Vetting the Credibility of Kavanaugh’s Accuser

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Christine Margaret Blasey Ford is, at worst a con artist, and at best, something between a useful idiot and a dancing puppet to the liberal party of socialists.

Ford, or Blasey now says via her attorneys that she will not testify under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee until a full FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh regarding her baseless allegations has been completed.

As a quick recap…Ford or Blasey has alleged that as a teenager, Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a house she doesn’t know who owned nor can she remember why she was at the house, on a date she doesn’t remember. She herself says she never uttered a word about it until a couples therapy session in 2012, she never filed a police report on it when the alleged assault took place some 35 or so years ago, and she has absolutely no evidence that it ever happened.

So…here’s the question…

What exactly is it she wants fully investigated by the FBI?

Ford, or Blasey…whatever name she’s using this week…has hired a slew of attorneys who have been making the mainstream media fake news rounds lately, and one out of that bunch, Lisa Banks, told CNN that her client “will talk to the committee,” but she is not prepared for the hearing on Monday.

Allow me to point out the incredibly obvious here…she’s had some 35 years to prepare to be heard this coming Monday…how can she not be prepared?

Brett Kavanaugh has only had a week to prepare to address her allegations…and he is prepared to do so this coming Monday…what the hell?

Another of her attorneys, one Debra Katz, now says there was another girl in the mystery house on that mystery date that can corroborate Ford’s allegations…but she won’t reveal that girl’s name…but it gets even stranger…Katz told her CNN mainstream media interviewer that it is not her client’s job to corroborate her allegations.

Ummmm…well then…just who’s job is it?

According to Katz…that job falls to the investigators…which leads me back to my previous question…what exactly is it that she wants fully investigated by the FBI?

Ford, or Blasey has made a 35 plus year old allegation against Brett Kavanaugh for which she has absolutely no evidence, no corroboration, and that she never spoke to anyone about, according to her, until 2012…what exactly is the FBI supposed to investigate?

Over the years, Brett Kavanaugh has undergone not one, not two, not three, four or five…but six federal background checks and there hasn’t been a single red flag pop up in any of them. It seems to me that Kavanaugh’s credibility has already been vetted…which leaves us to vet the credibility of…the accuser.

Along those lines, were I in charge of such an investigation…I would have some very interesting questions for Ford, or Blasey.

Let’s begin…

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…you have told the media that you don’t remember or know why you were at the house in question on the day in question, and further, you told the media that you don’t know who’s house you were at. Do you now, or did you then, some 35 years ago, make a habit of entering the home of strangers for no specific reason?

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…you have stated that while in a strangers home for no apparent reason that you can remember, you went upstairs to use a bathroom when the event you allege took place. Why? Was there no bathroom on the first floor, or was the first floor bathroom already occupied when nature called?

You have also stated that two boys, who were among the four people in that apparent strangers home followed you upstairs when you were heading for the bathroom. Is it your observation now, or was it common then for teenage boys to follow teenage girls upstairs when the girl wanted to use a bathroom? I ask this because as a former teenage boy myself, the last thing I or my friends, back when we were in our teenage years or today for that matter were interested in was following a girl to the bathroom.

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…you claim in your allegations that the two boys who followed to up the stairs of a stranger’s home when you went to use a strangers bathroom were drunk. According to you, Ms. Ford, or Blasey, there were four people in that stranger’s house, and therefore, again according to you, at least half of them were drunk. Were you also drunk Ms. Ford, or Blasey…and can you prove with evidence that either the boys were drunk, or that you either were or weren’t drunk?

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…as you can’t prove that you either were, or were not drunk yourself at the time of the alleged event while in a stranger’s home for no apparent reason, any more than you seem to be able to prove that the events you allege transpired…I’ll move on…you allege that one of the boys in question pulled you away from the bathroom before you could enter, and maneuvered you into a bedroom where that boy pushed you onto a bed and got on top of you…which according to you was the beginning of the sexual assault that you allege occurred. Is that correct?

You also allege that the other boy then jumped on top of the first boy…would you, Ms. Ford, or Blasey also allege that the second boy, because he was on top of the first boy, was beginning a sexual assault of said first boy, or was the second boy just horsing around?

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…you further allege that the boy of the first part groped you, and tried to remove your clothes, as well as tried to remove your one piece bathing suit but that the boy of the second part, in his continued horsing about knocked you both off of the bed at which time you, in your words, “escaped” to the stranger’s second floor bathroom. Were your clothes torn Ms. Ford, or Blasey?

