The Evolution of Monumental Idiocy

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It’s no secret that liberals are really socialists, and that some actually have crossed over to being full-on communists. We all know that.

It’s also no secret that the overwhelming vast majority of all liberals, be they garden variety, socialists or communists, are also idiots.

Nobody with a working brain cell is going to argue with that assessment.

Liberals will argue that assessment, but that pretty well proves my point, doesn’t it?

The problem is that abject idiots have completely taken over the democrat party, our education system, the bulk of the mainstream media, and in some cases, elements of our judicial system. In fact, abject liberal idiots are now mentoring future idiots, indoctrinating them in the ways of idiocy, and raising idiotic behavior to an art form.

Adding to the problem, is that lone, individual idiots have, over the past couple of decades, organized themselves, creating some sort of obtuse fellow idiot support groups.

Villages of idiots, so to speak, and to truly understand this concept, one must first understand the concept, and evolution of both idiots, and villages.

In the earliest days of mankind…pretty much everybody was an idiot, and there were no villages. Just a bunch of free range idiots spread out all over the place marveling at, and worshiping the invention of fire. Those who learned to cook over it…medium rare…were no longer idiots, and eventually, they formed into groups, and thus, societies were created.

Even then, in those days of cave paintings and eventually crudely constructed dwellings that would soon become…villages…the educated…those who made the tools that others used…those who invented sauce to go with what they cooked…were nostalgic.

They missed their idiots.

In order to fill the void, each village went out and brought back exactly one idiot to live amongst them. Forget the invention of fire, the wheel, tools and for that matter, forget the sauce…those brilliant, magnificent bastards had created…

The village idiot.

This was a fine system…one idiot per village…and on the off chance a wandering idiot drifted into the village, the village elders would hold a meeting to decide which idiot they liked the most…the familiar idiot, or the new idiot…and whichever idiot they liked the least would be presented to another village whose idiot had perhaps inadvertently wandered off, by chance died, or had become infatuated with the village goat.

Nobody wanted to see that.

Villages, and soon…villages with idiots began where pretty much everything began…in Africa…before spreading to the rest of the world, and eventually, when enough sauce makers occupied a village, the village became a town. This happened first in Europe, and then started happening pretty much everywhere else other than in Africa, which to this day remains peppered with villages…and village idiots.

Here, we see an African village sauce maker trying to slap the stupid out of an African village idiot.

While there is little hope for that particular idiot, there is even less hope that that village will ever become a town.

In the middle ages, the golden age of villages and their respective idiots, one could easily discern the difference between a village and a town by the fact that towns had a trench into which chamber pots were emptied daily, while your common village simply had…a puddle. The village idiot was the odd fellow who stood directly outside the window every day at the appointed piss-pot emptying time, which goes a long way toward explaining why towns wanted nothing whatsoever to do with village idiots.

Now then, if you think only villages had idiots, think again, as many civilizations, villages or not, also had their fair share of idiots which, over time, were the direct cause of the downfall of so many civilizations, but not before monuments to idiocy were erected as warnings to future civilizations not to allow the idiots to run amok.

Both the Mayan and Aztec civilizations had more than enough idiots to go around in their respective hay days, but neither of those civilizations survived…thanks to the idiots….but we still have ceremonial sites as sorrowful reminders of the idiocy that ended their time on earth.

The ancient Egyptians did pretty well for themselves before the idiots moved in….and today, all that’s left are a few pyramids.

Whatever civilization it was that build Stonehenge was obviously full of idiots, who spent their lives moving and stacking giant rocks…for seemingly no real reason whatsoever, and the Nazca civilization, lacking giant rocks, made drawings in the dessert as monuments to their idiocy.

Idiots made monumental heads and put them all over Easter Island, which scared away the tourists and now, today, we don’t even know who, or what that civilization was.

Take Atlantis as a prime example…a place of wonder and technology…and one can assume wonderful sauces…which at some point become so replete with idiots that we now can’t even find the damned island.

Islands, of course, are a point of fascination for idiots, and here we see a modern day village idiot explaining everything he knows about one particular island.

Not that it would do a lick of good, but could somebody see if we can get that African village sauce maker to try slapping the stupid out of Hank Johnson…PLEASE???

This, of course, brings us to today’s village idiots…liberals…who are so tired of being inferior to Conservatives, that they feel the need to dumb down our entire civilization via the mainstream media, and our education system just to even the playing field.

What we’re talking about here are a bunch of idiots who believe there are more than 80 genders…idiots who named Bruce Jenner the “Woman of the Year,” and idiots who, for 8 years, called MOOchelle Obama our First “LADY.”

If a pot of piss is being tossed out of a window anywhere in this country, you can bet there’s a liberal standing in the puddle.

We’re talking about such an absolute bunch of idiots, that in an effort to determine the moral fitness of our President…they asked a porn star.

If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.

What we have today are idiots, indoctrinated by other idiots to believe that, despite billions of years of ever changing climate on this, the third rock from the sun before the first village was invented, or the first idiot appointed to represent that village…that climate change is caused by man.

And, like the civilizations before them…the Aztecs, the Mayans, the ancient Egyptians…those who built Stonehenge and made lines in the South American deserts…today’s village idiots are erecting monuments to their own monumental idiocy…

Wind turbines…which rely on the burning of three times the energy…produced by fossil fuels…to build, transport, erect and maintain those monuments to stupidity than the monument itself will ever crank out…in what they are trying to convince the rest of us is going to save the planet.

And to that end, just over a week ago, village idiot extraordinaire, David Buckel, an attorney who decided it was high time for a grand gesture of idiocy, protested global warming which he, and so many other village idiots believe to be man-made…by killing himself by lighting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, turning a picnic spot into his own, personal monument to idiocy.

While Buckel was a slight cut above the average, garden variety village idiot, being that he actually cooked meat in the fire he build, he nonetheless proved himself an idiot…as he made no sauce….not to mention the fact that his blaze of glory in protest of the use of fossil fuels was, in fact, a blaze employing fossil fuel.

The point is…a thousand years from now, archeologists will dig up what our civilization left behind, and find the costumes women wore on a windy day in January 2017 as they paraded through the streets of Washington D.C. like giant, flapping vaginas…theorizing that they must have had something to do with an ancient fertility ritual…in much the same way as we, today, believe that Stonehenge was some sort of ancient calendar…when in reality it was nothing more, or less, than village idiots doing what village idiots do.

And like the heads of Easter Island, today’s monuments to idiocy…wind turbines…broken, burned out, and as useless as the day they were erected, will leave the sauce makers of tomorrow wondering…what in the hell purpose did those things serve?

I’m telling you folks…

We have far too many idiots…and nowhere near enough villages.

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