed and indoctrinated democrats who try to manipulate anything and everything into a race-based agenda…and therefore, are themselves…racists.

© Craig Andresen/ 2019


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  1. As usual, facts, and more facts! Democrats are so afraid of FACTS, they get worse and worse. Most of them are now socialist rats, in my book.

    Right on, Craig and Diane! You never let us down, and we love you for it!

  2. one thing i can say is that the Dems do one thing and blame others for what they’ve done. all of the racism; hypocrisy; and on and on and on all Dems. Hate they hate everything. So here is a solution MOVE TO VENEZUELA or CHINA; OR NOKO OR ANY COMMUNIST COUNTRY OOOOPS THEY WON’T THEY WOULD RATHER BLAME AMERICA AND RIP US ALL OFF.

    Now is our moment, if we do nothing now they win and God help us then, Blacks and whites and asians anyone in this country now especially if u r a minority get more benefits than anyone. what can they not like White Christians; my lord or FREEDOM oh probably that Americans want to think for themself.
    We must end this disaster and stop electing them into office

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