A Very Bad Week For Liberals

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week was a bad week for the stupid liberals…a very bad week…which has resulted in a perverse sense of glee on my part.

I just can’t help it.

As the liberals grow evermore desperate, they have started doing some of the most obtuse things that even a six year old could see as doomed to failure…but as we are all too well aware…your average liberal’s intelligence doesn’t rise to the level of your average six year old.

The real question is…from where do I even begin?

Okay…how about with what’s going on in the state of denial…Virginia?

The Governor, it seems, dressed up in blackface back in 1984 for some college party, and now the picture from his old yearbook has gone public. Naturally, it has been deemed racist by the oh-so-tolerant liberals. Governor Northam has been called out by his own party, and they’ve demanded his resignation.

Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, one Justin Fairfax…the man who would take over for Northam should Northam decide to go away, has been accused by a college professor of sexual assault. Now this is most interesting because the high-and-mighty left, the exact same left that demanded we all believe Justice Kavanaugh’s college professor accuser, is calling Fairfax’s accuser a liar. I don’t know if he did it or not…the accusation is 15 years old…she didn’t file any police report back then nor did she tell anyone back then…so as far as I’m concerned…show us all the evidence or go pound sand.

Virginia liberals said their election was a referendum on Trump…and they ended up getting exactly what they thought they were voting against.The point is…liberals don’t know WHAT to do because now, their hypocrisy is on full display.

That brings us to the third in line for the Virginia throne…the state’s Attorney General, Mark Rankin Herring, who admits that HE has ALSO worn blackface in HIS college days.

As if this wasn’t all bad enough for liberals…it now comes out that everybody and their dog in Hollywood has done the blackface thing at one time or another. Ted Danson did it. Jimmy Kimmel did it. Jimmy Fallon did it. Billy Crystal…Sarah Silverman…Gene Wilder…and their dog, Joy Behar once dressed up as a black woman for a costume party.

If, and it is a big IF…wearing blackface or dressing up as a black person when you’re white IS racist…are all those Hollywood liberal elites racists or will Jimmy, Jimmy and Joy start a new show on BET…the non-racist television network which has programming based solely on skin color?

Okay…next on the liberal week of despair we find…Alexandria Occasional Cotex’s Green New Deal which went public late last week. The original draft, I’m sure, was drawn in Crayon because it sure as hell sounds like the sort of nonsense someone who makes a habit of eating paste would come up with.

Among the new deal’s new deals…fossil fuel would be banned in ten years…which means that each and every thing that runs on any sort of fossil fuel…like cars, trucks, ships, POWER PLANTS and PLANES would be ILLEGAL.

That’s gonna piss off the Air Force.

Well…it could be worse right? I mean, at least there’s still nuclear power…right? WRONG!! The green new deal also shuts down all nuclear power so…that’s gonna piss off our nuclear naval fleet.

Buildings…ALL buildings in the United States would have to meet STRICT green energy regulations…and if they can’t be retrofitted as such…they would have to be torn down and replaced by NEW buildings. That, by the way, includes every house in America.

The plan calls for the government to, “plant lots of trees.” Where? It doesn’t say. When? It doesn’t say. How many trees? Lots. Given the staggering cost of this tripe…I’m guessing Occasional Cotex is going to our there planting MONEY TREES.

And…butt blasting bovine…

Occasional Cotex’s new green deal calls for the elimination of all livestock…that farts…and thus the end of eating meat. Cows fart…pigs fart…sheep fart…turkeys and chickens fart…come to think of it pretty much anything with an asshole farts and if we are to rid America of every barnyard animal  that farts…what’s left?

People. People fart…my dear late old Aunt Bertha was a world class farter. If she was still alive today, we’d have to get rid of her in ten years too.

What we need to invent in this country, is a fartless cow. I say we get the government on this right away. How about this? A cow with two heads, and no asshole. Sure, it would be cranky…but it wouldn’t fart. The problem would be keeping your herd from floating away when they swell up to the size of Goodyear blimps. We could stake them to the ground on a long tether…but they wouldn’t be able to reach the grass, some of them would get all caught up in the giant wind turbines, but at least we wouldn’t have to worry about them getting hit by passing airplanes.

Trust me, there’s plenty more to this ridiculous green energy thing that what I’ve mentioned here, but the most astounding aspect of it is that EVERY declared liberal 2020 presidential candidate has ENDORSED this New Green Deal turd.

They think this is the greatest thing since the future invention of fartless cows.

But that isn’t the end of last week’s liberal lunacy…

Pocahonky, Elizabeth 1/1024th Indian Warren added to the liberal’s bad week last week when a copy of her Texas bar application from 1986 went public. On that application, Pochahonky wrote “American Indian” in the space reserved for indicating what race she was.

