The Race to the Bottom of the Barrel

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The race is on.

No, not the 2018 midterm race…not even the 2020 presidential race.

I’m talking about the race to see which liberal can be the most un-American…the race to the bottom of the barrel, and it’s a tight race with the lead shifting with almost every tweet, each interview or statement made by some abject liberal idiot.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of NY and an idiot of the 1st order said last week that, “America was never that great.” Really? When we beat the British in the Revolutionary war…we weren’t that great? When we beat them in the sequel, the War of 1812…we weren’t that great? When we abolished slavery we weren’t that great? When we united north and south, when the south figured out how to grow economically without slave labor, when we won 2 World Wars, instituted the Civil Rights Act, went to the moon, invented things, created things, pioneered things, cured things and did all the other things that have become the envy of the world…we weren’t that great?

I’ve got news for that monumental moron…

America has always been great, but I suppose morons like Andrew Cuomo don’t understand the difference between the definitions of “great” and “perfect.”

While American hasn’t always been perfect, in fact America has never been “perfect,” it has always been great because America is a nation that has always strived to be better that it was, and that drive to be better, to make the changes necessary to be better, to inspire, to motivate and encourage innovation is what has always made America great despite out imperfections.

No other country on earth has that.

And yet…there’s Cuomo…in the land of opportunity that provided him the opportunity to earn well beyond the national average salary and provided him with a platform from which to blather telling the world that “America was never that great.”

What a worm.

There are a whole bunch of professional athletes out there taking a knee when our National Anthem is played. Apparently they don’t think very highly of the country that has provided them the opportunity to be rich beyond their wildest dreams…for playing games for a living.

Oh, sure…they claim that the whole taking a knee thing is a protest against inequality…but is it?

Have you looked at professional sports like football, basketball, or baseball over the past half a century? White players have become the minority and yet white kids growing up in America have, for the past half a century wanted to be as good at the games as other players despite the color of their skin.

Any kid with a basketball wants to be like Mike, or Curry, or Shaq or Bird…Pistol Pete or whoever…not because of the color of their skin, but because of their level of play.

Look at any Little League baseball game and you’ll find kids of all colors wanting to hit, pitch, or field like big leaguers of all colors. What kid in high school playing football on a Friday night doesn’t want to be the next whoever in The NFL skin color be damned?

Of course, there are professional sports where the overwhelming vast majority have a remarkably lower level of melanin…hockey and auto racing jump to mind, but you don’t hear the kneelers railing about the lack of black participants in hockey or racing in their anti-American drivel.

Hockey is a tough, often times brutal sport where fights break out all the time…one would think that the Black Lives Matter goons would take that up as a way to stay in shape for their next riot…but as for racing…the only time you see black people driving that fast going around in circles is if there’s a cop chasing them…and none of the NASCAR rides are outfitted with police decals.

On a similar note…last week…Hillary reemerged from either under a rock or from a drunken stupor to laud some kid, 11 year old Mariana Taylor, for taking a knee during her school class Pledge of Allegiance. The old sot fired off a decidedly un-American tweet stating, “It takes courage to exercise your right to protest injustice, especially when you’re 11! Keep up the good work Mariana.”

Yep…ol’ drunk and disorderly Hillary is encouraging kids to show disrespect for our flag by taking a knee during the Pledge by making a champion of little Mariana because she followed the lead of her hero…the unemployed Colin Kaepernick.Maybe little Mariana will grow up to be as unemployed as she is un-American and thus become a role model for all liberals. It’s something to shoot for anyway.

Now here’s what I don’t get about this whole take a knee thing…they only do it when it has something to do with our flag. What’s the big deal about disrespecting our flag? What did our flag ever do to them?

Our flag isn’t the reason Kaepernick got benched and then unemployed.

Is it supposed racial issues? Our flag has flown over this country longer since the abolishment of slavery than it did when there was slavery, and it’s the same flag that flew after the Civil Rights Act as before it. It’s the same flag that has flown after integration of sports and everything else as before integration.

Is it because Trump is now the President? Is that it? No…Kaepernick was sitting during the National Anthem before he took is first knee for it and that first knee was taken on September 1, 2016 before Trump was elected, when everybody still thought Hillary would win and while Obama was still in office.

