Better to Leave Old Hatchets Buried

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Oh, for the love of GOD…what will liberals be offended by next?

Apparently, they are now pretending to be offended by…Cowboys. That’s right…cowboys…as in the Wyoming Cowboys, the namesake of the University OF Wyoming.

Here’s the deal…

The University of Wyoming has unveiled a new slogan, “The world needs more cowboys,” and critics, including liberal snowflake faculty members and Native American whoo-whoo Indian groups, are calling the new slogan…sexist…racist and counterproductive to university recruitment…because it excludes at least 80 different genders that liberals have been pretending exist, and people of color.

Associate professor and liberal indoctrination specialist, Ellen Currano, claimed she honestly thought the new slogan was a joke until she looked it up and discovered that “The world needs more cowboys” was indeed a serious slogan.

Oddly, I felt the same way regarding Currano’s claim to be offended by the slogan…that both she, and it were jokes, until I looked it up…

And I haven’t changed my mind.

Darrell Hutchinson, who holds the job title of “Cultural Specialist” whatever the hell that’s supposed to be says people who do not fit the stereotypical image of a cowboy…that being “a white man with a wide-brimmed hat riding the range on horseback” …are not made to feel welcome at the University of Wyoming.

The “Cultural Specialist” went on to state that, “If you’re not a white person, and especially if you’re an Indian, it would make you feel out of place — it wouldn’t make you feel too good about yourself.” Hutchinson is a member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming….a whoo-whoo rather than a 7-11 or tech support Indian.

Hey…stereotypes really DO come from reality whether or not some people like it.

And…there ya go…

Christine Boggs, a co-chair of the Committee on Women and People of Color at the University of Wyoming…Cowboys…claims that the new slogan IS sexist, and says, “If we’re striving to be a diverse university, exposing our students to a broader scope of ideas, we have to invite them in a more positive, inclusive way.”



Universities, those bastions of liberalism and liberal indoctrination where anything BUT liberal thoughts, beliefs and utterances are not only discouraged, but met often times with vile rhetoric or violence are striving to be diverse and expose students to a broader scope of ideas? Their goal, amid the anti-Conservative liberal fervor that results in attacks, arson and looting are insisting that they need to be more positive and inclusive?

I don’t have to be a cowboy to recognize bullcrap when I see it, and pretending to be horribly offended by the term, or the name “COWBOYS” is 100 percent, stink from upwind bullcrap.

Not that I want to give these bone-crushingly inane liberals anything else on which to chew…but…

What about all the asylums of higher indoctrination that have other names and/or mascots of which the knot-headed liberals could pretend to be offended? When will they get around to any school with a feline moniker?

Wildcats, Tigers, Lions, any variety of Cougars…those being of the feline persuasion rather than the horny more well-seasoned women looking for younger men…Bobcats or any other cat-like mascots? Don’t those schools pose a problem for potential students who might have a cat allergy?

Seriously, what student should be made to go through their 4 plus years of liberal indoctrination while sneezing and with puffy eyes?

Shouldn’t the Georgia “BULLDOGS” be considered OFFENSIVE to those who prefer SCHNOUZERS? How could someone who likes golden retrievers EVER be expected to go to the University of Washington where HUSKIES are thrown in their face on a daily basis? Why isn’t THAT considered offensive?

What about your avian related school mascots…Cardinals, Eagles, Jayhawks, Hawkeyes and such…are those birdy schools not considered offensive to anyone who has had the bejesus scared out of them by one of Hitchcock’s movies…or for that matter…anyone who has been the target of a pooping pigeon?

Naturally, you have all sorts of whoo-whoo Indian themed asylums of higher indoctrination…where various chiefs, Seminoles, and Utes…that would be your whoo-whoo Ute tribe rather than your “My Cousin Vinny” reference to young people Yutes…

Those have long been considered offensive by liberals…just ask pretend whoo-whoo Indian Elizabeth Warren.

The Ohio State Buckeyes is obviously meant to repel any student who can’t come within 50 years of a nut for medical reasons.

The University of Arkansas goes by the name of the Razorbacks, and a Razorback is a wild hog…a member of the species of other white meat…which should be seen as racist being that it fails to include dark meat…and pork is rejected by both Jews and Muslims…so why isn’t anyone up in arms about the Razorbacks being non-inclusive?

Ohio Northern University is called the Klondikes, and their mascot is a polar bear. Polar bears are white. Why isn’t there some organization of liberal crazies out there raising hell on behalf of bears of color? After all, there are brown bears…black bears, and mixed race bears…those being your standard issue panda bears.

