Savor the Moment, But Heed the Warning

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

What transpired over the past two weeks, with regard to the nomination process of a Supreme Court Justice, was vile, beneath contempt and well beyond the pale.

President Donald Trump had nominated a Judge with an impeccable judicial record for the position. Judge Brett Kavanaugh had already passed, without so much as a single red flag, six federal background checks throughout his career.

One of those federal background checks actually allowed him access to our nation’s nuclear codes and you can bet had anything even a little off been discovered in such a deep and complete background check, Kavanaugh would have never held any further federal position, and certainly would never have eventually found himself in a position to become a Supreme Court nominee.

The American Bar Association gave Judge Kavanaugh its absolute highest ranking based on everything from his rulings, decisions, writings and his demeanor.

While there will always be differences in the way liberals and Conservatives…

Democrats and Republicans think about judicial policies, and the role of Judges in our judicial system…Judge Kavanaugh, as an Originalist, and as a Constitutionalist is the epitome of the sort of Justice Americans deserve to have on the highest court in the land, and exactly the sort of Justice our Founders and Framers envisioned.

Throughout the initial confirmation process, Judge Kavanaugh became the most thoroughly vetted nominee in American history. He spent more time being questioned both in hearings and in private by the Senate than any other Supreme Court nominee in American history. He answered more written questions than any Supreme Court nominee in American history.

In Fact…more was asked of Judge Kavanaugh, and more was given by Judge Kavanaugh that all other Supreme Court nominees in American history…combined.

Two weeks ago, before the Senate Judiciary Committee…before the U.S. Senate and before the American public sat a man without a shadow of a hint of an iota of a blemish on his record…either professional or personal…yet the seething, abject hatred of liberals, both elected and on the street could not, would not allow them to see such an astute Judge as Kavanaugh become the next United States Supreme Court Justice.

Knowing there was absolutely no way to impugn Kavanaugh’s judicial record, or for that matter, his professional record, liberals dug deep into their playbook and launched the most vile…the most dirty and disgusting attack on Kavanaugh’s personal life.

An anti-Trump liberal from California sent a letter to liberal Senator Diane Feinstein which contained vile allegations against Judge Kavanaugh that were 36 years old…dating back to his days in high school. The letter was full of holes, lacked any corroboration whatsoever, and offered absolutely no evidence that what was alleged to have happened actually happened. The author of that letter asked that it be kept confidential.

Just two days before a confirmation vote by the full Senate, that letter somehow found its way to the New York Times and the attempted assassination of a good man’s character was launched. Naturally, liberal media grabbed the baseless allegations and ran with them 24 hours a day. Within hours of the baseless allegations being published by the Times, liberals in the street seized upon the mainstream media generated and stoked story and turned baseless allegations into fake facts while more liberals wanting to share the vile spotlight jumped onto the bandwagon making further…baseless allegations that were also picked up by the mainstream media and reported as facts.

The allegations, as baseless as they were, never purported to label Kavanaugh as a rapist, but liberals across the nation attached that label to Judge Kavanaugh while elected liberals did nothing to stop it, thus condoning the vile, false label with their abject silence.

It was exactly what the liberal elected elite wanted…a smear beyond all smears…a lie told loud enough to be believed by their angry mobs and believed to be true by those blinded by their own hatred and desperation.

The allegations were lies…the liberal elected elite knew the allegations were lies…liberals in the street who operate from mob mentality didn’t care whether the allegations were lies…and the liberal mainstream media arsonists continued to throw gasoline on the fire they had started just to gleefully watch it burn.

After eight years of Obama tearing our nation down, after eight years of Obama turning the “shining light on the hill” into the last faint flickers of a candle in the wind, after years…decades of trying to stack our judicial system with liberal, activist judges who would legislate the liberal agenda from the bench…liberals could not…would not abide a second nominee to the high court from President Trump who would place the sort of value on Constitutional law as does Justice Neil Gorsuch, or would a Justice Kavanaugh.

Liberals overplayed their hand. They opened their playbook out of desperation thinking that if they threw everything they had, all their vileness and all of their hatred at Kavanaugh, even if it meant exposing their tactics, it would be worth it as they clung to the final thread on the last straw of their failing, and failed agenda.

