Hey Liberals…Appropriate This

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that liberals have way too much time on their hands, because the nature of their arguments against sane people have grown disproportionally obtuse.

Take that porn actress for instance…the one that the mainstream media thinks is above reproach…she’s suing President Trump for…of all things…defamation of character. If she wore panties, she’d have them in a bunch over what the President tweeted after she released a sketch of some dude she claims “threatened” her.

According “She Bangs a Lot,” some random man walked up to her in 2011 and told her…“Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.”

That’s a threat? Sounds like something between an opinion and advice to me but being a liberal with time on her hands, and sans working brain cells…to her…that’s a threat. Anyway, President Trump tweeted…“A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!”

That’s not defamation of character…

That’s DEFINITION of character, and it’s only the tip of the too-much-time-on-their-hands iceberg.

Liberals, whenever they’re losing an argument based on facts and/or logic, always turn to the same old tired charge against their opponent…they scream “racism.”

The whole “racism” thing has been so over used by liberals losing arguments, that nobody in their right mind even pays attention to them, and so, liberals have a new variant on the bogus “racism” charge…

Cultural appropriation.

How DARE anyone do ANYTHING that includes or involves someone else’s culture. According to liberals…that’s offensive, uncalled for and, of course…it’s “RACIST!!”

Let me give you an example…

A couple of weeks ago, a girl…Keziah Daum…went to her prom wearing a dress of Chinese style. It was red, and gold, and traditionally Chinese in its pattern and style. It was a very nice dress and she looked great in it, but pictures she posted online of her at the prom, having fun, were immediately, and vilely ridiculed by liberals with too much time on their hands.

Liberals claimed that Keziah Daum had “culturally appropriated” the Chinese, and they raked her over the coals as though she were some sort of racist hater for her choice of prom dress.

Here’s what some pussy hat wearing liberal snowflake named Jeremy Lam had to say on Twitter regarding Miss Daum…“My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.” Lam went on to state in a different post, “I’m proud of my culture, For it to simply be subject to American consumerism and cater to a white audience, is parallel to colonial ideology.”

At this point, allow me to point out something that this Lam moron obviously failed to consider…he posted his tirade on Twitter…which was not invented in China, and therefore he’s guilty of cultural appropriation himself, and I’ll get back to that in a moment.

Over in the part of the world where Miss Daum’s prom dress is most commonly found, the whole who-ha was seen quite differently, as Zhou Yijun, a Hong Kong-based cultural commentator stated, “From the perspective of a Chinese person, if a foreign woman wears a qipao and thinks she looks pretty, then why shouldn’t she wear it? It’s ridiculous to criticize this as cultural appropriation.”

See, he gets it. The pretty girl wore a pretty dress and looked pretty in it…where’s the foul? What’s the harm? And for that matter…who in the hell cares?

Just as with everything liberal, one must be ready, willing and able to adopt a grand amount of hypocrisy in one’s liberal outrage, and charges of cultural appropriation are no different.

Mr. Lam’s vulgar berating of Miss Daum over her choice of prom dress was retweeted more than 42,000 times, and it doesn’t take much imagination to believe that all, or at the very least, nearly all of those retweets were by liberals with both too much time on their hands, and with far too much hypocrisy in their arguments.

Remember when John Kerry, a liberal’s liberal, wore a traditional Indonesian style Bali outfit? Does anyone remember any outrage from fellow liberals over cultural appropriation when he did that?

How about that time when Hillary fell down those steps in India a couple of months ago? Indians have been falling down those steps for centuries…those are THEIR steps, and falling down THEIR steps is part of THEIR culture. Where was the condemnation of Hillary for cultural appropriation?

Madonna, Celine Dion, Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham have all worn traditional Chinese dresses to various events…where’s the moral outrage from THEIR fellow lefties over THEIR cultural appropriation?

Culture or otherwise, Madonna and Angelina Jolie have been appropriating kids from foreign countries for YEARS…and not a peep from liberals can be heard.

The reason? Hypocrisy. You see…when liberals do it…it’s called DIVERSITY…but let some high school girl from Utah, where liberals are scarce, wear a Chinese dress…and all liberal hell breaks loose.

