The FISA Memo, High Crimes and Misdemeanors

I have long said that if you want to know what liberals themselves are up to, just pay attention to what they accuse Conservatives of either doing, or being.

Evidence that my long-held belief is 100 percent correct has now manifested itself with the release of the Nunes FISA memo. Make no mistake, liberals have been caught with their corrupt pants down, and now, they’re running scared.

Last week, leading up to that memo’s release, Senator Cory Booker accused Conservatives of being about to do what liberals had already done…

He accused those who wanted that memo released to the American people of being on the cusp of treason should they succeed in releasing the memo.

That’s right…

Booker said releasing the memo would be…”treasonous.”

Here’s Booker, in his own words…

In other words…allowing the American people to know what Obama’s FBI, what Obama’s DOJ, what Hillary’s campaign and what the Democratic National Committee did…allowing the American people to see the corruption, the shredding of the 4th Amendment, the weaponizing, for partisan political gain, America’s law enforcement and justice system would be an act of treason.

Are you kidding me?

In a desperate attempt to deflect what liberals had done…Booker accused Conservatives of treason for wanting to air the liberal’s own treasonous dirty laundry in public.

Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona saw things clearly, and pulled no punches when he issued a statement on the very day of the release of that FISA memo.

Good for Congressman Gosar…damn good, but to fully understand the seriousness of what took place, and the absolute correctness of Gosar’s anger…one must understand that what was done to Donald Trump, and Carter Page, should it not be challenged to the fullest extent of the law, could just as easily happen to any average American citizen.

Obama’s FBI suits knew full-well that the Steele dossier was a bought and paid for fraud. They knew that because those FBI suits, using the money of American taxpayers, helped buy and pay for it to be manufactured.

Obama’s DOJ knew that the Steele dossier was a fraud as well, and yet the suits at the DOJ and the suits at the FBI intentionally omitted from their FISA warrant applications that the basis for them, was a pack of lies.

The DNC knew that the Steele dossier was a fraud…and they knew as well that they, along with the FBI paid for the manufacturing of it.

Last Friday, on the day the memo was released, my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio partner, Diane Sori and I put the puzzle pieces together and exposed what we believe the liberal plan really was…Hillary Clinton’s campaign also knew the Steele dossier, that they helped pay for, was a fraud, but in their hours of desperation months before the election, as they felt their base of support eroding away, and Trump’s swelling, and unable to dig up any real dirt on Trump…they hired some two-bit former British spy to simply make crap up, and them peddle it about to any liberal media organization, or liberal propaganda entity that would listen.

The FBI and the DOJ…Obama’s FBI and Obama’s DOJ, were handed that fake dossier…most likely by John McCain who wanted Trump’s campaign ruined as badly as did the liberals he so identifies with…and they took their bought and paid for load of manufactured crap and ran to the FISA court for a warrant so they could spy on Trump’s campaign…so they could catch him actually doing something wrong.

The problem was…he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and their manufactured dirt pile, used to secure a warrant for spying on an American citizen, didn’t lead to any real, organic dirt.

In the utter lack and complete absence of any real dirt with which Obama’s FBI and DOJ could use to take Donald Trump to a court of law, Hillary Clinton, her campaign and the DNC did what liberals always do, and decided to use their total fabrication, the Steele dossier, to smear Trump in the court of public opinion.

They figured that, in the face of a blizzard of false and fabricated lies, blown by the winds of their own propaganda outfit, the mainstream media, Donald Trump would do what just about everybody they had ever deployed such tactics against always did…fold like a house of cards…but he didn’t…he was not your garden variety politician…Donald Trump was, and is, a street fighter…and he started in with a fury the liberals never saw coming, raining a nonstop pounding of Hillary, her campaign, the FBI, the DOJ and Obama himself that used the one thing the liberals never have in their arsenal…

The truth.

Remember too, that while all of this was going on, and going down, Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the FBI regarding her own, very real, email scandal which, make no mistake about it, rose to the level of espionage.

Obama’s FBI Director, James Comey, along with his FBI potted plant, Andrew McCabe, along with Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and potted plant Rod Rosenstein of the DOJ…Obama’s DOJ made sure that the real dirt on Hillary, dirt that should damned well have landed her in a court of law, was swept under the proverbial rug and covered by the liberal propaganda arm, again, the mainstream media ,never to see the light of day in the court of public opinion.

