The Wall: Dollars and Common Sense

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

According to David Cicilline, a liberal congressman from Rhode Island, President Trump’s proposed border wall, “is a colossal waste for money.”

That said…it’s been the better part of 35 years since I took junior high algebra, and to be honest, it was not my best subject. I didn’t see the need for it. In fact, my algebra teacher once asked me, in front of the entire class, why I had such a hard time grasping algebra.

My response was simple…

I told her that I used NUMBERS for MATH…and LETTERS for SPELLING. While that snarky line drew scorn from my algebra teacher, it elicited everything from snickers to full-on laughs from my classmates but that’s not the point…

The point is…one doesn’t have to jump through mathematical hoops, flaming or otherwise, to get to the heart of the abject stupidity of Cicilline’s statement. In fact, all one has to do is apply…not common core…but common sense to it.

Okay…let’s get after this…

Giving Iran $150 BILLION dollars was “a colossal waste of money.”

Giving wind energy companies 42% of all government taxpayer energy subsidies when they only produce about 4% of our nation’s energy…“a colossal waste of money.”

Now…I know that the liberals out there are gonna get all riled up over me wanting to cut out the subsidies for wind energy…but…back in 2014, the Pentagon bought, “32.0 billion gallons of petroleum fuel at a cost of about $107.2 billion.” That same year, the same Pentagon bought “2.0 million gallons of alternative fuel for testing purposes, at a cost of about $58.6 million.”

Since we’re talking about the PENTAGON here…geometry is definitely in play…but it doesn’t take algebra to cypher out that whatever alternative fuel the Pentagon was buying in 2014 actually cost them…us…10 times more than your standard, garden variety petroleum. That is “a colossal waste of money.”

Liberals want us to spend how many millions of dollars on funding abortions for women in other countries this year? THAT is “a colossal waste of money.”

You can see where this is going, and while every silly expenditure made by the government of our taxpayer dollars isn’t colossal…far, FAR too many ARE a waste…like treadmills for shrimp, or this one…did you know that we, the taxpaying citizens of this great nation are funding the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to the tune of $415,365.36 this year?

I have no clue in the world why there’s 36 cents tacked on to the back end of that number, but I do know this…last year, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts sold 1,413,432 tickets during their 2016-2017 season of snobbery, which not using algebra tells me that a mere .30 cent increase in the price of each ticket sold to snooty rich people would have meant that the rest of us taxpaying trailer-trash yahoos wouldn’t have had to have subsidized them at all.

Now I realize that $415, 365.36 is just a couple of drops in the bucket compared to the $5.7 billion President Trump wants for the wall, but that’s $415,365.36 of other people’s money mostly from people who wouldn’t go to the Kennedy Center if you PAID them to…just so that an elite few who only pretend to enjoy the opera can save .30 cents per ticked to attend events for no other reason than to impress other pretend opera lovers who are trying to impress THEM.

What it is, is welfare for the rich and famous. How doe THAT grab ya?

So let’s get to the real nuts and bolt of this wall, or to be slightly more accurate, the real cost of the thing.

The federal budget for this year of somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.5 TRILLION dollars. The cost of the wall as proposed by President Trump is $5.7 billion dollars. That means that what the President is asking for, that the liberal weenie, Cicilline, is calling “a colossal waste of money,” only amounts to precisely 0.0998 percent of the entire federal budget.

Alright…because billions and trillions of dollars are hard for most people to wrap their heads around, let’s look at this whole thing in terms that most people CAN grasp. Rather than trying to get a grip on a $4.5 TRILLION dollars budget, let’s say the budget is $45,000.00. When you use regular old math and shrink the cost of the wall by the same amount…that wall now costs just $57.00.

Considering that the purpose OF the wall is to keep people OUT who have absolutely no business being IN…rather than a $5.7 billion dollar wall…think of it as a $57.00 fence across your back yard to keep out stray dogs who come into your yard, crap all over the place, tear things up, terrorize your family while you’re just out there minding your own damned business, eat YOUR food and at the end of the day…YOU have to pay for their vet bills AND pay for their obedience training just because they’re in YOUR yard rather than being where they really belong.

What the liberal weenie, Cicilline, is saying is that if you’re bringing in $45,000.00 per year…spending $57.00 of it to protect your property and your family is “a colossal waste of money.”

Did I mention that some of those stray dogs have fleas, some have mange, some carrying drugs into your yard and others have rabies?

The $5.7 billion dollars President Trump is asking for to build the wall is anything BUT “a colossal waste of money.”

Let’s be clear here…liberals don’t want to pay for a wall that would prevent illegal aliens from pouring into our country and voting for the liberals who are paying their vet bills and for their obedience training as well as feeding them. It’s not the cost of the wall that has their panties in a wad…it’s the lack of future liberal voters.

It’s not even the idea of a wall that liberals like Nancy Pelosi says is immoral that has them all riled up, and I can prove it. In July of 2016, the same liberals who claim that a border wall is immoral…erected a 4 mile long, 8 foot tall fence around the Sports Complex that housed the Democratic National Convention.

And why did the liberals erect a 4 mile long, 8 foot tall fence around the site of their convention?

To keep the riff-raff out. They didn’t want anyone in there that didn’t BELONG there. They did it for…THEIR SECURITY. But a border wall…for OUR security?

Well…that’s “a colossal waste of money.”

So…the government shutdown drags on…now the longest in American history…but calling it a “shutdown” isn’t really much different than calling  the tens of thousands trying to get into our country a “caravan.” How about we call things what they really are?

It’s not a “caravan,” it’s an INVASION…and it’s not a government “shutdown,” it’s a STANDOFF.

I realize I’m supposed to feel sorry for all the government workers who didn’t get their last paychecks…but I don’t…and here’s why. The government workers who are now whining and gnashing their teeth over not getting paid…are NON-ESSENTIAL workers. That means whatever paychecks they’re whining about not getting probably weren’t for any essential work.

Of course, not all non-essential government workers are completely non-essential. Take our national parks for instance. Non-essential park rangers have been furloughed for the duration of the standoff, and they’re whining because trash isn’t being picked up and the toilets are backing up. I get it…but think about it.

Most of our National Parks have specified points of entry. People who want to enjoy our National Parks have to wait in line, and pay the proper fee to enter those parks. Right? And they’re not allowed to just take things FROM the parks. Right? I mean, we can’t just have any old Tom, Dick or Jose pour into our National Parks whenever they feel like it just because they want to enjoy our National Parks…FOR FREE…now can we?

The same liberals who insist on monitoring our National Parks, and extract a fee from those who want to ENTER our National Parks so that they can keep TABS on what people do while they’re IN our National Parks…are the exact same liberals who don’t give a CRAP who comes into our COUNTRY.

I don’t really know how much money could be saved if we started eliminating truly non-essential government workers, but I’m willing to bet that over just a few years we could pay for the wall with the savings, and while we’re at it, let the shrimp buy their own treadmills, and let the hoity-toity cough up an extra .30 cents for a ticket to the opera and before you know it…the wall is bought and paid for.

The bad news here is that are a load of numbers, figures and facts in this particular article, and I do apologize for that…but the good news is…

I didn’t resort to algebra…even once.

© Craig Andresen/ 2019

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