Scottsdale Community College is known as the Fighting Artichokes…which honestly can’t be found offensive, I doubt even by liberal standards…but adopting for your school the moniker of the main ingredient of a tasty hors d’oeuvre is both silly, and uninspiring, and therefore should be protested on an intellectual basis if nothing else.

The point of all of this is…if you’re a liberal loon…there exists an endless supply of asylum of higher indoctrination nicknames and mascots of which to potentially be both obsessed and offended by, but this week, even given all the various options…liberals have their collective panties all wadded up over…Cowboys in Wyoming.

Doesn’t Wyoming, being at the tail end of an alphabetical list of our states have enough to feel inferior about already? Why pick on their Cowboy heritage?

Ahhh…that’s just the head of the nail isn’t it? Wyoming does indeed have a Cowboy heritage…and any heritage that isn’t a self-described victim of some sort just doesn’t cut it with liberals.

Let’s just be clear about that heritage shall we? The University of Wyoming was established in 1886…and for the record, in 1886 Wyoming was a territory, not becoming a state until 1890…which means that at the time of its founding of what was at the time an institution of higher learning, rather than an asylum of higher indoctrination, Wyoming was still part of the wild west.

COWBOYS tamed Wyoming. Cowboys were then, and still are today, rough and ready, self-reliant and hardworking sorts who were, and are as tough as they come.  Cowboys were, and still are people who put in a hard day’s work, take whatever is thrown at them, exist as rugged individuals, take a man at their word, and give as good as they get.

Cowboys don’t complain much, are mighty hard to offend, don’t mind getting dirty, and place a high value on honesty, putting in a day’s work for a day’s pay, being respectful of other people and other people’s property, and are likely not to accept anything they haven’t earned.

In other words…real Cowboys ain’t liberals.

There are a few other things real cowboys ain’t either…real cowboys ain’t racist…they don’t give a crap what color anyone is who is willing to cowboy up. Real cowboys ain’t sexist because real cowboys always tip their Stetson to a lady with respect.

Real Cowboys know that they TAMED Wyoming and the Wild West, but they also know for a fact that it was the ladies who REFINED Wyoming and the Wild West making the area palatable for civilized folks. Until the ladies got to Wyoming, Cowboys rarely took a bath, and when they did, they didn’t pull the shades…which all changed when the women got there.

Out of respect for the ladies, Wyoming Cowboys starting bathing at least once a week, and drew the shade while doing so…got to book learnin’ and became respectable in a way that civilized society could find acceptable…so why are liberals today casting sexist and racist hatred toward the very people who embraced the sort of respect liberals demand?

There should be absolutely no shame attached the respectful Cowboys of Wyoming. None at all. And to demand that the Cowboy moniker that pays tribute to rugged, yet respectful Cowboys of Wyoming be removed is the absolute height of liberal hypocrisy.

Sure, Cowboys and whoo-whoo Indians went at it back in the day but that’s part of American history which can’t be changed or erased by pretending to be offended by it today…and aside from a couple of games every fall between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, there hasn’t been a Cowboy and whoo-whoo Indian skirmish in well better than a hundred years.

Furthermore, if as the aforementioned “Cultural Specialist” claims, regarding the University of Wyoming’s “Cowboy” nickname, “If you’re not a white person, and especially if you’re an Indian, it would make you feel out of place — it wouldn’t make you feel too good about yourself,” has any basis, it seems to me tying one’s current self-esteem to events that took place more than a century ago and claiming to be nearly incapacitated by it now is their problem…not mine…besides, as near as I can tell, people of all colors including whoo-whoo AND 7-11 or tech support Indians are welcome at the University of Wyoming.

If liberals really want the University of Wyoming “to be a diverse university,” expose “our students to a broader scope of ideas,” and  “invite them in a more positive, inclusive way,” I have a bit of good ol’ Cowboy advice…

Quit digging up old hatchets and bury the damn things already.

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2 thoughts on “Better to Leave Old Hatchets Buried

  1. “Scottsdale Community College is known as the Fighting Artichokes…which honestly can’t be found offensive, I doubt even by liberal standards…”
    Snowflakes and sjw can certainly be offended by Fighting Artichokes. That name promotes violence, don’t you know?

  2. Oh gosh, I guess the stupid liberals wouldn’t want to know about the Houston Rodeo and the trail ride groups on their way to Houston before the start. They for sure don’t want to know about the BLACK cowboys, and their trail riding group.

    You and Diane have covered it all, as usual. I’m going to post everywhere.

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