Then, in a last-ditch effort to make it all go away, and in a desperate attempt to pin their own treasonous acts on President Trump…Rosenstein appointed Mueller to lead the ever-so-special fake investigation into Trump and non-existent Russian collusion.

That is obstruction of justice at the highest level…and due to what we now know was in those emails, and who got to see all that classified material due to it being illegally kept on a private, secret server…not to mention with whom Hillary shared it, and the fact that months after being subpoenaed to turn it over, she deleted 32,000 emails and had the hard drives BleachBitted…amounted to a combination of espionage and treason.

…even though Hillary, her campaign, the DNC, Obama’s FBI suits and his DOJ suits lacked any real evidence to lock up Donald Trump…they would simply smear him with fabricated lies, and Hillary would win in November 2016. Once in the oval office, the Obama/Hillary FBI and the Obama/Hillary DOJ…our nation’s custodians of law and order, would clean up Hillary’s and Obama’s various messes, their acts of treason, and go merrily on their way, using the FBI, the DOJ and the IRS as political weapons against American citizens who simply don’t appreciate tyranny and treason from their dear leaders.

In Trump, they all expected a house of cards, but what they got was a fortress of stone, and when Hillary lost, they all knew the jig was up, their dirty secrets, their lies, their tactics, and their unlawful, tyranny-laden treasonous activities would become exposed…hence the ongoing effort to falsely label President Trump as everything from a racist, to a Nazi, to a hater of women, to a serial abuser of women, to mentally deranged and to you name it…because they knew damn well, they left a paper trail of corruption and their own treason that would come back to haunt them.

Congressman Gosar, in his statement, says he will help author a letter to AG Jeff Sessions demanding action. He’s barking up the wrong tree. Sessions will do nothing, or, if anything, will only mount a small token attempt meant as little more than a façade. Sessions, like far too many politicians, will claim that going after those who held such high level positions would bring about a Constitutional Crisis devastating to the nation.

That begs the question…what’s really in the worst interest of the nation…a Constitutional crisis related to 8 years of espionage and treason against our nation, the wholesale use of government agencies, designed to protect we the people being deployed against we the people, and the shredding of the Constitution forcing what could well lead to the reversal of nearly every Obama regime policy and a fire sale of our once most trusted law enforcement agencies to clean house in order to rebuild them into trusted entities once again…or…allowing espionage and treason, perpetrated against our nation, and against American citizens for the sole purposes of personal and political gain by elites who believe themselves to be above the law to stand, as precedent for those in our future who would like to do likewise for their own personal and political gain because we just don’t have the balls to make examples of those who so corruptly conspired to rule over we the people by any means at their disposal?

No doubt, liberals want this all to go away, and after decades of trying to burn our Constitution to ashes, they’ll try to fool people into believing they suddenly care about our nation’s very foundation now…crying about a Constitutional crisis that in their mind would be as fabricated as their Steele dossier.

No doubt, there will be Republicans too cowardly to face the cold, hard truth and the colder, harder reality of doing what’s right that will issue the same cries…willing to let bygones be bygones, and just hoping that it won’t happen again…until they’re long gone from the halls of congress.

Liberals will deem it racist to go after those who perpetrated treason, because some of the perpetrators are black, and the rest were working for them

Sessions is a nutless wonder, the liberals are liars, and too many of the republicans are scared of their own shadows…and all will try to invoke the specter of a looming Constitutional crisis.

Well…screw him…screw them…and screw that.

A combination of tyranny and arrogance has left treasonous blood in the water, and where we need a shark, Sessions is a goldfish. Flush the goldfish, get a shark, and for the future of the Republic…go after the perpetrators of treason with guns blazing, and ropes at the ready.

The only way to avert a looming Constitutional crisis, is to employ the mechanisms clearly written into the Constitution itself, to their fullest extent, against those who have committed such high crimes and misdemeanors against the Republic and the American citizens.

Our Founders and Framers would have surely done as much, and we should demand nothing less.

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As Diane Sori, my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner is once again in FB jail, and unable to post…I ask that you take the time to read her most recent Op-Ed regarding the FISA memo…CLICK HERE!!


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  1. “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    –John Adams (The Works of John Adams, ed. C. F. Adams, Boston: Little, Brown Co., 1851, 4:31)

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