Liberals, from the elected elite, to the mainstream media arsonists, to the angry mobs in the streets and on social media were more than willing to scrap the rule of law, eliminate the presumption of innocence and subvert the bedrock of our nation’s judicial system to destroy a damn good man, an impeccable jurist and ruin not only his life but the lives of his family out of shear, unbridled hatred over seeing their agenda, hell bent on fundamentally transforming America from a Constitutional Republic into a socialist hell-hole unraveling before eyes.

Thank God President Trump had the backbone not to pull Kavanaugh’s nomination, and thank God Kavanaugh had the backbone not to cave under the staggering pressure exerted against him by hate-filled mobs being spurred on by hate-filled elected liberals and their arsonist media propagandists.

Thank God too for those members of the Senate who, while we Conservatives have had issues regarding their reliability to act and legislate as true Conservatives, stepped up and showed their backbones not when we, as Conservatives needed them to…but when our nation needed them to.

Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, and Susan Collins among others, saw through the liberal hatred, and despite their own differences with President Trump, were able to put that aside and take the sort of stand, not that served the current Conservative political agenda…but rather served the agenda of our Founders and Framers, the Constitution and the rule of law demanded by the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh survived the attempted character assassination and although neither he nor his family will recover quickly from the hate fueled wounds they received, nor will their scars, inflicted by vileness disappear completely…it was our nation that dodged the bullet.

As we Conservatives and Republicans take a moment to bask in the glow of a Supreme Court victory, we must take care not to consider the battle won. We must learn the lesson from this that we are but one election away from losing it all, and we must take care to realize just how close we just came to having this great country run not by the rule of law…but by mob rule.

I don’t know how history will treat this moment, because I don’t know what the future holds but I do know this…

Our future, and the future of our nation does not hinge upon those we elect, but upon those of us who elect them. If we view this moment as a victory flag, and expect those we have elected to protect the principles of our nation from this point forward we will lose it all. However, if we treat this moment as a guidepost, and search out and elect principled Conservatives and Republicans always holding them accountable and staying engaged in the process ourselves…history will look back on this as a seminal turning point that steered our nation from the abyss of socialist, mob rule collapse.

We now know how desperate liberals have become. We now know that the rule of law means nothing to them. We now know that liberals, their elected leaders, their mainstream media arsonists and their hate-filled mobs will resort to any means necessary to regain any vestiges of power, but if we allow ourselves to believe, even for the blink of an eye, that we’ve seen the absolute depths to which they will sink in that quest for power…we would be dead wrong.

The “party of tolerance” angry mob was beating on the doors of the Supreme Court building in Washington DC last Saturday. The only things they were missing were burning torches and pitchforks.

After casting his vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation last Saturday afternoon, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner reported that someone sent a text to his wife showing a graphic beheading, and that someone has publicly posted the names and addresses of his family members.

Other GOP members of the Senate have received death threats…texted to them on their personal cell phones…numbers that are not available to the general public but are made available to other Senators, “through a small pocket-sized book issued at the beginning of each congress, generally only issued to a small and trusted group of staffers.”

C. Christine Fair, a Georgetown University Associate Professor tweeted last Saturday, regarding those who support Kavanaugh, “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

Georgetown University has rewarded Fair by taking her out of the classroom, and giving her an around the world vacation to further her studies.

Even Justice Kavanaugh’s two daughters have been on the receiving end of death threats, vile attacks and violence.

The party of tolerance…or the party of violent barbarians?

Liberals, their elected elite, their mainstream media arsonists and their hate-filled and hate-fueled mobs are more desperate now than they were two short weeks ago. They are not on the ropes…they’re backed into a corner. They’re not licking their wounds…they’re in attack mode. They are not defeated…what they are is rabid, unhinged, and dangerous as hell.

If you think this is over now that Judge Kavanaugh has become Justice Kavanaugh…think again. This is why it is now more important than ever before to stay actively involved…to vote Republican and preserve what we, and this nation have won…to save the rule of law from mob rule.

Stay engaged, remain vigilant and be forever free.

© Craig Andresen/ 2018

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  1. I think it is a wise move , Karen. We cannot do our duty if we are dead. We almost need a kind of “guerilla warfare” but at the same time we must remain “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” I pray that every precaution is taken for Justice Kavanaugh’s precious family.

  2. So important that this article is shared everywhere! A lot of us operate under fear. I’ve even stopped wearing my Cruz t-shirts to avoid being shot. I don’t want to get knifed, macheted, shot, beheaded, etc.

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