Like many good folks, I enjoy Chinese food, Greek food, Italian food and from time to time, I enjoy a good Irish potato…are we guilty of cultural appropriation?

How many liberals are out there driving a Prius today? Don’t they know that those little rice wagons are Japanese, or is it allowable in liberal culture to appropriate the Japanese culture in the name of global warning, otherwise known as the weather?

And what about all the black Americans who feel the need to name their kids after something that sounds like an African warrior? Are the parents of little Shaka, Omari, Imani, Kalifa, Monique and Unique committing cultural appropriation…and if they are…Shaquile O’Neil’s mom and dad ought to be locked up for appropriating TWO cultures.

Not that I’m trying to get in Dutch with an African Irish American who’s massive enough to occupy two zip codes at the same time, but seriously…other than the fact that he could step on them like the little bugs they are…why aren’t liberals accusing HIM of cultural appropriation?

Here’s the deal…the melting pot has a meaning much deeper than fondue…it’s what America used to be. The melting pot is where people from all sorts of places, and all sorts of cultures came together, and assimilated into a new culture. A culture that was a bit ot this, some of that, and lots of something new…America.

Today’s liberals don’t want a melting pot…they want a mosaic made of little individual fragmented pieces of culture, and we dare not blend any part of one into any bit of another lest liberals start screaming racism, or now…cultural appropriation.

But here too we find an abundance of liberal hypocrisy, in that while liberals don’t want specifically white, conservative folks to “appropriate” any aspects of anyone else’s culture, especially if that culture happens to be from any ethnic origin other than primarily pale in nature, the liberals INSIST that we TOLERATE other cultural norms rather than insist that those cultures assimilate into our AMERICAN culture.

If a garden variety white person wears a traditional Islamic outfit…we will be accused by liberals of appropriating the Islamic culture, and yet…if those who come from an Islamic culture demand their culture’s Sharia law…liberals insist that we, as Americans, must tolerate it, and accept it.

Would Jeremy Lam, the liberal who berated Keziah Daum over her choice of a prom dress tolerate or accept the culture of the southern states, the history of those states, the statues of the historical figures of those states or a simple flag many in those states see as historical? I think not, but one has to wonder where Lam stands with regard to the thousands currently parked at our southern border.

That particular “caravan” of future illegal aliens, and future liberal voters came all the way from central America…they traveled the entire length of Mexico without so much as a single reported safety concern, supposedly to seek safety in the United States, and while parked on our southern border, they’re proudly waving flags from that represent the unsafe hell holes from which they’re claiming to be fleeing out of fear, and suppression.

My guess is that Lam, like so many other liberals, are of the opinion that the anything but oppressed future liberals be allowed to enter our country, and that we must tolerate their gimmie, gimmie culture of liberal entitlement.

Has any liberal, including Lam, blasted Elizabeth Warren…also know as Princess Moonbat Crazy Feathers…for her cultural appropriation for personal and professional gain?

Of course not.

Let a white woman do her hair in corn rows and black liberals will come unhinged over the dirty, rotten racist appropriation of black culture but…

Let a black woman straighten her hair, and dye it blond and you won’t hear a single peep from black liberals in regard to any sort of cultural appropriation.

Hypocrisy at it’s best.

“Cultural appropriation” is the new buzz phrase for terminally offended liberals, and it is nothing more than an expansion of political correctness which exists only because liberals believe they have a right not to be offended, and on the off chance that liberals aren’t personally offended by something, they’re more than willing to be offended on someone else’s behalf.

The reason for that is simple…without victims of something, liberalism couldn’t exist, and where no real victims are to be found, liberals will create pretend victims for whom they will take a stand. It’s gotten to the point now that liberals, more than 42,000 of them are pretending to be offended over a Chinese styled prom dress that didn’t even offend the Chinese people…in China.

I could go on, and on about this, but I have plans…I’m making General Tso chicken for dinner, which I intend to wash down with a bottle of Corona while wearing a Viking helmet in my Tuscan dining room as I watch a documentary on ancient Egypt on my made in Japan TV.

While I have no idea at all what culture owns the intellectual property rights to the middle finger salute…mine has now been extended for appropriation by any liberal who enjoys the diversity of it all.

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