Was your one piece bathing suit torn?

Ms. Ford, or Blasey, you claim that upon exiting the second floor bathroom of a stranger’s home in which you were present for no apparent reason, you then left said home and returned to your home. Is it true, as you have written that either on your way to your own home, or upon arriving at your own home, that you either thought, or said to yourself, “My biggest fear was, do I look like someone just attacked me? [I thought], I’m not ever telling anyone this. This is nothing, it didn’t happen, and he didn’t rape me?”

I believe that we can take from this, that your clothes were not torn, that your one piece bathing suit was still intact, that you were neither bruised, scratched nor abraied and that there were absolutely no outward signs apparent to your physical appearance that would indicate what you have alleged to be “an attack” took place, and further, that as no outward signs of an alleged attack were present, you would not have any need to explain such to anyone. Is that correct Ms. Ford, or Blasey?

Since going public with your accusation, Ms. Ford, or Blasey…according to one of your attorneys, Debra Katz, you have remembered another girl who was at the gathering you describe in your allegation who can, according to you via said attorney, corroborate your accusation. Was that unnamed girl also in the bedroom when you allege the sexual attack took place? Please remember Ms. Ford, or Blasey, that in order to corroborate such an allegation, in a court of law, the unnamed girl would have had to have been an eye witness…otherwise…her so-called corroboration would be inadmissible as hearsay.

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…just before you went public regarding your allegation, you scrubbed or shut down your social media accounts including your Facebook account. Why? What posts on social media had you made that you were afraid to be brought into question?

Did you, Ms. Ford, or Blasey, believe that some of your social media posts would impugn your credibility, and were we to subpoena your social media account records, would we find posts that would impugn your credibility?

In other words Ms. Ford, or Blasey…what are you trying so desperately to hide?

Remember, Ms. Ford, or Blasey…you are under oath.

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…is there any evidence that you can show…a police report…a written statement…photos…videos…a medical examination report…any evidence that can be verified as having been produced immediately after the event you allege occurred that would validate that the event you allege actually took place?

Bear in mind Ms. Ford, or Blasey, that without evidence the accusation you have made against Mr. Kavanaugh is meritless as a matter of legal standing…a baseless accusation…and that without evidence there is nothing upon which to base a federal investigation…so once again, Ms. Ford, or Blasey…what is it exactly that you are demanding be investigated by the FBI?

These are but some of the questions I would pose to the accuser, and while I know there are those who would accuse me of trying to turn the accuser into the accused…that is far from the truth.

If we are to take the accusations leveled against Mr. Kavanaugh seriously…if we are to believe Ms. Ford, or Blasey and her allegation…and further investigate Mr. Kavanaugh based on her allegation…the first thing that must be done is to establish the credibility of the accuser because in this country, and according to this country’s legal system…the burden of proof is on the accuser…not on the accused.

If the accuser lacks evidence regarding the accusation, and also lacks credibility, there is no basis, no merit and no standing for any investigation into the accused.

One final question Ms. Ford, or Blasey…

What is it exactly that you want to come from making this allegation for which you apparently have no evidence? Your attorney, or team of attorneys have no doubt explained to you that demanding a criminal FBI investigation some 35 plus years after the event you allege occurred cannot lead to a criminal indictment, arrest, trial or conviction due to the statute of limitations for misdemeanor sexual assault in the state of Maryland as related to your allegation against Mr. Kavanaugh having expired some 34 plus years ago.

I am sure your team of attorneys have also advised you that in the state of Maryland, in order to file criminal charges, you must notify law enforcement of the sexual abuse, which Ms. Ford, or Blasey, you have never done. It would also be remiss of both me, and your attorneys not to advise you that while there is no statute of limitations on felony sexual abuse in the state of Maryland, given the nature of your allegation regarding what you allege to have occurred, and the time frame of 35 years, no District or State’s Attorney would file a criminal case against a man who has not only passed six federal background checks, but where no evidence against him exists.

I would also hope, Ms, Ford, or Blasey, that your team of attorneys have also advised you that this is outside the scope of the FBI’s jurisdiction.

So…Ms. Ford, or Blasey…other than dragging a good man’s name through the mud in the court of public opinion is your goal in making this allegation?

Ms. Ford, or Blasey…we are all awaiting your answers.

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