Hilary told that 11 year old kid that it has something to do with “injustice,” but she doesn’t define what injustice it is. I challenge anyone to find another country where the system of justice is better than ours. Perhaps the kneelers should go live in another country and see for themselves how justice is handled there.

Go to any Muslim country and see how you get along. Go to any African country and see if that doesn’t suit your definition of better justice. Try China, or North Korea of Russia…maybe one of those places has what you’re looking for.

So…idiot liberals are now taking a knee for both the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance because Kaepernick did. They don’t want to respect the Anthem…because, Kaepernick claimed it was all about…police brutality…because police had shot and killed a couple of thugs in cases that became high profile.

Kaepernick has had nothing to say when thugs kill other thugs, or kill innocent bystanders or kids…but let a cop shoot a thug who’s trying to kill a cop…and the idiot starts taking a knee. Now, so many other athletes are saying they’re taking a knee in protest of the fact that Kaepernick hasn’t been given a job as a quarterback for some other team and they’re claiming it is racism.

Oh, really?

Well, let’s see…in February of 2016, Kaepernick made it clear that he wanted to be traded from the San Francisco 49ers…but he wasn’t…and he proceeded to quarterback the 49ers to 11 straight losses in the 2016 season before being benched for his abysmal performance.

He was offered a job as a backup for the Denver Broncos in 2016…but guess what…the moron who wanted OUT of the 49ers organization…turned it down. Why? Because he felt that he was entitled to START…not be a backup, and he didn’t like the pay a backup would make because he felt entitled to more of other people’s money.

So…throughout the2017 NFL season, the protests continued and grew as players all over the NFL and other sports as well were taking a knee in protest and disrespect of a song about our flag because they claim our country is…unjust.

Our flag is a symbol of our nation…it is a symbol of hope, opportunity, liberty and the very symbol of your freedom to protest…so why disrespect it, disrespect the people who have fought for it and your freedom to be a bone-headed as you want to be, and disrespect the nation that flag represents?

The kneelers and other garden variety liberal haters of America claim that America is oppressive…that they’re oppressed by America…but that’s a crock-o-crap and I’ll tell you how I know it’s a crock-o-crap.

IF America really WAS so oppressive…as liberals claim it is…wouldn’t they e warning people from other countries NOT to come here? In reality…the kneelers and garden variety liberals at large are inviting people from other countries to come here, squat in our country, take advantage of all the free stuff this oppressive country has to offer AND they are trying to extend the rights (of the country they claim oppresses them) afforded our CITIZENS to those who break our laws by coming here ILLEGALLY.

Ahhhh…now we’re getting to it aren’t we? The kneelers aren’t protesting the flag…they’re protesting the nation…and that’s the crux of it really.

They’re anti-American. They just don’t like their nation. Those abject idiots must be mad because they live in a nation that allows them freedom, provides them with opportunities they would never have anywhere else, and while they rake in the millions of dollars they make for playing games, they want to take a knee because we’re not a socialist nation.

I’ve got some breaking news for the kneelers…if we WERE a socialist nation, nobody would be making the kind of money they’re making…they’d be making as little as the lowest guy on the salary scale. Nobody would be equally rich…everybody would be equally poor.

So…if it is the NATION they have their panties all wadded up over…why, rather than taking a knee don’t they take a stand? These idiots are protesting the NATION by garnering attention while playing in national leagues.

Kneelers…make your protest actually mean something, and quit the game. Protest our NATION by quitting the NATIONAL Football leagues. Protest our NATION by quitting the NATIONAL Basketball Association, and protest our NATION by quitting the NATIONAL and AMERICAN Leagues in baseball.

And once you’ve done that…leave our NATION altogether to go live in some craphole nation you believe would be so much better suited to your un-American ideals.

By the way, in a good many of those other countries, you would NOT be allowed to protest either their flag OR their country. In some of those other countries, you could be imprisoned for making such protests or issuing statements that said other country is not up to your standards.

In THIS country, your right to be an abject anti_American idiot is Constitutionally protected.

Hey, Andrew Cuomo…is this a great country or what?

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