So much for white privilege huh?

Warren announced her official candidacy for President on Saturday…just two days after her own handwriting proved she is a fraud, and some sort of racist. I mean…if wearing blackface is racist…isn’t pretending to be an American Indian for decades also racist?

Here of course is the question…will liberals demand that she resign from the Senate, and drop her plans of running for the White House?

They’ve demanded it of others who have done far less.

Naturally, Pochahonky is blaming her lies on her family who told her tall tales as a child that she was an Indian…and she apologized last week to the Cherokee…a Jeep Cherokee, not necessarily the tribe…and she says there “may” be more such documents floating about out there because “this is consistent with what I did because it was based on my understanding from my family’s stories.”

I mean…when I was a little kid, my parents used to tell me they found me under a lettuce leaf…and I don’t go around telling people I’m descended from a salad bar.

And…to wrap up a very bad week for liberals…The State of the Union Address…

Last Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address was fantastic…President Trump did a great job of outlining our nation’s achievements over the past year, and did a remarkable job of putting forth a blueprint for where we want to go in the future…but the liberals?


First off…President Trump got to the podium, handed a bound copy of the Address to Pelosi and then…started the speech without giving old Nancy her little moment in the spotlight as per an introduction which surely would have drawn boos from the left side of the aisle.

Now given that fact that we’re talking about the same party that booed GOD…maybe Trump should have taken the boos and then quipped that considering who they booed at their convention, he was in good company.

All the liberals hens wore white…so that they would stand out in protest of President Trump…and they did. They looked for all the world like the Women’s Auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan. Now to be fair, the Klan hasn’t been historically the only bunch to have their women dress in all white…Hitler’s League of Nazi Socialist Women also wore white.

The real fun at the SOTU was watching poor, OLD Nancy Pelosi trying to control the liberals from her perch behind President Trump. Every time President Trump said something, the Kommie Klux Clan looked at their Botox queen for guidance and more often than not…they just sat there but…there were several times when at least some of the Klan stood, some even applauded even though they seemed rather bewildered.

And why were they bewildered?

Because Botox Nancy didn’t know what to do.

And why didn’t Botox Nancy know what to do?

Because…President Trump trolled the trolls. The White House gave a copy of the State of the Union Address to Pelosi a day or so ahead of the speech, as is the custom…but…President Trump left out a few key parts…like introducing Buzz Aldrin…and that cute young girl who survived cancer…and the fellow who survived the Holocaust as well as the Pittsburg Synagogue shooting.

Nancy didn’t know that those things were coming, so she hadn’t cued her liberal Klan in ahead of time.

Then there was the part about having more women in congress than at any time in history…Nancy didn’t know about that either…and when the nattering naybobs of the Kommie Klux Klan heard that…they went full-on liberal girls gone wild…standing, cheering, high-fiving and happy dancing and applauding during President Trump’s speech.

How embarrassing for the liberals…having a socialist collective orgasm on national television during a Trump speech.

And you wonder what Botox Nancy was doing up there all night, flipping through pages? That was the pre-copy of the speech supplied by the White House that was missing all the things Trump knew he could use to get a positive reaction…even from liberals.

It was classic rope-a-dope of the biggest dopes in the room.

Tied directly to the State of the Union Address, was the lame liberal response that came afterword featuring the political reality show Biggest Loser 2018 winner…Stacy Abrams…who basically talked about nothing for ten minutes. My guess is that the response was written ahead of the speech from the advance, yet not at all complete copy OF the speech that was given to Pelosi.

Abrams told the tale of how her father had to hitchhike home after work in the rain…and how she and her mother drove the route looking for him…finding him without a coat because he had given it to a homeless man. What a touching story…until you start to wonder why he was walking home in the rain if his wife had the car…just sitting there at home waiting for him rather than going to get him in the first place.

I would also not be a bit surprised if a good deal of the response got cut while Trump’s speech was still going on because certain things that were included in the advanced copy were then NOT included in the actual speech.

Finally, throughout the entire State of the Union Address, Alexandria Occasional Cotex had the most confused look on her face. During the chants of “USA, USA, USA,” I really think she wanted to join in…she just wasn’t sure how to spell it, and the way she kept looking at Botox Nancy…that was just weird. She was either waiting for direction on what to do next…or…

She was thinking “if that gasbag doesn’t stop chewing her cud, she’ll be the first old cow done away with under the New Green Deal.”

Any way you look at it…it was a banner bad week for liberals.

© Craig Andresen/thenationalpatriot.com 2019

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